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Stuttering 'AGT' Contestant

I'm Not a F-F-F-FRAUD!

6/6/2012 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Timothy Poe
-- the stuttering "America's Got Talent" contestant who says he developed his speech impediment from a war injury in Afghanistan -- is firing back at allegations he made up the whole thing ... telling TMZ, his injury and stutter are 100% legit.

Poe's audition aired Monday night -- the singer told the judges about a 2009 incident when he sustained serious injuries during an RPG blast in Afghanistan.

Poe spoke with a pronounced stutter during the audition -- which he claims he developed as a result of his war injuries.

But reports surfaced yesterday that the singing veteran was full of crap -- because no such RPG injuries were ever reported.

Poe tells TMZ, the fact that there is no record of the incident is a common problem -- one that Poe says is endemic when it comes to reporting soldiers' injuries in Afghanistan.

We asked Tim to prove it really happened.  He said he received treatment at a military medical facility in Afghanistan before being transferred to a medical center in Landstuhl, Germany. Tim says he was then transferred to Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio.  He did not produce any documents to support his claim.

Tim says he plans to sue his ex-wife and several others for telling the media he was lying.

We asked Tim for ANY hard proof to back his claims -- he gave us nothing, saying he can't release pics or documents for legal reasons. So we gotta ask ... 


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Pudding Tang    

it's the ole 'pretend you were injured in combat trick'. Works at major intersections and apparently on this lame show

808 days ago

NoUse ForAName    

Also... wanna post the press release from the National Guard? There's some proof of his lies.

808 days ago


I truly hope this guy isn't lying. That would be really low considered all of our veterans who live with injuries everyday. I will say though, my husband was injured in Iraq in 03. I have seen the x-rays and I live with the aftermath every day. AND there are no records of what happened to him over there. They were conveniently lost. This DOES happen! It is for this reason that I not only copied every single page of his military medical file but I also took the surgery photos and x-rays before he got out of the military.

808 days ago


ASK FOR HIS DD214 and his theater medical record.

808 days ago


I know people lie for many reason
But he must be really stupid to go on national tv with such a story and believe people wouldn't dig into it .
Well even if lied about the accident he still is a stuttera for real he can't keep faking it forever
So does the Army . Does the Army let stuttera in ?
Or did he developed it during his time in the army .
In every lie lies a piece of truth

808 days ago


His story is 100% false, and I can't wait until he is prosecuted under the Stolen Valor Act.

808 days ago


Actually, he is a good singer whether he really stutters of not. I hope he's telling the truth because he's pretty darn good and I'd like to see more of him. It doesn't seem like he needs a gimmick for sympathy but who knows anymore with these silly talent shows.

808 days ago


He didn't stutter when he came off the stage after singing. Even Nick commented on that!

808 days ago


If you can get him on the phone again TMZ, ask him why he claims to have been shot in Iraq, when the military has no record of him even serving in Iraq, let alone being shot there. Straight from Poe's own mouth, in the video here:

No record of an entire RPG attack and resulting wounds and hospitalization stretches the bounds of believability (particularly when not a single member of your unit steps forward to substantiate such a claim) but it's just this side of plausible. But there is no way in God's earth that the military would have no record of Poe's entire deployment to Iraq, if in fact it occurred as he claims. So let's hear the explanation for THAT, Timmy.

Also, ask him why he told Defenders of Freedom he received two Purple Hearts and a Bronze Star, when last night he told You Served Radio he doesn't have any of that. If that's not an admission of a bald-faced lie, I don't know what is. And feel free to ask him why he said he received a Combat Infantry Badge when he was never even in the infantry (and thus not eligible for one).

808 days ago


Wow people need to stop questioning it, if he is making it up than that is all on him. I for one believe his story. Also regardless if he stutters or not he still has an AMAZING voice that is what he should be judge for not his "story". AGT is not about "who has the best back story" it is about who has the million dollar act :)

808 days ago


I run a page called Stolen Valor and we have LOTS of reports from ex's, band members, fellow soldiers that all tell the same story of his lies. I recently received an email from a lady saying he really did break his back but it was state side and she was in the same recovery room as him. You can contact me/us on our FaceBook Page Stolen Valor is you have any questions.

808 days ago


He did not stutter at all after he finished singing ...and lying. Whats up with that- he forgot?

808 days ago

maria medina    

I want to see his award letter, it should show the details for his disability. I even said to my husband " he must receive 100% disability". if he lied, what a jerk of him and his fiance.

808 days ago


Bull crap!

I studied speech and brain development in college and worked with a child that stuttered and I am calling total BS. He is trying to mix three different types of stuttering which DOES NOT HAPPEN. Guaranteed he studied different videos of people that stutter and he is trying to put them all together to make it seem bad. People that lie like this drive me up the wall. Shame on him.

808 days ago

Amy Weatherford    

TMZ you better do your homework before you report on something like this. He would definately have a Purple Heart. I hope he's not lying. I wasted alot of tears on him and his story!

808 days ago
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