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Octomom -- Check Out


6/5/2012 10:34 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

HOLY MAKEOVERS!! Porn is doing wonders for Octomom -- 'cause the mother of 14 is fully glammed up in this photo from the set of her self pleasure video.

The gold and black bikini snapshot of Octo, aka Nadya Suleman, was leaked by another porn star ... Jessica Drake, who "coached" Octo through her performance.

The porn studio behind the video -- Wicked Pictures -- just issued a press release, in which Nadya says, Drake "opened up my eyes to a whole world of self-pleasure that I could never have imagined." Drake says, "I am honored to have helped [Octo] explore her sexuality."

According to the release, the video will show Octomom in a "variety of erotic scenarios" focused on solo masturbation -- all poking fun at her public persona.

Octomom calls the experience "the best, most powerful, and most liberating thing I've ever done."

Compare the above pic to Octo's topless spread earlier this year, and it's easy to see the improvements in her appearance.

0605_nadya_suleman_topless_beforeLet's hope her finances get a makeover too.


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Dr Porn    

Photoshop is a hell of a program. I almost think she's hot

Time for a drink.....

878 days ago


Interesting..I see a woman who was literally at rock bottom and now makes more money in a year than most of you earn in a lifetime...that is, those of you who actually work

878 days ago

World Record    

I threw up in my mouth. This would be like watching Big Foot Kloe doing porn, Yuck

878 days ago

World Record    

She so dumb that she needed somebody to show her how to jack off? Thats awful dumb

878 days ago

World Record    

Shes so dumb that she couldnt even jack off right

878 days ago


You know, considering that no man will probably pleasure her again, this might just be her only way to get some fulfillment and money. I'm just say.

878 days ago


Oh **** my eyes are burning This is so fing nasty. who would pay to watch her Jack off or as they call it self pleasure. On the plus side maybe she will get off welfare and stop milking the system. octo***** you are a real piece of work make your kids proud

878 days ago


So how do they get all the stretch out after plopping out 14 super poopers? Gotta be more than a little lemon Pledge, right?

878 days ago


Vivid was going to give her a million dollars now she is getting pennies on the dollar next she will have to have sex on camera to make any kind of money.

878 days ago



878 days ago


Yikes.....ugly, ugly.....what a mess....

878 days ago


Admit it all you sasuage pullers that you'd do anything female with a heartbeat! My God talk about a bunch of hypocrites! I'd do her! Hell and I like to consider myself Picky! Though it'd be a bit like throwing a hotdog down a hallway, I'd do it just to say I did.....but that's just me...

878 days ago


I'd do her... In A heartbeat....

878 days ago




Vivid was going to give her a million dollars now she is getting pennies on the dollar next she will have to have sex on camera to make any kind of money.

Nadya Suleman WILL DO JUST FINE!!! Human nature being what it is will generate an "ABUNDANCE OF SALES" due to "SHEER CURIOSITY" and nothing more. She'll be out of debt in hardly NO TIME!!! Considering that she has 14 children to support "ALONE", how she chooses to make her money really ISN'T "ANYONE'S" BUSINESS as long as she's not breaking any local, state or federal laws. If this video really takes off, THERE WILL BE OTHERS and she won't have to be dependent upon state assistance programs to support her family. What Nadya Suleman's doing IS NO DIFFERENT from what many women are DOING TO SURVIVE except she already has "QUITE A BIT" of "NOTORIETY" which should really work in her favor. Sometimes, a "CHICK DOES WHAT A CHICK HAS TO DO"!!! Unless some of you "HATERS" are going to give her a "WELL PAYING JOB" or "PAY ALL HER BILLS" -- JUST WISH HER WELL AND BE DONE WITH IT!!!

878 days ago


Doen't her kids go to a private Christian school i guess jesuus really doesn't care about birh control or hookers.

878 days ago
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