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14-Year-Old Talk Show Host

Gays Choose Perversion

No Matter What Gaga Says

6/6/2012 10:44 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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You gotta laugh just a little watching a 14-year-old radio talk show host blast homosexuality as a choice people make -- "no matter what Lady Gaga says."

Caiden Cowger says the homosexuality "problem" is out of control in his state of West Virginia. 30 kids in his county -- many of whom grew up with him -- have chosen to be gay.

Cowger says Obama and Biden are both personally responsible for turning people gay.

However you feel about the issue, the kid is doing West Virginia no favors -- he struggles with the English language during his rant, and for the most part loses the grammar war.


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very few know who they are at that age. it takes some figuring out. and even though he must know EVERYTHING, that's something he doesn't seem to realize.

865 days ago

Desiree Powell    

Does this kid choose to be an idiot?

865 days ago


It'll be hilarious when this kid comes out later in life. Or is forced out when he's caught with a male prostitute.

865 days ago

Ted Williams    

Didn't this kid get the note that we live in the 21st century, where its cool to be gay and adultery is no longer immoral.

865 days ago

Ricky Ogima    

hey I have no problem with the Gay community but the way you are responding to this 14 year old is puzzling, you went from being happy and gay to I'm-gonna-get-this-bastard ----

865 days ago


Haha... This Kid is good.

865 days ago


its funny how you PRO~GAY people bash ME for saying that GAY IS A CHOICE .. ur closeminded and ignorant

865 days ago


This kid is realizing that people are tired of little rants like this based on some god - one of a MYRIAD who've been worshiped throughout time, and basing his whole judgmental mind around that. No proof whatsoever. And hell? Hell was added, yes added by Church leaders as a way to provoke fear and thereby gain control over masses. Unless one is gay they have no idea what it is like to be as such. It is no choice for actual gay persons. I cannot say about bisexuals because by definition there is a choice (?) Bottom line is mind your own damned business. How does this lil kid feel about rants like his being a factor in why teens take their own lives when they have to take a hard look at being true to themselves and how it's not easy because of morons like this kid judging everything and basically parroting some old school preacher? Never before have I seen such a pathetic wannabe. Grow up. But in the end mind your own self.

865 days ago

Hal Bringman    

A video Caiden Cowger posted on YouTube of one of his programs entitled, "Obama is making kids gay" was just pulled down by them for being hate speech. Rhonda Mangus, the mother of bullied gay teen, Michael Mangus, called on Spreaker to similarly pull the plug on his radio program. We have heard her cry for help and responded accordingly by removing all of his audio content from Spreaker's distribution.

We hope this helps quell his hate-filled speech and also encourages those bullied that there is hope in stopping this abusive behavior.

A statement from the CEO follows.

Spreaker Pulls Down Hate Speech by Gay-Bashing Radio Host Caiden Cowger

Reaffirms its principle about free speech in the web community

San Francisco (-June 8, 2012-) Spreaker released the following statement today regarding their decision, along with YouTube’s, to pull down content from Caiden Cowger, a conservative radio host best-known for spewing anti-gay, hate speech.

Quote, attributable to Spreaker CEO, Francesco Baschieri:

“While we not only support free speech, we help it find its way to more people faster and easier with our service that is the audio equivalent of YouTube, but like them, we cannot and will not condone hate speech. Consequently, we have pulled down audio content from Caiden Cowgar, whose recent gay-bashing clearly crosses the line from free -- to hate -- speech.”

Spreaker, dubbed “Twitter for audio” by TechCrunch, is a mobile and web-based service that makes it easy to spread audio across social networks.


About Spreaker

Spreaker is a free online application that lets people create, share and discover live audio broadcast from any computer, tablet or mobile phone. Founded in 2009 by Francesco Baschieri, Marco Pracucci, and Daniele Cremonini, Spreaker is based in San Francisco. For more information about Spreaker visit:

hal bringman

865 days ago


it not freedom of speech if he is promoting hate crimes

865 days ago


For the people who think being gay is a choice.... Do the straight people here choose to be straight ? Are they actually sexually attracted to the sam sex but choose to be in straight relationships regardless ? I imagine most people would answer no to those two questions. Sexuality isn't a choice you make whatever that sexuality may be.

865 days ago


Great, some young punk Rush Limbaugh wannabe.
Last time I checked, elementary school aged kids weren't sexual so DUH, they weren't "gay then".
What a moron.
Who gave this kid this job anyway???

864 days ago

Kowny Krush    

OH COME ON... this dude is a little fruity himself.

864 days ago


Great, a punk kid Rush Limbaugh wannabe.
Who gave this kid this job??!
He's got a LOT of growing up to do. Hope he realizes he's gay and eats his words... up his ass.

864 days ago


The truth is........he's probably gay himself and does not want to admit it.

864 days ago
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