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Amber Portwood

Overdose Attempt

Drove Me to Prison

6/7/2012 7:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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"Teen Mom" star Amber Portwood had become so depressed in her rehab program she tried to overdose on pills -- and that's what drove her to quit drug treatment entirely ... entering prison instead.

A shackled Amber spoke with "Good Morning America" ... claiming, "I had taken 30 Suboxone [a drug used to treat opioid addictions] within 3 days. The depression took over. I would take 4 or 5 at a time."

Amber said, "I felt like I'd rather do my time and get it over with, and make the best of a situation that's been handed to me." Amber was sentenced to five years earlier this week.

She added, "I'm not just going to sit. I'm going to do substance abuse classes. I'm going to get my GED."

Still doesn't make any sense -- Amber had been given the opportunity to receive out-patient drug treatment ... WITHOUT PRISON ... but she chose prison anyway.


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Virtual Insanity    

In five years, she could have completed a substance abuse program, finished her high school degree, and received her bachelor's degree. I understand that addiction makes people desperate, but she is sugar-coating a prison sentence by saying "I can finish my GED?" I don't get it.

832 days ago


I honestly think that she had/has a serious case of post pardom depression. There was always something so effed up about her after the birth of her kid. What a shame to chose prison thinking that is the ONLY option to save her own life.

832 days ago


my little brother chose prison over freedom to try and get himself straight again. he needed the structure and maybe she does too. She also will have the opportunity to go to school, drug classes, church, family counseling, parenting and a number of other things.. She isn't a murderer she is a lost girl who might just have made a very good decision for self survival.. Odd as that may seem.. I doubt she will serve the full time, and if she plays this right she can use it like a huge stepping stool for her future.. a positive stable future..Crazy how prison can do that, but it can for dumb asses who don't pay traffic tickets, and stuff like that who have to sit a while....the bad bad guys well thats another story....people have done much worse than Amber and been ok..

832 days ago


Amber and the whole show kinda makes me ill. MTV lures teens to get pregnant at this point. I didn't like Amber, but they were giving her klonapin on the show. It has come ut that MTV allegedly supplied drugs. She's far too young to go to prison for these offenses, and they would be scoffed off it wasn't on TV. What she needs is Psychiatric care. WHY not try to get her the help she needs.

832 days ago


My cousin became an addict at an early age. He told me once that it was easier to get drugs in jail than out. He has spent most of his life in prison..... I wish her the best of luck, but feel for her daughter who is growing up without her mom

832 days ago


this nitwit looks even more pungent than one of kim kardashian's massive fecal logs (if that's even possible!)

832 days ago


Stop calling reality show personalities stars. They are not stars, If there is a prize involved they are contestants, if there is no prize they are personalities, not stars, not actors, not anyone with talent.

832 days ago

It's Dave    

"I'm not going to just sit..."

That'll be a first.

832 days ago


LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL you guys keep calling this fat trick a "STAR" ! ? ! Dumb Wh*re comes to my mind, but what do I know im not a "STAR" or am I ,,,,,,,,,,,,

832 days ago


Does she not think that she will be going through withdrawls etc no matter where she is???? sounds to me like she just can't deal with Reality, pun intended!

832 days ago


I really hope she get better she has a daughter!!!

832 days ago


This girl will do anything for attention. As a pharmacist I can tell you this much....First of all Suboxone has a ceiling effect which means you can take 100 of them and still have the same feeling and effect as taking 2 8mg dispersible tablets. So over dosing is not going to happen. It is a drug to get people addicted to opiate pain killer medication off of it without severe with drawls. One of the big advantages of the drug is not being able to overdose on it, which is done knowing that this drug is going to be prescribed to addicts who are known to take more than the prescribed amount of a medication. So even though she took however many Suboxone in 3 days it would not matter she would not get any higher than if she took 6 tablets in 3 days (16mg is the ceiling effect for this drug). This is 1 of many drugs that does not need any bad press. It has saved many lives and families. This girl is all about wanting to stay in the spotlight and nothing more.

832 days ago


She's so desperate for a parental figure that she's got to turn to prison for one. Her own parents dumped her, so she turned to Gary, who is in need of a bit of parenting himself, and when he couldn't give her the guidance she needed she fell apart. Some commenters (and apparently TMZ) need to realize that sometimes walking away from your kid is what's best for them, but you have to make sure a better replacement than you will be there for them.

832 days ago

Peaches the Writer    

Her fame makes no sense to me.

832 days ago


Suboxone has a ceiling effect of 32mg. Which means that your system will only hold 4 of them in your system. Anything more than 4 your body rejects, it will not get into your receptors. That being said it is impossible to OD on Suboxone. Don't beleive me,then look it up.

832 days ago
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