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Stuttering 'AGT' Contestant

I'm Not a F-F-F-FRAUD!

6/6/2012 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Timothy Poe
-- the stuttering "America's Got Talent" contestant who says he developed his speech impediment from a war injury in Afghanistan -- is firing back at allegations he made up the whole thing ... telling TMZ, his injury and stutter are 100% legit.

Poe's audition aired Monday night -- the singer told the judges about a 2009 incident when he sustained serious injuries during an RPG blast in Afghanistan.

Poe spoke with a pronounced stutter during the audition -- which he claims he developed as a result of his war injuries.

But reports surfaced yesterday that the singing veteran was full of crap -- because no such RPG injuries were ever reported.

Poe tells TMZ, the fact that there is no record of the incident is a common problem -- one that Poe says is endemic when it comes to reporting soldiers' injuries in Afghanistan.

We asked Tim to prove it really happened.  He said he received treatment at a military medical facility in Afghanistan before being transferred to a medical center in Landstuhl, Germany. Tim says he was then transferred to Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio.  He did not produce any documents to support his claim.

Tim says he plans to sue his ex-wife and several others for telling the media he was lying.

We asked Tim for ANY hard proof to back his claims -- he gave us nothing, saying he can't release pics or documents for legal reasons. So we gotta ask ... 


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sean radley    

im ex military this guy is full of **** everything that happens to you is do***ented even if its of s secret nature,and a national guardsman more then likely wont be on a secret mission if he says he cant release the details of his records or injuries he is full of **** the guy has balls if he really is lying i hope they kick him off the sho for lying and if he earned the purple heart that definitly would be recorded

847 days ago


According to a minnesota tv station this isn't the first time this guy lied about being injured while in the military. I guess back in 2005 he told a dallas tv station that he was shot while in iraq.

847 days ago


You people are horrible. I have a stuttering problem and if someone said i was "faking" it i would slap them. Its not somthing someone wants to have or wishes upon anyone. Its embarssing to have when you want to talk and ask questions in class but its hard for you to get it out of you dont ask out of fear of being looks at wierd. Who ever is saying he is "faking" it, lets see you have somthing like this affect you and see how you feel when others say its B.S.

I feel bad for my generation having to grow up with people so ignorent.

847 days ago


Although disheartning if it were true, really doesnt matter to me. its not called "Americas Braves War Vets " its called "Americas got TALENT " and talent he indeed has. He sang that song beautifully and as far as talent is concerned? He has my vote.

847 days ago


OK, I served in the military for only 7 years and I can tell you it doesn't matter who you are with, If you are injured there are records of it Germany keeps some of the best because of the VA benefits. Its total BS

847 days ago



847 days ago


Thats soooo sad that we want proof from one of our soldiers,couldn't it be enough he enrolled and faught for are country!!! Human race is doomed!!:(.... very sad and disappointed in us!!!

847 days ago


I think its sad we want proof of one of our soldiers, couldn't it be enough that he is risking his life to fight what we believe in???? The human race is doooomed, Iam so disappointed in us!!!!

847 days ago


This story is disgusting! How dare he LIE about being injured in Combat! My son just returned from a year in Afghanistan they lost 20 and they had over 100 Purple Hearts awarded!!! This story is a slap in the face to those who have given so much! He deserves all the shame that is being heaped on him!!!

847 days ago

wendy may    

3 little letters and 1 piece of paper will put an end to this, it's called an LOD. My husband is a member of the Co National Guard and he was shot in the face by a sniper while on a PSD mission in Ramadi Iraq in 2009. He has sworn statements of the events, he has a Purple Heart, I have the memories when the generals showed up at my door that morning, the first combat injury for the Co Army NG since WWII, I can recall every moment of that day, waiting 14 1/2 hours for him to call and I could hear his voice, I can recall every conversation from the Army detailing his condition from Iraq to BAMC, I have the plane ticket that got me to him, so don't tell me he can't produce proof of his claim. Ex-wife or fiance, brothers in arms that were there come on even if military records are wrong, there are others who know the truth, I don't see them speaking out on his behalf!

847 days ago


The whole thing is ridiculous, a combat injury of this nature would have been do***ented and he would have received a purple heart. His DD214 would have time in service, time in country, and all his awards and assignments . Its not classified and should be available on FOIA request with the PII blacked out. There are way to many holes in his story for it to be believable.

847 days ago

Retired 1SG    

I guess it is fairly difficult to try to explain the concept of duty, honor and loyalty to civilians. No matter how good he can sing he had and continues to have the duty to tell the truth when questioned about his wartime service. He should realize that his actions disHONOR every soldier who served whether they were injured or not because he puts us all in a bad light. And as for LOYALTY....when no one will stand up for him and say that he isnt a liar....that says a lot about his character in itself.

847 days ago


I have to agree with John's perspective on this subject which as far as I can tell is more of a stance of "wait and see" There are a lot of assumptions being made that are hearsay and from unreliable, undo***ented, incomplete sources. No one (including people with whom a soldier as served) can speak with 100% accuracy about another's medical history- No one other than the patient and his doctor(s). It is naive to think that all records in the military are always complete or even totally accurate. A statement made by one person based on another soldier's "official" record is simply that... a statement read from a record that can be inaccurate or incomplete. It isn't unheard of to have to go back and have a military record corrected or amended. Sure... there are some things that sound embellished in his story- But we are talking about someone who has served this country and as far as we know, was honorably discharged. Rather than calling him names or jumping to conclusions, why not take a step back and let things fall into place? They will. If everyone is right... well he has to live with it and we will all have to make a conscious effort to not let it affect our opinions of those who have conducted themselves more honorably. If everyone who is making fun of his stutter and calling him a fraud is wrong, then... well they will have to live with part of the responsibility of making a guy who already has it kind of rough, have to endure an awful lot of stress. Can we not at least try to behave with some humanity toward one another? I don't know if he is telling the truth or not. I have no way of knowing. But what I do know is that all of this sure has brought out a vicious side of people hasn't it? I find that disappointing too.

And by the way, TMZ.. I signed up to comment on this situation. But I can't close without saying that I'm disappointed in the title of this story. Why would anyone with your reach and influence make fun of stuttering? That's just hurtful and irresponsible. *shakes my head* I can't imagine actually having a stutter and reading this title... :(

847 days ago


I watch AGT and when I first heard about his story I was in tears, but I did see a red flag when he was talking to Nick back stage and didn't stutter once, most people would ask themselves "why would someone lie about something so serious?" but sadly a lot of people out there do it all the time either for sympathy, attention, etc. remember that woman who lied about being a 9/11 survivor and she wasn't even anywhere near where any of the attacks happen? and ever since she got exposed for being a phoney she fell off the map. I really want to believe this guy, but if he is lying...then he should not be able to continue being on the show, maybe he might drop out of the show knowing that the crowd and judges might call him out.

847 days ago


why would somebody who fought for their country and willingly gave the locations of his treatments lie about something like that.
just too many haters out there.

847 days ago
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