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Charlie Sheen

Anger Mismanagement

6/7/2012 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Charlie Sheen goes mental on an usher outside the L.A. Kings game -- and we have video of the expletive-filled tirade ... and exclusive details on what set off the Warlock.

Plus, you gotta see this -- President Obama makes an oral sex joke about the First Lady at an LGBT fundraiser ... and the look on his face is absolutely priceless. Was it a mistake ... or is Obama's comedic time that good?

Also, TMZ Live is immortalized in the new Justice League comic book -- but Harvey and Charles have issues ... with the way they were drawn.

(0:00) Charlie Sheen goes mental on a security guard at the Staples Center -- and we have video of his epic blowup ... as well as exclusive detail on what set him off.
(5:35) "American Idol" winner Phillip Phillips FINALLY has surgery to remove his kidney stones.
(9:45) The Olympic torch runs by the studio! (Major retraction to this statement to come later in the show) (10:55) More evidence that the stuttering soldier on "America's Got Talent" could be a total fraud. Plus, we know what's going to happen to him down the road on the show.
(17:40) Remember the rumor about Mel Gibson wanting to murder Harvey and bury him in the desert? It's come up again.
(21:00) The first pair of Kanye West's Air Yeezy 2 is selling for $90k!!! No need to point out how ridiculous this is. But yeah, it's totally ridiculous.
(24:01) You've GOT TO WATCH THIS -- President Obama seems to make an accidental oral sex joke ... and the look on his face is beyond priceless.
(30:10) Mark Paul Gosselaar joins a long line of celebs who rip the show that made them famous.
(33:00) The Situation -- back to being ripped after rehab ... but still not the Situation of old.
(35:30) The retraction we promised ... the torch belongs to the Special Olympics, not the Olympics. All apologies for the confusion.
(37:00) Whitney Houston's daughter off the hook after being caught gambling in Las Vegas while underage.
(38:10) TMZ Live is featured in the new issue of the Justice League comic book -- you gotta feast your eyes on the way they drew Harvey and Charles!
(40:25) We take your calls!

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Concerning Charlie Sheen: It's awesome to see celebrities be treated the same way mere mortals are ... even though the rule seems petty.

835 days ago


Charlie's reaction was relatively mild, not anything I would call wild.
He should have put her over his knee and gave her an old fashioned woman-spanking.
Let's go protest with picket signs at the stadium to have the unprofessional woman fired for inappropriate language and behavior.
You bring the picket signs, I'll bring the beer...Party time! \m/

835 days ago


Breaking News: John Travolta is now dating "funny man"Louie Anderson. "We are extremely happy" said Mr. Anderson as he left a Burger King with 2 whoppers and a diet coke in hand. , "And anyone who has a problem can suck a fart out of my azz". More on this story as it develops....

835 days ago


"What does common sense dictate?"
Common sense would dictate a person should be allowed back in the stadium when the cir***stances don't indicate any criminal behavior.

835 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

How deep can TMZ Pudge Mike have his head in Charlie Sheen's druggie ass.

835 days ago


It's amazing how you guys @TMZ treat charlie sheen and Chris brown . Charlie sheen beats up his "Girlfriend" with his gun and held a knife to her throat , but for some reason you guys fall over yourselves when he calls in . NOW , mention Chris brown - And oh , oh , the world is about to end - The wife beater , the bastard , the mean dude and goes on and on - Please TMZ , just treat all abusers the same..

835 days ago


I like Harvey's pink shirt, men should be brave enough to wear colors.
God's the manliest man in the universe, he created fire, earthquakes, volcanoes, thunder and lightening.
...and he created purdy pink flowers and fluffy clouds and puppy dog eyes.
Good enough for God, good enough for me :D

835 days ago


Can you get Pics of Phillips kidney stones. be awesome to see.

835 days ago


"Charlie Sheen totally lost it"'s just you TMZ!......Now if he pulled a Sean Penn....then you could say he totally lost it!

835 days ago


Regarding Tim Poe... Credit where it's due, TMZ.

835 days ago


Citizens are chasing cops to make a citizen's arrest!

835 days ago


Here's the real question. Why does TMZ completely lack editing? I'm so embarrassed for you. It's kind of awkward. Does NO ONE read these things before you post them? Every other story has a typo, grammatical error, words missing, or some other easily noticeable mistake. Amateur.

835 days ago


As a mother of a sailor serving in the Navy the guy on America's got talent disgusts me. How dare him disgrace the name of the people serving and injured as they keep our country safe. I am lucky that the only danger my son has been in is from the earthquakes in Japan, but as he tells me when I worry/ Don't worry Mom...we are who you call when something happens. I am safe. That piece of garbage on AGT should not be in the same thought as others that serverve with honor and dignity,

835 days ago

Flying Blind    

AGT Tim's singing is just average anyway ..................

835 days ago


JFK partied with Sinatra, Monroe, Peter Lawford, etc.

835 days ago
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