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Jim Carrey

Calls Out Jenny McCarthy


6/6/2012 11:47 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Jim Carrey
has lashed out at his former GF Jenny McCarthy for ragging on him for not keeping a relationship with her autistic son.

Carrey says, "I will always do what I believe is in the best interest of Evan's well being. It's unfortunate that Evan's privacy is not being considered.  I love Evan very much and will miss him always."

Jenny went after Carrey on Howard Stern's show, saying, "I've tried to ask [Jim] numerous times [to see Evan], because my son still asks." Jenny says Jim -- who was in a 5-year relationship with her -- refuses to see the boy.

But a source close to Jim tells us, Jenny has NEVER personally contacted him about seeing her son.

As for Jenny's timing -- sources close to Jim think it's strangely coincidental Jenny is making these accusations right when her new dating show is premiering ... two years after she and Jim broke up.

It's pretty clear from Jim's statement that he acknowledges he doesn't see the boy, though he does not explain why. Obviously, it's possible Jim has been told it would be harmful to the boy if he comes in and out of his life, although we don't know why he's made that decision.


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What is Jim supposed to do? Jenny dumped him. Admittedly because his depression made the relationship 'no fun'. Pooorr Jenny. So now that she's been screwing around and can't find a replacement dad, she slams Carrey for not continuing on as the surrogate father? I really cannot stand this woman.

839 days ago


Every time I see this woman all I can think about is how many idiot parents didn't get shots for there kids because of what this uneducated bitch told them, Nothing but lies from her big mouth just to make a name for her nasty self. Jim doesn't owe you anything lady.

839 days ago


McCarthy is making the media rounds trying to stay relevant (ie. Playboy/new show). I was forced to watch her at a fundraiser, for a very good cause, but she was not funny. Jim Carrey has no relationship with this lady, therefore it is really healthy for her child to continue to see him? I don't think so, regardless of his condition. My sister/brother in-law have an autistic daughter, who is an angel, and I doubt either of them would put her in this position. I think McCarthy is being a media whore, using her child as a platform.

839 days ago


Jim Carrey is manic -depressive and the kid is autistic. It probably was not always a barrel of laughs for Jenny. Now shut your filthy mouths you damn heathens.

839 days ago


Well Jenny is just good for a great ****.
That's what I'm saying

839 days ago


Jenny is in the wrong here. Her son has a father. Does she really think that every guy she dates or has a relationship with that ends should keep in touch with her son? If she does then I feel sorry for the boy.

839 days ago


Itz not Jim's place to stay in contact with her child. It will only confuse him more in the end. Itz sad but true that usually when there is a relationship that involves children it is a package deal. When u leave one, u leave them both.... She should not be making it public. They have been split up for how long now??? What did she expect by saying that? No CLASS!!

839 days ago


She should of thought about the repercussions before moving in with him. That kid has a father and it's not Jim. You can't have a child having relationships with the biological dad, ex boyfriend, and new boyfriend.

839 days ago


If JC sees the boy next thing you know she will want JC to financially support her son. And some nut judge will order it so.

839 days ago


Run Jim Run!!! This chick is a complete hooker!! She cant keep her legs closed or her shirt on! Maybe Carey just doesnt want to be with a skank anymore! He has no responsibility to her kid and I would want her to stay away from my daughter!! You dont need a skank like that around your kid!

839 days ago

Jay W.     

Jenny McCarthy is so Hot.

That said, she should keep family matters private.

839 days ago

No comment    

Who is Evan's father? Why isn't she promoting that relationship? If Even continued a relationship with every man that has been inside her wussy than they would fill Staples Center.

839 days ago


Is it Jim's son? What happened to the kid's real father? What about Jenny's current lover? I would think have 3+ daddies would really screw up any child.
When you break up with someone, would you really want that person spending time around you and with your children?
I find it heart breaking that a little child is being used as a weapon against someone.

839 days ago


Woman, you can't make your ex boyfriend see your kid from another marriage. Just who do you think you are to demand such a thing? Maybe you shouldn't have such a long relationship with a man unless you marry him next time. It's what happens. Carrey has no responsibility to you or your kid.

839 days ago


Jenny's an attention whore. She doesn't care about what's right for Evan. She cares about Jenny.

839 days ago
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