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Rob Dyrdek


After Pedophile Joke

6/6/2012 3:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Daniel Tosh
will pay dearly for insinuating Rob Dyrdek diddles 12-year-old boys -- in fact, sources close to the "Fantasy Factory" star tell TMZ, Dyrdek actually wants to FIGHT Tosh over a recent on-air pedophile jab.

In case you missed the sketch on "Tosh.0" -- the comedian dresses up like Dyrdek at a "Childish Dream Factory for Young Boys Only" ... filled with shirtless, 12-year-olds on Razor scooters ... and even plies his young guests with wine and drugs.

But Rob -- who also hosts an extremely similar clip show on MTV called "Ridiculousness" -- isn't laughing ... responding to the sketch on Twitter, writing, "The idea of having beef with @danieltosh is truly embarrassing ... for real ... imagine that 'clip show host' beef ... but now that beef is very real."

Dyrdek said he wanted to settle things "the old-fashioned way" -- and sources close to MTV reality star insist he isn't joking ... Dyrdek seriously wants to throw down with Tosh. He is NOT happy. 

Dyrdek has yet to issue an official challenge -- but Tosh is still laughing. He just tweeted back to Rob, "fair enough but if you have to beat me up, can we film it and put it on my show so people will actually watch it?"


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You know, Rob got his A$$ clowned and Tosh would destroy him, with words. Mr. Dyrdek don't fight just because you got made fun of, be a man, well grow a few inches first...

866 days ago


Dyrdek has a long time girlfriend. Erika Schaefer. Sad to see he can't take a joke though.

866 days ago


tosh completely sucks @ss.
i have never understood why people think he is funny.

866 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

Who are these two *****mokes? I've never heard of either one, are they freaking youtube stars? So's my 12 year old beagle for cripessakes.... how low can this nation sink in the name of endless 24 hr decadence and self gratification? I wouldn't waste a minute watching these attention ho's. I mean it's like who can make the most noise the loudest and most obnoxious and I haven't watched a non news related youtube in years because of it. Idiots taking idiocy to a new level each day for their 15 minutes of Andy Warhol fame. And that's about all it lasts nowadays. Then you're tossed to the curb so why would anyone want that life? They all end up prematurely dead.

866 days ago


As an ad-agency drone, I have been to the Fantasy Factory and met the pasty dwarf Rob in a marketing meeting. It is highly protected (as if he's a real celebrity), stocked with pretty "receptionists," and every office has a lawyer and/or a 50-year-old sucking up to this guy. Very dull, and when he left the meeting, he "peaced out" to CEOs and VPs, saying, "Aight, I'm gonna let y'all liiiive."

866 days ago

Sue from jersey    

omg Rob you can dish it but not take it! It's funny laugh!

866 days ago

Nichole K    

They are both idiots..

866 days ago


No doubt about Rob being embarassing..his show is a lamer version of Tosh.0 and he has the nerve to threaten him? is he suprised?Daniel tosh is funnier thought of it first..he seems just kind of mad.. He over acts his excitement and makes the show seem so fake n old/lame. Anyway daniel kick his ass dont just be funny for t.v u really should..kick his ass=] ..plz!

866 days ago


Daniel Tosh has that long muscle, reach, and would probably put Dyrdek to sleep with one punch.

I would advise Rob not to fight Daniel because Tosh will hurt him

866 days ago


Love Tosh! Rob needs to calm down. Seriously. So silly.

865 days ago


Rob needs to piss off. He blatantly ripped off Tosh, and he's had a joke coming his way for months. Rob tries to pretend he's a comedian, but then gets his panties in a wad the second someone makes fun of him. Besides, Rob is like 5'6" and Daniel is about 6'3," so what would he do?

865 days ago


I'm LMAO @ anyone thinking Tosh has some sort of fighting skill. This fool has the body language of someone who has never been in a fight. Every thing about tosh screams "I'm a *****". Especially that sarcastic tone he uses. I'm not saying Dyredek is superman, but stop acting like Tosh will automatically win based on his length. That man is gangly as hell and weak looking.

865 days ago


Rob tries to act too much like a "wigga" on his show, thereby trying to appeal to the MTV crowd-- his material though isn't near as funny--mainly people falling off their skateboards. And as mentioned before, that dumb blonde who has the annoying laugh is just that--annoying. Tosh is quick witted and I love his video redemption segment.

865 days ago


tosh.??? that show is not funny it is mean spirited.

865 days ago


For starts, ROB, Tosh had his show WAY before your RIDICULOUS RIP OFF of Tosh.0 called Ridiculousness. And second of all, IT'S A JOKE!!!! Get over yourself. Tosh is way cooler than you'll ever be for this very reason alone.

865 days ago
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