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Kardashian Sisters

We're Not Shameless

Snake Oil Peddlers!!!

6/9/2012 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Kardashian sisters did NOT sell bogus diet pills to millions of gullible consumers ... they just coaxed 'em into buying them -- this according to new legal docs, obtained by TMZ.

Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe Kardashian just filed their response to a $5 million lawsuit that accuses them of peddling lies to the public about the diet pill QuickTrim. The product's main ingredient is caffeine, which the FDA has decided is not an effective weight-loss drug.

But Kim & Ko. are now firing back -- claiming they're NOT the sellers of QuickTrim, they're just the pretty faces promoting the product ... so they shouldn't be held responsible for QuickTrim's lies.

The sisters claim there's currently no law that holds spokespeople accountable for false advertising -- and it should stay that way.

The Kardashians want their names dropped from the lawsuit.


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They have the worlds worst manager..... They get sued after Every Single Endorsement deal...... Wow... shows how unqualified Momager is... Seriously.

831 days ago

Ester Goldberg    

what kills me is their fat ass bodies have been Photoshopped in the ad above.. PULEEZE.. they are shills..and will hawk anything for buck.

831 days ago


When you lend your name/body/face to a product it is your duty to know SOMETHING about the product. This is good business sense.

Pimp mama Kris is always talking about how Kim, Khloe, Kourtney are hard working business people. This proves they are not. I doubt if Kim uses Quick Trim and we can see Khloe does not.
It states on the box "Try the diet brand THEY love".....which leaves a consumer with the impression they have used it before and they love it and the consumer will love it too and have a body similar to theirs. That's called lying by omission.

I'm willing to bet all the Kardashians sisters do is lend their name and face to different brands and that's it. IMO they don't know jack **** about the brands they hawk only that their image will make them a lot of money because morons believe in them and want to look like them. People need to stop being so gullible about them.

831 days ago


I remember an acne product that Pat and Debbie Boone endorsed. They got sued over their endorsements and they lost.

831 days ago


these two HALF- sisters are suing because the products(diet pills and shoes) they endorse are nothing more then fraud, so the people that watch the fakedashians and their fake wedding can sue them .. kims whole life is a big fat lie, everything about her is a lie... DAMN DEVIL PEOPLE...

831 days ago


Aren't they pushing this product & saying I used this and it works? Hell yes they should be held accountable.

831 days ago


the Kardashians go beyond just being spokepeople. This isn't like an actor doing a commercial for a car. The Kardashians ONLY job is making endorsements, so for them to claim that they don't really know anything about the zillion products they endorse is rediculous. For instance, they put their names and faces all over those credit cards, and then they feigned innocence when there was a huge backlash when it turned out the cards were a terrrible product. If you are going to put your face on all the products and encourage your "fans" to buy them, then you had damn well know what you are selling. Also, there was a case a few decades back involving Pat Boone and his family endorsing an acne product that turned out to be bogus - and Pat was found to be financially responsible. These Kardashian hags/hacks would endorse an abortion procedure if they could get money out of it. "Pregnant and don't want to be? Buy the new Kardashian Womb-Sucker and go back to being thin again!"

831 days ago

its a fact    

Lipo can make anyone look that good.

831 days ago


Sorry, no sale. These whores have shown a pattern of recklessly endorsing anything they can get their greasy moneygrubbing mitts on; the "kardashian kard" which was shown to a ruinously dangerously high cost debit card MARKETED BY THEM TO THEIR UNDER 18 YEAR OLD FANBASE OF YOUNG GIRLS; "shapeups", which the piss princess endorsed and then the federal government forced the company to pay hundreds of millions of dollars in penalties for false deceiptful claims & false advertising. These bitches know full well what they're doing; I hope they get their hugely fat asses handed to them financiallly...

831 days ago


So sick of the constant stories about them on this website. Do they have ownership in TMZ or what? Find somebody interesting, this is not.

831 days ago

Sam Sunshine     

Khloe your the only one I have empathy for. Your mom wants to starve your azz in order to take part in the scams she negotiate's. I'm surprised she doesnt sell all of your sisters day old worn panties, in a zip lock bag for a profit. Good luck Khloe, your the only person that's close to being human and has a brain that resons.

831 days ago


If you are going to whore yourself out for a product, you better be damn sure that it is legal, does what it is supposed to do, use it yourself and have final editorial control as to whatever advertising that is used that is directed to the public. You + The Product = You use the Product.

Otherwise we have too many damn gullible people in this world.

Alex Trebeck this applies to you to as well, as to hawking that Insurance for Colonial Penn.

831 days ago


I used this stuff like the brochure told me to. I lost 33-pounds in 30-days. I was hungry and miserable, but the weight melted off like magic.

831 days ago

I am Spartacus    

They are using the Kardashians, granted its Photoshopped Kardashians, but they are using their bodies to sell a weight loss pill.

Why is it not surprisingly that another Kardashian product they endorse doesn't work. 1st it was a the Shape Up shoes, now this.

831 days ago


Quick trim is garbage if they have these talentless bimbo's peddle this stuff. I wonder if quick trim will turn me into a stubborn spoiled beaver. Fingers crossed, lol.

831 days ago
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