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Little People

'Snow White' Screwed Us

Out of Dwarf Roles!!!

6/5/2012 12:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The producers of "Snow White and the Huntsman" passed over able-bodied little people to fill the iconic roles of Snow White's dwarfs -- casting big people instead -- and a prominent little people organization is pissed.

A rep for "Little People of America" tells TMZ, the entertainment industry should be actively casting little people.

The rep adds, "This means both casting people with dwarfism as characters that were specifically written to be played by little people ... and other roles that would be open to people of short stature."

In case you didn't know -- the dwarfs in the new movie are played by normal-sized actors, whose limbs were either digitally shrunk, or whose faces were digitally transplanted onto little people's bodies.

Calls to "Snow White" producers were not returned.



No Avatar


Midgets are ugly anyway. Their fat heads, and little fat fingers are just freaking creepy. I think all midget movie roles should be digitally enhanced as they did in this movie. BRAVO!!!

872 days ago

Mickey Kafka    

Why didn't they complain about The Hobbit? Way more dwarves there...

872 days ago


Its time for them to grow up.

872 days ago


"In case you didn't know -- the dwarfs in the new movie are played by normal-sized actors, whose limbs were either digitally shrunk, or whose faces were digitally transplanted onto little people's bodies." I think that is absolutely, positively the stupidest thing I have ever heard. The smart director and producer that decided this should be forced to watch Howard the Duck all day long.

872 days ago

Rude Boy    

Maybe the little people should be happy that they weren't cast in this flick. It really was NOT that great.

872 days ago


Midgets are silly people sometimes, just like everybody else.

872 days ago


How would white actors feel if a black man were cast in the role of Ronald Regan or George W. Bush, and had his skin color digitally altered for the movie? Or vice versa if a white actor played Dr. King and his skin was altered. Just wondering. Personally I think the role should go to the best actor(s).

872 days ago


You can't please anyone anymore. Some "equals" right treatment.

872 days ago


So, did they audition any of the dwarves or did they just pass them up all together? Either way, I think they did them a favor. I wouldn't want my name associated with this crap movie.

872 days ago

Jay W.     

Here's an old one for you....

What's red and has 7 dents ?

Snow White's cherry.

872 days ago


I am not a person who has dwarfism, 5" 7' to be exact ....but i can see how they feel discriminated against and excluded , like a spanish actor playing a chinese historic figure , or black face applied to a white person , or white face applied to a black person(doesn't offend me but for some it does) the actors who played the dwarfs in the movie have there names out there....the people who have dwarfism many don't and those that are have played in movies. ...not everyone is cast, and not everyone is a good actor. the movie director has a right to choose who is in his film just like others have the right to choose who they employ and buy from. I loved movies like Willow, Legend , and the people who had dwarfism who played in the film were excellent actors. whats that saying, not everyone is a (movie) star but many believe they are. tough luck, but if i had dwarfism i wouldn't want to be in this movie. . it sexualized a children's cartoon. trying to make it LOTR , inaccurate as there are 8 dwarfs instead of 7. i could point out more but do not feel like it. whats next rich people demanding they are cast as rich characters, etc

872 days ago


I think some people in this comments r being. But these little people need to stop acting like ur in titled to the roles because their also called dwarfs ever think they might b referring to mythical creatures and not people with a disability maybe the producer s wanted more lord of the ringsish dwarfs and not little people! It's not all about u just because the name of ur disability comes from these particular mythical creatures

872 days ago


The producers made the right choice!

872 days ago


If you want to argue that them why didn't they have real English actors instead of having American ones out on English eccents?

871 days ago


isn't that a bit small minded ?

871 days ago
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