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Kardashian Sisters

We're Not Shameless

Snake Oil Peddlers!!!

6/9/2012 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Kardashian sisters did NOT sell bogus diet pills to millions of gullible consumers ... they just coaxed 'em into buying them -- this according to new legal docs, obtained by TMZ.

Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe Kardashian just filed their response to a $5 million lawsuit that accuses them of peddling lies to the public about the diet pill QuickTrim. The product's main ingredient is caffeine, which the FDA has decided is not an effective weight-loss drug.

But Kim & Ko. are now firing back -- claiming they're NOT the sellers of QuickTrim, they're just the pretty faces promoting the product ... so they shouldn't be held responsible for QuickTrim's lies.

The sisters claim there's currently no law that holds spokespeople accountable for false advertising -- and it should stay that way.

The Kardashians want their names dropped from the lawsuit.


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They should be held liable. If they are dumb enough to put their faces and names on a product to endorse to sell to the masses that they know nothing about, then they should be held responsible too. Every product they endorse is bogus, just like that credit card.

864 days ago


The Kardashians have a point, however, this shows that they put their faces on anything to make a buck!

864 days ago

Drk Gntlmn    

Go figure the trolls pimp mom, Kris Jenner would have her cronies fire back claiming they are not responsible. However they endorsed this product, made money off this product and people bought it because of the K-skanks name. They claimed it helped help them get the bodies shown on the advertisement when clearly that wasn't the case. It was a bad business venture, any good business person would own up to it and would want to make things right. However, this goes to show yet AGAIN...that they are selfish pieces of donkey crap.

864 days ago


how about a juicy update about that credit card scam they signed their name to, then pulled out before the contact was up. ?!?!?!

864 days ago


I get that they don't always manufacture the products they promote but they should remember that they are usually peddling to young teenagers - not intelligent adults - and these young girls are more likely to just follow whatever they say. Right or wrong ... look at that stupid MasterCard fiasco! It's very irresponsible for these two (who likely put the airbrush artist to work for these pics by the way) to promote a weight loss product by saying it's the one they love ... Have they ever taken this crap before? Just another shameless money grab ....

864 days ago


If this is all about being honest, then they should NOT have photoshopped the crap out of this picture and left them with their chub and cellulite ... THEN see how many people will run to the store to buy this junk ... I'm pretty sure Kim and Khloe would not have signed on the dotted line if they knew their actual pics would appear ... lol

864 days ago


It has probably been said here already, but I can't help myself, must.. Say. It....... IF THE SHOE FITS,..... HAHAHAHAHA..... sorry

864 days ago


There both just good for a great ****.
That's what I'm saying

864 days ago


HERE'S THE THING...those Kardashians were all over the place telling anyone who would listen they were using Quick Trim and that's how they lost weight.....KNOWING the entire time they were lying to everyone to sell a product =FRAUDS. It's about time that all the stupid people of the world who like these girls find out how FAKE these girls are. EVERYTHING that comes out of their mouths is a LIE...EVERYTHING. IT's been proven time and time again... THEY HAVE NO CREDIBILITY. I find them to be so sad and pathetic...doing anything and everything for attention, money and fame...they will die without ever knowing true love and happiness...**not because they're rich...because they seem to value money/objects, fame and attention over people.

863 days ago

When you attach your name to a product to fatten your wallet YOU ARE JUST AS RESPONSIBLE!!! IMPERTINENT HEFERS!!

863 days ago


Taking a pill is NOT going to help you to lose weight if you do nothing else. You have to get up and MOVE. Like actual exercise. I have battled weight issues before and I have NEVER fallen for the tired old lie that taking a pill will take off the pounds. I don't care WHO endorsed it. It is not that simple. You have to have a sensible diet and regular exercise.
As for the Sketchers thing, no pair of shoes can make you rock hard, that is just plain stupid. If that were the case I would be an anorexic by now, the way I go through shoes. That's like thinking the ruby slippers really did get Dorothy back to Kansas.
DON'T BELIEVE A WORD ANY OF THE KARDASHIANS SAY. EVER. Look up liar in the dictionary and it says: see Kardiashian. They wouldn't know the truth if it reached up and bit them.
The only person that I feel sorry for in that entire family is Mason, the little boy. To grow up to believe that being decietful and devious, greedy, classless, materialistic, etc is a normal thing in everyone's day is just wrong on so many levels. They are ruining that boy for life,

863 days ago


This is just idiotic, everyone knows you dont purchase with out reading ingredients.. if you buy product X because the cover girl is a size 4 and you wanna look like her... and you dont eat right or exercise.. you dont get to sue! EVERY 'dietary supplement' states product works in conjuncture with a healthy diet and exercise routine.. witches please!

863 days ago


Isn't it ironic that Kim K. was also a Skechers Shape-Ups spokesperson and they're also being sued?

862 days ago


Buyers beware. There is always a disclaimer in these type of products...something to the effect of consult your physician before using any weight loss product.

862 days ago


Buyers beware. There is always a disclaimer in these type of products...something to the effect of consult your physician before using any weight loss product.

862 days ago
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