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'Bridesmaids' Slap Case

NAACP Demanding School

Remove Teacher

6/7/2012 5:11 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The NAACP is demanding the removal of a Malibu teacher who allegedly used the movie "Bridesmaids" as inspiration to repeatedly slap a black student in class ... TMZ has learned.

TMZ broke the story ... Dionne Evans (above) -- a 9th grader at Malibu High School -- filed a police report last week, claiming the teacher slapped her in the face 6 times because Dionne forgot to bring her notebook to class.

According to the police report, the teacher made Evans stand in front of the room ... then asked, "Did you see 'Bridesmaids'?" before slapping her multiple times ... a reference to a scene in the movie where one character literally tries to slap some sense into another.

Now, the President of the Santa Monica branch of the NAACP tells us, the organization is looking into the incident -- and will attend a school district meeting tonight, insisting that the teacher be placed on administrative leave while the matter is investigated.

We're told Dionne's family and their lawyer Donald Karpel met with the NAACP on Tuesday for several hours to discuss legal options.

As we reported, the L.A. County Sheriff's Department is also investigating. Still no word from the school or the teacher.


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Isnt it strange that all of her attorney's cases end up on tmz? If you look at his past he has a little routine going here. Hes not only trying to ruin the wonderful mrs. g's life but he's also the one exploiting his own client, selling her name along with this false case to these little tabloid sites... If we can see through this guy, he must be pretty transparent. Oh and he also represents paparazzi. Let's all stick by Mrs. G and expose this shady attorney, who is telling the girl exactly what to do as he builds his case of lies, while lying to his own client. Signed MHS Student

867 days ago


Well... the teacher should be put on suspension pending the outcome of the investigation. People here are so ready to jump on any activist group, especially one like the NAACP that they forget the basic facts of the case. This isn't the 1940s anymore, you can't go smacking kids around in school.

867 days ago


This was posted by one of MHS's students. "Hey guys just wanted to say that I called TMZ and they hung up on me after 30 seconds... Clearly they are enjoying their story full of lies and don't want the truth"
TMZ are you being unfair? I think so... are you full of caca... so you can sell more caca?

867 days ago

Zombie Whitney Houston    

What the f*** does this have to do with race? Did the teacher straight up say that she was slapping the girl because she's black? So if any crime is committed against a black person it's automatically racism? This country just keeps getting more and more stupid.

867 days ago


another student post
Mrs. Gonzo is very close to me, and i was talking to her last night.
She is so stressed, and so scared about everything, and she does not deserve this at all. She has gotten me, along with many other students through our experiences at Malibu. I know that everyone knows for a fact that she would NEVER intentionally try and hurt someone. She has the biggest heart, and the most love for her student...

867 days ago


You know what? When I was a kid, they used to bring you to the front of the class and whip you with a paddle in front of everyone when you did something wrong. You can bet that all the kids in class acted right back then. Why? Because there were actually consequences for things. Kids these days aren't held accountable for their own actions. Every problem they have is "someone else's fault". Look, if you're such a dumb ass that your teacher actually tries to physically knock some sense into you, then you need to take a good hard look at yourself. From what I've read, the teacher was a woman whom all the other students loved. However, no one seems to have any kind words for Miss Evans. Her classmates say that she constantly skips class, mouths off to the teachers and doesn't do her schoolwork. Sounds like she needed a few slaps upside her head to straighten her out since her Mother obviously didn't teach her anything about manners, respect or responsibility. Jeez. These parents send their rude, obnoxious, brats off to school and then get mad when their child is disciplined for being the horrible little monsters they were raised to be. Teachers don't get paid nearly enough for all the bullsh_t they have to put up with.

867 days ago


i take it since the NAACP is involved that Ms. Gonzales is a white Hispanic?

867 days ago


9th grade? When do they let 30 year olds in high school. Geesh look at her she's a grown woman.

867 days ago


By inserting themselves into EVERY little issues organizations such as this are making themselves irrlevant. No ones takes them serious anymore. Reserve your time and resources for actual acts of racism, not stupidity like this. Of course the teacher needs firing, but not over racism. Slapping a student is the reason she should be let go, not slapping a BLACK student.
They're saying it would have been ok if she'd slapped a white student.

867 days ago

BB not bb    

What I don't get is was it like a joke or was it so hard that her face was red? Was she injured or was the teacher just playing around? It was a stupid thing to do, but if she wans't injured, I don't know why they would make a big racial affair out of it.

I remember teachers teasing kids and holding one kid upside down by the ankles for not doing homework. I had a classmate slap a professor with a pair of gloves for annoying the class and everyone just kind of shrugged these things off.

Some things are tasteless but do they really need national attention and outcry?

867 days ago

BB not bb    

I am wondering if these black leader groups are trying to incite a race war between blacks and Hispanics. First they had the Treyvon Martin thing trumped up against a Hispanic in the Miami area, which is full of very proud Cubans and other Hispanics. Now they have this trumped up against another Hispanic in an area just outside of LA which is full of Mexican gangs and other Hispanics, not to mention alot of blacks like in Florida.

It seems the Hispanics didn't really rally behind the half Peruvian George Zimmerman like the blacks did for the Martins. I think the students in Malibu are trying to defend their teacher in a polite way. It is kind of turning out like George Z's frieds just coming out to say what a nice guy he was.

This race baiting nonsense has to stop. I guess it takes two sides to fight and so far only the blacks seem to be willing. There is already one innocent person rotting in jail in Florida over these publicity stunts. Now a great teacher who made a dumb gesture could wind up then next victim.

867 days ago

Bad Dog    

Sorry NAACP is by definition is a racist group. Would they be demanding anything if the teacher was black?

NAACP and KKK, 2 sides of the same coin. They shouldn't demand anything since they should both be treated as hate groups.

867 days ago

BB not bb    

NAACeePayola. That is what they amount to. Putting on shows to solicit donations and getting kickbacks for political favors probably also. With a black guy in the White House, how much more advancement can they get? It seems they are trying to go over the top and subjugate the noncolored people instead now.

How did they even manage to hear about so minor an incident? It is like people are just waiting for the chance to call in the enforcements and start a war. If this girl hates school so much, what does it even matter to her what the teacher did to mock her? It seems like she should just be apathetic to that also.

Isn't this like a teacher saying to you thirty lashes with a wet noodle? I have heard that one before. Will that now be considered bias and terroristic threats by some group?

867 days ago


It's a good thing she wasn't my daughter.That teachers father probably forgot that this was the day to make love to her .She was so mad dad forgot to feel her up yhat morning she took it out on her student.

867 days ago


She should have brought her notebook.

867 days ago
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