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Kardashian Sisters

We're Not Shameless

Snake Oil Peddlers!!!

6/9/2012 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Kardashian sisters did NOT sell bogus diet pills to millions of gullible consumers ... they just coaxed 'em into buying them -- this according to new legal docs, obtained by TMZ.

Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe Kardashian just filed their response to a $5 million lawsuit that accuses them of peddling lies to the public about the diet pill QuickTrim. The product's main ingredient is caffeine, which the FDA has decided is not an effective weight-loss drug.

But Kim & Ko. are now firing back -- claiming they're NOT the sellers of QuickTrim, they're just the pretty faces promoting the product ... so they shouldn't be held responsible for QuickTrim's lies.

The sisters claim there's currently no law that holds spokespeople accountable for false advertising -- and it should stay that way.

The Kardashians want their names dropped from the lawsuit.


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Sam Sunshine     

I know we all concentrate on Kim but the host parasite is the master whore Kris Jenner. I hope the two Jenner girls get ques from dad not the master whore. Bruce grow some balls! Quit being so passive.

845 days ago


Bunch of whores. That is what a Kardashian is.

845 days ago


Just another reason Kim is #2 on the NY Post "Most Hated Americans" list. #1 is a child killer & #2 a pedophile.
Have any of their products been a success aside from the tv show?

845 days ago


Look at Kim. She is so perfect. Mo wonder every woman on the planet hate her. They are jealous! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

845 days ago


how can you hold the spokesperson accountable every thing does not work for everyone! So if weight watchers doesn''t work does that mean Jennifer Hudson is responsible,if Nutri System doesn't work for everyone is Marie Osmond responsible come on people the manufactures are responsible not the people

845 days ago


Khloe doing an ad for diet pills is like Austin Powers doing a commerical endorsing a dentist!

845 days ago

Sam Sunshine     

CONFIRMED. Kim Kardashian #2 most hated person on NY Post. She seats between a child killer and a child molester. All of you that defend Kim, now what? Kim is just a pathetic animal. Kris Jenner there is no way you can turn this ship around. The titanic has hit the iceberg and changing state rooms is not going to save her. Your pathetic and disgusting!

845 days ago

Sam Sunshine     

Here's the link since tmz won't report it.

845 days ago


Here's another link for Kim voted #2 "10 Most Hated people in America". There are several sites to choose from.

845 days ago


When are white people gonna be responsible for their own actions!!!!!

845 days ago


I think liability does sit with the K's if ithey lied about using the product. They shouldnt be able to lie about something, take the $$$ and then claim immunity. When yhou endorse something like a diet pill you're saying you've used it..... right? so your part of the fraud.

845 days ago


ha ha the Kardashions would sell there souls to the devil, just to make money..oh wait they did that all ready.

845 days ago


i think the people who endorse or lend their photos to products should be held accountable, since their followers will buy the product , thinking if they use it and recommend the product it should be good.

845 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

They have a better chance at losing weight with crystal meth.

845 days ago

Sam Sunshine     

I'm sure they will be selling BATH SALTS soon.

845 days ago
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