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Rob Dyrdek


After Pedophile Joke

6/6/2012 3:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Daniel Tosh
will pay dearly for insinuating Rob Dyrdek diddles 12-year-old boys -- in fact, sources close to the "Fantasy Factory" star tell TMZ, Dyrdek actually wants to FIGHT Tosh over a recent on-air pedophile jab.

In case you missed the sketch on "Tosh.0" -- the comedian dresses up like Dyrdek at a "Childish Dream Factory for Young Boys Only" ... filled with shirtless, 12-year-olds on Razor scooters ... and even plies his young guests with wine and drugs.

But Rob -- who also hosts an extremely similar clip show on MTV called "Ridiculousness" -- isn't laughing ... responding to the sketch on Twitter, writing, "The idea of having beef with @danieltosh is truly embarrassing ... for real ... imagine that 'clip show host' beef ... but now that beef is very real."

Dyrdek said he wanted to settle things "the old-fashioned way" -- and sources close to MTV reality star insist he isn't joking ... Dyrdek seriously wants to throw down with Tosh. He is NOT happy. 

Dyrdek has yet to issue an official challenge -- but Tosh is still laughing. He just tweeted back to Rob, "fair enough but if you have to beat me up, can we film it and put it on my show so people will actually watch it?"


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Methinks Rob doth protest too much. Tosh's show was making fun, to an extreme, and it's a joke. Stop getting so easily offended. Now, Rob looks like a tool while Tosh gets in another laugh.

845 days ago


No one takes into account, that Dyrdek is pissed about a pedophile joke that was probably not noticed at all at the time... because ROB is a f*cking pedophile? makes sense to me. Rob diddles 11 year old skaters in his fantasy factory.. he's highly defensive because he doesn't want to be exposed.. Chris Hansen needs to take over this situation.

845 days ago

Jessica Thompson    

It's not good to be joking around about touching little boys. If i was Rob I would be completely pissed, some people are not realizing what the **** is coming out of their mouth.... Its not funny, and its not cool. I hope Rob smashes his ass!

844 days ago

JEWremy LIN     


844 days ago


Tosh is a D-BAG!

844 days ago


Rob has been around a hell of alot longer than Tosh has. Pro skater at the age of 16. Not only that but starting companies for skaters and other people most of his life. Giving back to communities across the U.S. for kids to have a safe place to skate. Also was on T.V. long before Tosh was. Rob shouldn't sweat his small time s*** on peoples shoes self. Not worth it Brother. You have way more class than that. I understand being pissed about it. But Tosh couldn't beat his meat without help. You don't hit chicks. So why would you hit him? Also talking about kids. What does Tosh stand for Touching On Small Humans?

844 days ago


Team Daniel! Rob's just jealous that his how isn't funny... I do wonder who would win though

843 days ago


this is just like the current state of politics......Somebody says something then (in this case a ****ing joke) someonelese gets pissed/ off to the side other people get in passion fueled rages over the worthless bull**** (sometimes not even relevent)

843 days ago


people are getting mad over that? WTF? way worse jokes happen all the time....

843 days ago


i dont know about you and you dont have to like my comment but i mean come on if anything rob should be happy i mean not alot of douchebags like him get a chance for those 15min of fame (except for jersey) and plus whats to be beef about over a little sketch cmon to think he has anything better to do in his douchey life am i right

843 days ago


rob aint the only one tosh made fun of so why is he tryin make beef i hate this so much as soon as some rich celebrity gets pranked or made fun of its always some big ass deal

843 days ago


wow rob is SO raw and cool skater kid that he's suing somebody over a joke..

843 days ago


Please "LITTLE" Rob, its good to see a funny comedian do his craft and P.S. he NAILED YOU! The 1st thing outta your mouth is you wannna fight,,,,go back into your fake TV world,it wont last forever! the 11 to 15 yr old fans will grow up!

843 days ago


Someone can't take a joke!!!

842 days ago

uncle jimmy    

Thats funny as **** ....Tosh is seriosuly the funniest comic since louis C.K. ....I mean I like Dyrek but lets face it his show is such a ****in rip off .. I mean i know tosh ripped off the soup but still its a little different but to full on copy a show and have guest stars like chenelle West coast thats just gay as **** the bitch chenelle might be the dumbest bitch i ever seen on tv all she does is laugh and her laugh is pretty bad.. final thoughts--- TOSH IS THE VICTOR

841 days ago
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