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Kardashian Sisters

We're Not Shameless

Snake Oil Peddlers!!!

6/9/2012 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Kardashian sisters did NOT sell bogus diet pills to millions of gullible consumers ... they just coaxed 'em into buying them -- this according to new legal docs, obtained by TMZ.

Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe Kardashian just filed their response to a $5 million lawsuit that accuses them of peddling lies to the public about the diet pill QuickTrim. The product's main ingredient is caffeine, which the FDA has decided is not an effective weight-loss drug.

But Kim & Ko. are now firing back -- claiming they're NOT the sellers of QuickTrim, they're just the pretty faces promoting the product ... so they shouldn't be held responsible for QuickTrim's lies.

The sisters claim there's currently no law that holds spokespeople accountable for false advertising -- and it should stay that way.

The Kardashians want their names dropped from the lawsuit.


No Avatar


According to that ad, THEY ARE endorsing the product as it works. As usual, the ****rashians are lying s***bags that need to be eradicated from the planet! They serve no purpose what so ever!!!

810 days ago


go away you talentless useless waste of spaceugly nasty idiots

810 days ago


the biggest disapointment is Bruce!! getting his butt in with that crowd of "impossible Mind set, Gold digging Bitchy and Fat A$$" Not even for a "masseratti" would i even talk to them. disgusting.Bruce you didn't even get a bronze for this decision.

810 days ago


Any spokesperson should know what they are promoting before signing on the dotted line and running to the bank with the check. The Khardashians should have done some due dilligence.

810 days ago

Who Knew    

Just use the eyeball test, that stuff does not work. Chewy is huge and Karsnookian's ass could actully eat Chewy it's so huge and shapless.

810 days ago


Face it, people. All those gals care about is "snake" oil." Get my drift?

810 days ago


They did this with intent to PURPOSELY target their fans and followers, and suck them into this product. So if they had motive ($$$) to trick their fans into purchasing this product, then yes, they should be held responsible.

What they did is reckless and wrong, so if they are going to intentionally promote a product that they do not use or that is not fool proof and is not what they claim it to be, then they are intentionally frauding their fans with their own SELF SERVING MOTIVE to Make Money Off Of Vulnerable People who believe their every word.

They should be held accountable, as should the company behind the brand.

810 days ago


The company hires you for a reason you mental b-itches. Their hoping your followers will bye what your endorsing. So yes I feel you are part of the problem.
I bet you don't have a problem accepting those checks from that company and I know for a fact you don't give a chit about your followers. Here's the Kartrashians laughing all the way to the bank.

810 days ago


ALL of the Kardashians and Kris Jenner have a reputation of misleading, and deceiving fans of theirs and viewers of their show. They lie, deceive, edit, fib, and fraud, for their own self serving motives to get rich. They do not really care about their fans, they think they are suckers and like to play up to the camera with their PR ploys, their head games and mind f viewers. Then sit back and laugh as they count their money and spend it on over indulgent items.

This is all a game to them. People are being sucked into their fake charade.

810 days ago


Heheee I certainly would not buy this product...K.K. does not look like she has lost a pound... wearing dresses two sizes to small for her and spliting her leather dress the other day :)
Somehow I don't think the product works :)

810 days ago


No **** their snake oil isn't going to help you loose weight, they are not telling the truth about it and they should be held responsible for their lies.look at the picture of those two kardashians those bodies are not real those two women are umpa lumpas and they are made to look good kim is all plastic and fake to begin with, all lies, Let the law suites begin, all parties are at fault here, however any person who bought this garbage should be held responsible for being idiots and falling for this crap because of the kardashian name, Stupid, stupid, stupid.

810 days ago

buzz kill    

Spokespeople responsible, are you sh*ting me? People will say and do anything for a buck.

810 days ago


What r these dumb ass people even famous for? $40 million dollars? Whoever. Paid them that much money needs to be beatin to near death then beaten to death

810 days ago


Thank god for make up and photoshop

Otherwise the kardashians would be nothing

810 days ago


All you have to do is look at their big fat asses to tell the diet pills don't work.

810 days ago
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