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Donald Trump to Ex-Miss PA

You've Got 24 Hours

To Apologize ... OR ELSE!!!

6/6/2012 2:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former Miss Pennsylvania Sheena Monnin has 24 hours to retract her claim that the Miss USA pageant is rigged -- or Donald Trump will slap her with a nasty defamation lawsuit ... this according to Donald's lawyer.

Trump's Special Counsel Michael Cohen called in to TMZ Live moments ago to say Donald believes everyone deserves a second chance -- which is why he's giving Monnin one day to withdraw ... in writing ... "her utterly baseless claim that the Miss USA pageant results were predetermined."

If Monnin fails to comply, Cohen says the 27-year-old can bet her ass Trump will sue ... seeking "massive damages."

Tick tock.


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hey every one lets kick in to her defense fund so free speech is still alive in the USA USA USA USA

833 days ago

No Name Jane    

Everyone deserves a second chance...unless their name is Rosie

833 days ago

Roger W. Morgan    

While I'm not a big fan of Donald Trump, I can assure you that his pageants are closely monitored and judged fairly. I served as a preliminary judge for the 2000 Miss Universe Pageant on Cyprus and have never before or since, been subjected to such critical scrutiny of my role as a judge. We were constantly reminded of the importance of honest answers and impartial judging of the pageant. I spoke with the other judges following the pageant and they, also, were extremely impressed with the fairness of the process. I feel sorry for the young woman, but would urge her to reconsider her claim. The damage to this and subsequent pageants would seem fairly easy to prove.

833 days ago


seeking "massive damages"

LOL, Trump you can't squeeze blood from a stone. The girl should stick to her guns, even if she loses its a civil suit and he won't get anything.

My gut feeling is that trump actually set this up because he is a total attention wh0re.

833 days ago


I hope none of you are dumb enough to believe anything this irrelevant d*ckhead says.

833 days ago


The U.S. should give this idiot 24 hours to apologize for being an American embarrassment.

833 days ago


Trump is pathetic! Thats why ONLY Fox News gives him the time of day. Well, him and Chuck Norris

833 days ago

Johnny Carcinoma    

Trump loves to threaten. Let him sue and lose.

He's a blight on humanity.

Sue me, Donald.

833 days ago


I can't believe I'm about to post this....
Calling Gloria Allred.
Come on lady, you are known as the biggest attention whore, how about proving it. Nothing better I'd love to see then you duking it out with the walking Hairball.

833 days ago


Does this muldoon get along with anyone? Seems he's always on the defensive and looking for a fight.

833 days ago


Say what! Say that again and I'll sue your a$$ for big bucks.
There, you're threatened with a massive law suit.

The difference is that Donald HAS to sue her and WIN otherwise the multi-million dollar enterprise known as Miss America is done.

If she said it to hurt him and the enterprise, and knew it wasn't true, she's in for a long, hard time of it.
You can bet she TOLD somebody she was going to claim it to hurt him, too. Twenty-something bimbos always do.

833 days ago


Trump is a joke! Someone will leak the list soon!

833 days ago

Grouchy Marps    

She should have protected her rights by prefacing her statement with the words "I think" as in: "I think Donald Trump is a worthless pile of cow flop."

833 days ago


Are there ANY pageants not

833 days ago


The more he protests the more I believe it IS rigged.
Of course that's probably nothing new to the bully Donald. I think he needs to prove that he really was born in America.

833 days ago
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