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14-Year-Old Talk Show Host

Gays Choose Perversion

No Matter What Gaga Says

6/6/2012 10:44 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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You gotta laugh just a little watching a 14-year-old radio talk show host blast homosexuality as a choice people make -- "no matter what Lady Gaga says."

Caiden Cowger says the homosexuality "problem" is out of control in his state of West Virginia. 30 kids in his county -- many of whom grew up with him -- have chosen to be gay.

Cowger says Obama and Biden are both personally responsible for turning people gay.

However you feel about the issue, the kid is doing West Virginia no favors -- he struggles with the English language during his rant, and for the most part loses the grammar war.


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The only choice GLBT people have in life is to be happy or lie to themselves and others.

870 days ago


It's sick our country has accepted this belief. People wonder why America is so screwed up.

870 days ago


That kid is ridiculously stupid. What a worthless piece of crap. So if what he says is true, them he, you , and I all have the CHOICE to be gay or not. It's not a choice I ever made.

870 days ago


Of course this sexually confused, ignorant boy has every right to say whatever he wants...just like I have the right to call it intolerant hate speech. Freedom of speech goes both ways.
And to anyone who loves to reference the Bible when it comes to homosexualty - I wonder if Jesus would say the amazingly hateful and disgusting things I have read here - gosh I bet he's proud of you righteous intolerant "Christians."

870 days ago


I've always found it ironic when individuals say people who feel homosexuality is wrong are intolerant when these same individuals show complete intolerance by verbally attacking and sometimes even threatening those who they claim are intolerant themselves. Pot meet kettle. Kettle meet pot.

870 days ago


I hope no one judges the state of West Virginia based on this little freak (who most likely has gay porn hidden somewhere in his room if you were to search it right now). I'm from West Virginia, and for the most part, many people there are just as accepting of those who are different as you would find anywhere else. You have bigots and open-minded people as well. Appalachians as a whole keep to themselves much more than say, the deep South, where the mentality is more like, "If we don't like it, we're going to get rid of it". This is just a warped and weird kid with too much time on his hands - NOT news worthy.

870 days ago


Has this kid even learned to wipe his A$$ properly yet to even think that he has the ability to speak wisely about very controversial issues. Seriously this kid is only 14 years old...... I think he kid needs to grow up first before spewing unintelligent words of his wisdom on the radio.

870 days ago

Debra J.M. Smith    

Caiden Cowger is correct about people like Obama causing children to try out homosexuality. --Note: His YouTube channel was hacked and closed. He is being encouraged to open a new account there and re-upload his work.

870 days ago


Betcha they call him cowgirl for short, the little hate monger.

870 days ago


...Something tells me he's going to grow up and become the next Harold Camping... an ignorant old man who thinks the rapture is coming every other month...what a dumbass lol

870 days ago


Ok.. My gaydar went up immediately and this kid is so gay! He is doing this so that other people don't tease him for being gay...smdh

870 days ago

Etaoin Shrdlu    

Freedom of speech only means freedom from government punishment for speech. It does not mean freedom from counter-speech.

People are perfectly free to spew whatever bile they wish, but they must take the consequence that others will respond, and “call them on it”.

If someone can’t take the political heat, they should stay out of the political kitchen!

(Meanwhile, this kid is a good argument in favor of the old saying that children should be seen, and NOT heard!)

870 days ago


Who cares what this little 14 year old thinks, he's nobody

870 days ago


First off, I feel sorry for this boy. Someone has brainwashed him so much it's ridiculous. Why someone would "choose" to be gay is beyond me. The day to day issue homosexuals go through, with stereotyping, bullying, fear of ridicule, & not being accepted, etc, is something I'm pretty sure they wouldn't sign up for voluntarily. And President Obama didn't encourage people to go out & "become" gay. All he stated was that he himself doesn't have a problem with it. These people that are so against this say that "homosexuals will be the crumbling/downfall of our society. I think that these EXTREMISTS will be the down fall. Yes in the bible it says homosexuality is wrong, but the bible also tells us that we should love everyone, & not have hate in their hearts. Hopefully one day this world will come to a place where everyone is accepted, no matter your sexual orientation, race, gender or disability.

870 days ago


HATE speech.

Bigotry and hatred wrapped in religion are still bigotry and hatred.

870 days ago
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