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Little People

'Snow White' Screwed Us

Out of Dwarf Roles!!!

6/5/2012 12:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The producers of "Snow White and the Huntsman" passed over able-bodied little people to fill the iconic roles of Snow White's dwarfs -- casting big people instead -- and a prominent little people organization is pissed.

A rep for "Little People of America" tells TMZ, the entertainment industry should be actively casting little people.

The rep adds, "This means both casting people with dwarfism as characters that were specifically written to be played by little people ... and other roles that would be open to people of short stature."

In case you didn't know -- the dwarfs in the new movie are played by normal-sized actors, whose limbs were either digitally shrunk, or whose faces were digitally transplanted onto little people's bodies.

Calls to "Snow White" producers were not returned.



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To be honest, I wouldn't watch this film if it was 7 dwarfs.

878 days ago

There's a problem here    

I guess if they would have a velcro scene they would have been considered but since velcro wasn't around in the Snow White era, and you can't really toss dwarves anymore without people bitching about it, looks like the little people got squashed on this one.

878 days ago


I am so, so glad they didn't use dwarves. I really want to see that movie. I saw a porn flick with a dwarf guy in it one time and that sort of put me off dwarves for the rest of my life, so I'm glad they kept them out of this one.

878 days ago

Bwoy dem    

Get over it... Just like I was never promised anything when I was born, neither were you. What gives them the audacity to act as if they are arbitrarily granted the job of any fictional character that happens to be short... as far as I know there is no dwarf affirmative action law. This was a creative choice not a casting snub. Many agree that the best part of this movie was watching prominent British thespians Ian McShane, Bob Hoskins, Toby Jones, Eddie Marsan, Ray Winstone and Nick Frost.(who happen to be of average height) play these amusing and uncharacteristic roles. Why should we the audience have missed simply because some unfortunate (no sarcasm) people not only suffer from dwarfism... but unjustified self entitlement as well? Sorry, no dice.

878 days ago


Movie looks like it sucks anyways. Kristen Stewart plays Snow White? As with no real dwarves, they also seem to forget Snow White is suppose to be the prettiest of them all. Then, they want to turn a children's fairytale into "Lord of the Rings" or something. What a crappy movie with a crappy cast!

878 days ago


they needed actors sop they improvised... No big deal, the director can hire whoever the hell he wants...

878 days ago


This made me laugh.

878 days ago


Get over yourself, not every movie that films little people should be excluded to only little people.. That's discrimination!!!

878 days ago


This is a joke right? There is no way this is true because it is so ridiculous.

878 days ago


This is rediculous! Why do they feel entitled to these roles just because they're dwarves???? It was the casting directors choice....they could cast whoever the hell they wanted! They are no more entitled to special consideration than I, or anyone else, is! THIS is one of the many, many reasons why someone with a LEGITIMATE grievance isn't taken seriously! It is THEIR movie folks! They can cast whoever the hell they want to cast! I don't give a rats a$$ if the role was written for a dwarf! The role was ALSO originally a cartoon! If you didn't get cast for the role......stop and wonder why they didn't choose you! Is it POSSIBLE that you weren't the most qualified???? Despite you being a dwarf! Get an acting coach and WORK ON IT! That way, next time there is a role that calls for a dwarf, you might be ready, and get offered the role! Stop your whining and WORK for it! Nobody should have to hand you a role because you are a dwarf! What the hell is wrong with you people!Jesus!

878 days ago


Shouldn't the roles go to whoever the better actors are whether they are short or not? Why should size have anything to do with it. I'm short does that entitle me to pop on to a set and take on a role too?

878 days ago


I don't see why they wouldn't hire them. There seems to be plenty of them to choose from these days. Casting isn't like the old days when they used caucasian actors for everything. There's a little bit of everything today.

878 days ago


So since everyone thinks it is ok for actors to pretend to be little people and take the dwarf roles does that mean that it is ok for white actors to put on black face and pretend to be black? I mean, what if they are a better actor?

This movie is going to suck anyways becuase of Kristin Stewart. She can't act and has no emotion or facial expression.

878 days ago


"Scuse me, Little people org." Exactly where were you with your grievance for Lord of The Rings? I didn't see you screaming about a regular size actor playing a dwarf, I also didn't hear you screaming to the heavens when he told Aragon to "TOSS HIM" across the ravine. How come the "Midgets" org didn't scream about the Hobbits being all regular size instead of hiring people who are actually four foot tall? These org's really need to get their craptastic carping together. You can't bitch about one thing and not another.

878 days ago


So if they out regular sized actorsd faces on little people's bodies, that means that little people WERE in fact employed by the producers, right? Just not in staring roles. See, I do think it's good to give little people a chance to get movie roles as well, but if it turns out that a regular sized actor was just a better actor than he should get the job. It wouldn't be fair to give the part to a not so great little person, just on account of their size.

878 days ago
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