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14-Year-Old Talk Show Host

Gays Choose Perversion

No Matter What Gaga Says

6/6/2012 10:44 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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You gotta laugh just a little watching a 14-year-old radio talk show host blast homosexuality as a choice people make -- "no matter what Lady Gaga says."

Caiden Cowger says the homosexuality "problem" is out of control in his state of West Virginia. 30 kids in his county -- many of whom grew up with him -- have chosen to be gay.

Cowger says Obama and Biden are both personally responsible for turning people gay.

However you feel about the issue, the kid is doing West Virginia no favors -- he struggles with the English language during his rant, and for the most part loses the grammar war.


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He has a right to his opinion, misguided as it may be. I'm more disturbed by the fact that he thinks Lady Gaga is an authority on anything. I like Gaga, love her music, but I wouldn't turn to her for anything more than an opinion. She has no credentials and limited education. She is a musician not an academic.

867 days ago

Quinn Stone    

Shoving your religious beliefs down someone's throat (no pun intended) is more offensive then a gay person. By the way, Washed-up Limbaugh called he wants his act back you misguided, homophobic redneck, little turd.

867 days ago


have you checked out joe bidens ass? lookin good !!

867 days ago


Look at him he is as Gay as Gay come for a 14 year old....................his parents notice his gayness so they are trying to convince him gay is wrong this bastard has been brainwash

867 days ago


We need to start questioning why and how so many gays "from birth."

867 days ago


Something is seriously wrong with this guy...he needs to learn a few things before spouting off like a moron... On another note, trying to convert someone to your religion is one of the biggest problem with today's society, we should all be free to have our own beliefs and not hold it against someone who believes differently...In this case I don't mind that he believes its wrong that is up to him, but keep it to yourself and stop trying to change other people by going on air and blasting something you don't understand.....However maybe he understands it quite well...maybe he is "choosing" to be straight and that is why he is so against think he protests too much :)

867 days ago

Joey Boots    

ummm little caiden, going up to someone and telling them they are evil and they are going to burn in hell is bullying - not everyone wants to hear you and yours "testifying" as you put it.

867 days ago


smh.THIS kid is going to hell and satan is going to show him the way...into his pants.

867 days ago

Timmy Boy    

Smartest kid yet.

TMZ, why is this news?

867 days ago


Men u know what, im actually gay and heard this kind of things don't hurt me anymore cause i understand something: we got one life and i don't wanna spend it being afraid about what people say. honestly i'm not concerned about mariage even if im gay...why would we be like straight people i mean divorced, violence etc...and i think that gay people ain't do nuthin wrong, me i ain't do nuthin wrong, i don't kill people, i try to be a better person, i try to be honest with people around me, just make my life and stay in the right a day people fight each other in the name of God. U sure that god will like this !? i don't think so...look urself man u can't tell dat u believe in god if u hurt people, if u kill. sorry but can't believe it. this world is a mess maybe im a garbage lol. God is peace, faith and love, not rage and revenge. All gay people do is love each other (most lol) maybe some gay are pervert but we ain't in the same bag. I didn't choose to be homosexual i just let my feels talkin. Where the truth is when history were build on lies ?

867 days ago


You should get ripped apart for ignorance and hate! Freedom of speech is fine but not when you are promoting hate, ignorance and discrimination! Keep your ignorance and hate to yourself!

867 days ago


Well, it totally looks as though he's been coached long and hard, on his views about people. So, I actually think to give him a slight break, because he has no idea what he's saying anyway---he's a kid.

But I also have to add that, although I have many gay friends, and I don't believe what goes on in ANYONES bedroom is ANYONE ELSES business if they are not harming anyone, a lot of my gay friends are quite promiscuous - not all but the majority. They will get their freak on when and where they want. Not that I care, again it's none of my business, but many times I've seen them shove their sexuality in peoples faces, and then wonder why those folks are offended.

It's a strange thing for me, because I love my friends, but when you shove your sassy ass in front of people in public, you're opening yourself up for their opinion. Personally, I don't care to watch anyone make out in public, straight or gay, but strangely enough my gay friends do it more often then my straight friends. It's almost as if they are putting on a show sometimes. I just laugh and turn my head, but some others may not.

867 days ago


You know the old expression - when I point the finger at someone, I got three pointing back at me!
That is the key here with all this anti-gay ranting.
They are all a bunch of screaming closet-queens! And the bad word in that sentence is "closet" not queen.

867 days ago

mike hunt    

I'm betting this little gay queen is just trying to hide that he wacks off to pictures of guys and fantasizes about getting ****ed in the ass daily. She also doesn't know how to speak proper English and has been brainwashed by religious zealots. Does she know that the preachers are the most gay of everyone?

867 days ago


OH NO god forbid this kid have a different opinion. keep preaching kid.the way society is going you are a refreshing voice.

867 days ago
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