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'AGT' Fraud

Family is Getting

Death Threats

6/8/2012 7:06 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The family of the stuttering veteran Timothy Poe who sang on "America's Got Talent" tell TMZ they have been receiving death threats since our stories revealed Poe is a fraud.

As we reported, Poe gave producers of "AGT" a photo which he claimed showed him in Afghanistan, but in reality the pic is of someone else. And Poe could produce no documentation to prove he suffered a debilitating brain injury in the war -- as he claimed on the show.

Poe's family tells us ... several family members have been getting death threats. We're told Poe's sister-in-law went to the store Thursday with her kids and someone came up to them and said, "We're going to kill you and the whole family."

Several family members have received phone calls. We're told Poe's fiancee answered the phone (after Poe's number was leaked on social media) and the caller said, "You made American vets look bad and now you're going to suffer."

And we're told another vet called to warn that he and others would be coming to Poe's house, so "watch out."

As for Poe himself, a family member says she fears he's suicidal. He hasn't left the house since the scandal broke, and he's been crying incessantly. One family member says Poe is suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.

But ... we're told no one has called the cops about the threats.


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I bet he was even lying about having a stutter! Did he REALLY think that he wouldn't get caught?? I agree with BAD DOG....PTSD from being a dumbass??? serves him right!!!

830 days ago


The only thing he's suffering from is PTLS (Post Traumatic Liars Syndrome). He deserves everything he gets (outside of death) and his family should be left alone; they are not responsible for this man's (?) actions.

830 days ago

Big D    

But ... we're told no one has called the cops about the threats....... Really, now they found something else to lie about.

830 days ago

Mike Thrash    

First of all - why would anyone care enough about this to threaten this family? Seriously? Obviously, he's an idiot who had nothing better to do than to steal someone elses identity for his own in order to gain sympathy from the judges. Who cares? He's been caught! It's over: he'll suffer enough from public humiliation, he doesn't need to be threatened with harm to his family (if that's even true). Let it go and he'll disappear.

830 days ago


he is only crying cause he got caught....

830 days ago


I just saw on a military site where he issued a sort of apology but not really...he basically said he was sorry for saying he never sang before because he was in a band ...yet ANOTHER lie from this guy

830 days ago


He's not suffering from PTSS, he's suffering from "I Got Caught in a Lie Syndrome."

830 days ago


Jeeeeezas, it is a television program people. Fun, supposately entertainment. What flying idiot threatens to kill someone over a stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid tvshow. America the land of the M0r0ns

830 days ago


Poe tells WFAA that he was completely "bent in half, backwards" by the grenade blast. In another interview he says his squad leader didn't notice the injury because Poe was "feeling better" for a few days and that he didn't know he had re-broken his back (from an earlier injury, NOT the grenade) until later when he was being treated for the stutter. The squad leader says Poe is a TOTAL LIAR. He is also apparently not a very good or consistent one.

830 days ago


This whole thing pretty much shows how stupid and gullible the average American is. The fact all you to do is say you are a "Veteran" for "Good Ol America" to fall in love with you says it all. Now you all look like thick idiots that will fall for anything!

Stupid yankees!!

830 days ago


How is that woman still engaged to him? Lying about military service is on the list of qualifications to tell someone goodbye forever. With that said, I hope he doesn't kill himself. He needs to man up and take responsibility for his actions.

830 days ago

Donna Ward    

The soldier in the picture is my nephew Norman. I very upset as the rest of my family are to. I am hoping that the military will do something about this. He shouldt be allowed to be the winner on AMT either.He should be put on public telivision to apoligize to Norman and the rest of his family.Then scorted off in hand cuffs for everyone to see.He must have some knd of brain damae or he wouldnt think he could get away with this.

830 days ago


Do***ents on The
Okay if you look at these medical record #2 at the top right the date 28 Feb 06 ….then look at the bottom left DOB (date of birth) 14 Jul 1976 age 33 ….. okay now then, 2006 was 6 years ago and he was 33 years old by this do***ent. And on the AGT show he says he is 35 years old, if his birthdate is July 14, 1976 he would be 35 years old today on July 14, 2012 he will turn 36 years old. Okay in 2006, 6 years ago he would be 30 years old!!! This do***ent says he is 33 years old!! If he got hit by a grenade on the right side of his face, it would have blew him up. His whole story is lies!

830 days ago

Kate W.    

So much anger toward a soldier seeking fame, at any cost. Though I don't condone Mr. Poe's "alleged" misdeed, I question why there isn't more rancor aimed at those who lied us into these two wasteful wars (Bush/Cheney)...anyone find WMD's yet...shucks and awe.

830 days ago



Doug Sterner Says:
June 8th, 2012 at 2:33 pm
The question that keeps arising is the “WHY (do people do this?). Aside from a potential $1 million prize in the ATG case, the fact is, most of these SV Cases are committed by people with an otherwise criminal bent. Barbara Bently has written an excellent book about her marriage to one such phony (Navy Admiral who claimed a MOH) titled “A Dance With the Devil.” Ultimatly, her husbant attempted to murder her. She explains the “WHY” very well: “Psychopaths/sociopaths love to assume roles where honest citizens automatically give trust without question. John (her former husband) did this with portraying himself as a retired admiral and wearing the Congressional Medal of Honor. He even fooled the navy!”

These are USUALLY not cases of poor souls with low self-esteem and some mental problems (excuses that often result in our feeling some level of sympathy for the Phony Heroes), they are pathological liars and manipulators who do this for personal gain, power, prestige, and are often accompanied by other serious additional crimes.

830 days ago
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