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'AGT' Fraud

Family is Getting

Death Threats

6/8/2012 7:06 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The family of the stuttering veteran Timothy Poe who sang on "America's Got Talent" tell TMZ they have been receiving death threats since our stories revealed Poe is a fraud.

As we reported, Poe gave producers of "AGT" a photo which he claimed showed him in Afghanistan, but in reality the pic is of someone else. And Poe could produce no documentation to prove he suffered a debilitating brain injury in the war -- as he claimed on the show.

Poe's family tells us ... several family members have been getting death threats. We're told Poe's sister-in-law went to the store Thursday with her kids and someone came up to them and said, "We're going to kill you and the whole family."

Several family members have received phone calls. We're told Poe's fiancee answered the phone (after Poe's number was leaked on social media) and the caller said, "You made American vets look bad and now you're going to suffer."

And we're told another vet called to warn that he and others would be coming to Poe's house, so "watch out."

As for Poe himself, a family member says she fears he's suicidal. He hasn't left the house since the scandal broke, and he's been crying incessantly. One family member says Poe is suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.

But ... we're told no one has called the cops about the threats.


No Avatar


More lies to gain sympathy... at least that part of him is consistent.

875 days ago


Oh and now they are going to play the PTSD card. Of couse because that makes it all ok and garners him some sympathy. This guy does not have PTSD he is just a lying POS! As are all his family members who played along with this little stunt.

875 days ago


Then TMZ is going to provide security for this family since they broke this story, right? ha

875 days ago


Let the military court have its way with him... That's just so wrong on his part...

875 days ago


Problem on these talent shows is that everyone wants to have a compelling story to tell to gain sympathy/empathy. Like on DWTS; JR Martinez has his story, but he also had the talent to win. Just a dishonest way to get attention, and now it has come back on Poe.

875 days ago


You do realize that people don't take TMZ seriously because of you complete lack of journalistic integrity, right? I realize that sensationalism and drama are your forte, but it would be nice if you would give credit where credit is due, to TSO at Granted, you've quite the audience to whom this story may reach out, so you'll still be aiding in the demise of this jerk's untruths, but taking credit for breaking this and doing all of the legwork is just shady.

875 days ago


I don't get these people that no matter how little a scandal is, start making death threats like any of this was a serious matter. I believe life is above all, even if this guy lied he doesn't deserve to be killed, get a grip people

875 days ago


IF death threats are happening (and with his track record for the truth... it's a big IF) but IF they are, that's as stupid as the lie told in the first place. Threatening children? What did the children do? That is even more sick than lying about being a vet to get on TV. That's if it is happening. Like i said, the track record for the truth isn't exactly stellar.

875 days ago


leave it up to America to send a guy to war and bring him home and leave him mentally disturbed in the process. Get this guy Mental Help instead of crucifying him. Whether he lied or not he's still a vet and he needs the to be seen by someone evaluated and treated accordingly. Only someone with mental issues would think they could possibly get away with something like this. It's all sad if you ask me. GET THIS GUY SOME HELP!

875 days ago


How would a stranger in the grocery store know this woman was his sister in law? Was she wearing a t-shirt that said "Hey I am related to Tim Poe, The Liar from AGT" That makes no sense at all? His family are as much a bunch of liars as him and his girlfriend.

875 days ago

Someone's goldfish    

If this is true I don't know what disturbs me more: Poe for faking the story or people getting so upset about a reality show that they would threaten someone over it.

875 days ago


I wish everyone would calm down until we hear all the facts. He is still a vet and maybe he stretched the truth or maybe there is something we just don't know. I think we all just have to calm down and wait to see what happens. This Poe guy will have to come out eventually and defend these accusations or admit he lied.

875 days ago


Why don't the producers check out the credibility of a contestant's sob story BEFORE the show airs? Not difficult to prove a story like that.

875 days ago


Hahah they're probably lying again. Cry wolf again mother ****ers.

875 days ago


What a bunch of idiots.
Death threats? For doing what nearly all talent show contestants do....lie?
Get a clue idiots, all reality shows are lies, the contestants lie, the producers lie, the networks lie, the staff lie.
As for tying it to military and trying to make it seem worse than it is, solely based on it being tied to military...what idiocy.
Anybody sitting around their house getting all mad at some reality show contestant...has issues.
Get a life :D

875 days ago
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