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'Fear Factor'

Donkey Semen Stunt

Finally Airs ... On Danish TV

6/8/2012 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The video you would never admit to wanting to see -- but secretly were DYING to watch -- has finally made its way online ... the "Fear Factor" donkey semen stunt!!!!!

For those of you not up on your donkey semen history ... the stunt was originally supposed to air as part of an episode in January ... but NBC execs got cold feet and yanked the controversial episode from their schedule.

Luckily, TV execs in Denmark had the balls to air the stunt this week.

And yes, watching a woman drink a 24-ounce glass of donkey semen ... while her twin sister chugs donkey urine ... is EXACTLY as disgusting as you would think.


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Swallowing, some girls need a true lesson in it.

836 days ago


I can't believe anyone would do something like this. Completely nasty!

836 days ago


I wouldn't click on this stupid video if you paid me. This is even worse than the Kardashian threads.

836 days ago


No respect for anything anymore. Just everyone trying to shock and gross out everyone else. What a bore.

836 days ago


brynne and claire odioso are two of the biggest idiots on the planet.

836 days ago

Donna Dandridge    

How did they get the donkey jizz?! Yikes, and mug full of the stuff. Sick!

836 days ago


Who had to give the donkey a handie to get 24 oz of semen? Can one donkey bust that kind of laod or are we talking about a donkey bukaki?

836 days ago



How did they get that donkey semen in a glass???
Did they explain that???
Now, if a human being got that out, would that be considered beastiality?
Was it okayed with SPCA and Peta?

Is Mimi the queen of all donkey shows?


For the record, I asked these questions first. But being empty nut heads as tmz staffers are, they deleted my questions before giving me the answers. Hey, a dollar for each correct answers TMZ.............

By the way, let me sing this song...........

MJ created Jesus Juice,

Mimi created donkey Juice,

Harvey is a vegetarian,

Who likes juice more than most jews,

He mixes the juices together,

He is so proud in creating Jesus donkey juice!

836 days ago


I'm sure these two had porn offers by the thousands.

836 days ago


what kind of tmz reader would not be "up on their donkey semen history".... also, I did not and will not watch the video

836 days ago


It seems like this should be against some type of obscenity law. I'm mean really, someone is taking advantage of these two obviously mentally challenged poor souls and they make money and these girls get some donkey disease.

836 days ago


It's FAKE. They supposedly pay the winners $50K (maybe $100K for twins). They got MILLIONS of dollars in free publicity. That's smart if you ask me. Having said that, I hate this show. I detest Joe Rogan and his high pitched, whiny voice.

836 days ago



light bulb moment:

How can Harvey be gay and a vegetarian the same time?

Do some men's meat made with veggies?

Oh, I get it, he only eats the yogurt!

836 days ago


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836 days ago


I don't believe for one second that what is in those mugs are donkey semen and urine. I call f'ing B.S.

836 days ago
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