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Stuttering 'AGT' Contestant

I'm Not a F-F-F-FRAUD!

6/6/2012 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Timothy Poe
-- the stuttering "America's Got Talent" contestant who says he developed his speech impediment from a war injury in Afghanistan -- is firing back at allegations he made up the whole thing ... telling TMZ, his injury and stutter are 100% legit.

Poe's audition aired Monday night -- the singer told the judges about a 2009 incident when he sustained serious injuries during an RPG blast in Afghanistan.

Poe spoke with a pronounced stutter during the audition -- which he claims he developed as a result of his war injuries.

But reports surfaced yesterday that the singing veteran was full of crap -- because no such RPG injuries were ever reported.

Poe tells TMZ, the fact that there is no record of the incident is a common problem -- one that Poe says is endemic when it comes to reporting soldiers' injuries in Afghanistan.

We asked Tim to prove it really happened.  He said he received treatment at a military medical facility in Afghanistan before being transferred to a medical center in Landstuhl, Germany. Tim says he was then transferred to Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio.  He did not produce any documents to support his claim.

Tim says he plans to sue his ex-wife and several others for telling the media he was lying.

We asked Tim for ANY hard proof to back his claims -- he gave us nothing, saying he can't release pics or documents for legal reasons. So we gotta ask ... 


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BUSTED! In the WPAA interview Poe claims he was completely folded in half when his back was busted by the RPG. In the blogtalkradio interview yesterday, June 5, he says he didn't know his back was broken until was in Germany being treated for the PST-induced stutter, which he claims his squad leader didn't know about because Poe supposedly was feeling better for a few days and didn't let on! OH BROTHER!!! He is CAUGHT! Poe's tale is OVER!

871 days ago


That's a really tasteless title TMZ.

871 days ago


It seems strange that only strangers are defending him. What is the motivation for all the people claiming that he is lying?
'America's Got Talent' singer admits to claiming military medals he didn't earn'

On Tuesday, Poe was interviewed by C.J. Grisham on the military-focused You Served podcast, and admitted that he once claimed medals he didn't earn, and that his story as given on the NBC show may not have been accurate.

Poe told Grisham that he attended a golf tournament put on by the Defenders of Freedom. At the event, a poster, using information provided by Poe himself, claimed that Poe was awarded a Purple Heart, which is given for those wounded while serving, and a Bronze Star, which is awarded for bravery or acts of merit. The blog This Ain't Hell displays a blown-up photograph of that poster, which also shows other medals, including the Combat Infantryman’s Badge.

But on the You Served podcast, Poe admitted he was never awarded those medals. "It was just something stupid," he told Grisham. Poe said he was not cut by shrapnel or otherwise visibly wounded by the grenade, and noted that "they don't want to give Purple Hearts out for TBI (traumatic brain injury)."

As to why he claimed the Purple Heart and Bronze Star at the tournament, he said, "Everyone there had (medals and honors)," and added "It was just one of those things where you feel out of place and you want to feel like you were part of something."

871 days ago


It's over for Poe. He admits to lying. What is downright strange is that so many people (38% on the TMZ poll) want to defend him. Do people really need a "hero story/role model" so badly that they'll put blinders on and take a disgraced one? It truly makes you think that denial must be a powerful force in peoples' lives.

871 days ago

Jerry Helper,DDS    

I have a cool aspect of stuttering: the website of The Stuttering Foundation ( has a list of Famous People Who Stutter with names like Emily Blunt, Bruce Willis, James Earl Jones, Marilyn Monroe,Tom Sizemore, Eric Roberts,Jack Paar, Peggy Litpon, Dominick Dunne ands more. Also the site has a Celebrity Corner area with in-depth articles on many of these famous people who stutter. Check it out... it will blow your mind

871 days ago


why would someone make up a story like this if it was'nt true?To come on national TV and exspose himself is taking a big risk.When all said and done he will be vindicated!!

871 days ago


Guy is full of it i deployed with the 348th pulled security for the 114th which is hisunit the only injuries was a spc who lost hhis life to an ied blast he is a normal fob it

871 days ago


wow that whole sentence he said to nick he did not stutter and nick made a comment about it...i was going back and forth on if he was being real and each time he said a full sentence without stuttering made me disbelieve a little more...why would u lie about something like that..he sounded good why make up a story..thats horrible for all involved especially his kids!

871 days ago


How can he not stutter when he sings? And did you notice that he only stutters when he's on the stage, and not in the already recorded vidoes?? FAKER!! Wow.. I watched this video a million times when it was live, because I thought the story was amazing. He needs to get a life if he told a huge lie.

871 days ago


The guy is a total fraud. It's so blatant! ABC and TMZ probably knew that and did it for the ratings... Brilliant!

871 days ago

Jon Nelson    

He would have do***entation of a Purple Heart, and a CAB, there would be medevac request on record, the hospital in germany keeps records of all of that stuff. You can show the citations for Purple Hearts and CAB's theres no legal reasons that keep people from showing that stuff. I've been to Iraq and Afghanistan and where he says "Poe tells TMZ, the fact that there is no record of the incident is a common problem -- one that Poe says is endemic when it comes to reporting soldiers' injuries in Afghanistan.": Is untrue as ****. EVERYTHING gets reported and put in your medical files.

871 days ago


where is his purple heart. i had friends who took pics like that IN KUWAIT. it proves nothing. i have a purple heart from ACTUALLY being wounded in combat and will GLADLY provide the paperwork to prove mine. the show didnt and they should have. he should have know to have it handy with the claims he was making. he is a liar and a fraud. i have the injuries plus others that he claims and i CAN NOT handle bright lights, i CAN NOT walk more than 20 ft without a cane, I CAN NOT remember stuff like song lyrics and especially cant stand for extended periods without my wheelchair. he is so full of ****. i despise people like him MORE than those we were fighting against. i know plenty of ACTUAL combat wounded vets where he lives in texas...they will be seeing him soon....have a nice day...RECON

871 days ago


i'm stuttering too, but i never would stand up at a show like this and lie my ass off to get respect from otherones. andy from germany

871 days ago


Thats true, plus he should get military disability. I was medivaced to lanshtuel, to Bethesda (I'm a marine), I will admit, I have plenty of do***ents, for example, I got issued orders by the Marine liaison at the hospital, because we were granted liberty if you didnt have an appointment or some formation, I just want him to be telling the truth, and hope he is telling the truth. No one had ever told me not to show my paperwork. That does sound weird, was he doing secret squirrel stuff? Perhaps he got injured when clearing a home and a civilian got hurt, and his unit oic didn't want to mention it. But, one thing I do know, plenty of people don't get service awards for various of reasons. When the truck in front of me hit an anti artillery mine, my truck rear ended the one in front, and my seat belt (I was motor t) ruptured a cyst and had to have surgery, it had to be the most retarded injury ever. I didn't get offered a purple heart, and I never asked for one, that would be stupid if they gave me one or if I accepted one. Maybe he got hurt like that, well except for the whole cyst thing, but something where he didn't actually engage the enemy.

871 days ago


He is full of crap if he says he can't show proof for legal reasons! My husband was hit by an IED in 2010 and has a TBI and had a broken back and although he did not seek help while in country, once he got to the VA they provided us with 1000 pages of proof (along with X-rays). The Army denied it all happened until we provided them medical records. They did a Line of Duty investigation and his Army records were changed to reflect the truth. I have a TON of proof of my husband's injuries and I can and do show them to many people and organizations to get help for him. That's the way it works. There are a lot of fakers and you have to have proof to be believed! If this guy were really hurt and then had the Army deny his claims he wouldn't be so dismissive when asked for proof. He has had 3 years to go to the VA and get proof, to get LOD's, to have his record changed, to apply for a purple heart. He has done none of this or else he'd be proud to show us. I vote LIAR.

871 days ago
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