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Charlie Sheen

EXPLODES at Kings Game

'Blow My Balls!!!'

6/7/2012 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Charlie Sheen went insane at the Staples Center Wednesday night, after a security guard told him he couldn't re-enter the stadium after taking a smoke break -- and it's all caught on video.

A female, no-nonsense security guard would not budge when Charlie tried to get back in, then Charlie snapped, yelling, "You know what?  F**king blow my balls, alright, you f**king asshole."

A little later Charlie's buddies try in vain to keep him away from the camera. The "Anger Management" star then explains, "Have common sense and common courtesy gone in society? That was what I was trying to impress upon her."

The guard tells a photog she told Charlie to "F**k off."

FYI, Staples has a policy of not letting people in once they walk out.

Charlie left the stadium without ever getting back in.  He told TMZ, "Bad juju. Clash of the silly." And then his parting shot ... "Go Thunder!"

Charlie had a bad time from the get go at the game. On his way into Staples, a taunting fan screamed,  "You ever done bath salts?" Charlie's response -- "Would you ask me that at a f**king dinner party you moron ... go f**k yourself."

Another fan screamed, "Charlie, f**k all the hos tonight." To that Charlie said, "I thought your mother and sister weren't available." Classic.

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Charlie Sheen has a huge national following.

A huge fan base here in Los Angeles.

Do the L.A. Kings?

NEED all of Charlie's people?

Rooting for a Kings' collapse?

Cuz now I am, and now a lot of people are ...

Behind this grinning shmuck in a red blazer.

The new Dawn Holland.

Just what we needed -

Another one.

A mis-fit sequel.

833 days ago


A great advertisement for Anger Management! Charlie, you are genius! Can't wait!

833 days ago


I know you're in a long, extended meeting, Kings' brass ...

-Over how to handle this mess -

-Created by the new Dawn Holland.

-Whether or not to issue:

-A public apology to Charlie Sheen & His People ...

Do yourselves a favor and issue it/make this right.

Put yourself in Charlie's place ...

- turn this into something positive.

He was supporting the team and franchise, damnit.

833 days ago

Different Rules Apply    

Charlie, watch out. Your long time fans are trying to stay loyal and are staying tuned for the new show, BUT, acting like a spoiled entitled rich brat with no respect for the working girl (not that kind) doesn't say too much for you. Society has rules, you are in society like the rest of us once you leave the comforts and special privileges of your mansion. Behave and show some R-E-S-P-E-C-T ~ for EVERYONE.

833 days ago


the-new-Dawn Holland is obviously doing...

"Bath salts..."

833 days ago

C K S    

Charlie you are a lucky man, if that was my daughter you would spend the rest of your life smoking from another orifice. You are a embarrassment to your kids.

833 days ago


You Charlie kissasses are just as screwed up as he is. He was a ******** in high school. It's not the drugs you idiots. This is who he really is.

833 days ago

C K S    

Charlie you are a lucky man, if that was my daughter you would spend the rest of your life smoking from another orifice. You are a embarrassment to your kids.

833 days ago


Man up Sheen . Im sure Anger Management sponsors are thrilled with your idiotic off the set behavior. Big Man talking to a women like that!

833 days ago


come on now everyone on this site would be pissed too if they did what he did without thinking after spending a crap load on tickets and it's not right that he cussed at her but I've seen it happen at every game and concert i've been too.

833 days ago


that's a bad-ass security chick.... i totall wanna go out with her. she's all like "i don't give a damn who you are muthafuc*r"

833 days ago


That security guard should be fired you don't cuss at anyone while in uniform and on the job. I know all security guard's are white trash rent-a-cops but still you have to show a little class.

833 days ago

Leo v    

Blow his balls??? wouldnt he have to whip those over his shoulders and burp them first?

833 days ago


Oh man, this is sad to see. Charlie is so talented and funny but looks like he's using again :(

833 days ago


Why do we keep letting these minimum wage *******s make everyone's life miserable. It's a ****ing stupid policy, no matter who you are. You just wouldn't have known it's a stupid policy unless it happened to someone famous.

I imagine it involves a group of people going in, giving all their tickets to one person, who then goes out and distributes them to another group of people to get in, but still. Have a smoking section or something.

832 days ago
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