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Lindsay Lohan

Hiding Crash Wounds

For Liz Taylor Gig

6/9/2012 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
is so determined to prove she's no longer a slacker -- she's hiding extensive injuries she sustained during her massive car wreck yesterday ... just to keep shooting her new Liz Taylor movie.

Sources close to Lindsay tell us, the actress refused to let producers cancel yesterday's shoot because of the car accident -- bee-lining straight to the movie set once she was released from the hospital.

We're told Lindsay has several visible injuries on her body -- including bruises and scratches -- but she asked to cover them with makeup so she could keep shooting.

Sources tell us, Linds is so serious about nailing the Liz role -- she refuses to let the crash become a distraction.

Remember, LiLo has a lot at stake -- besides this movie -- she also needs to show other producers and directors in Hollywood she's really back and reliable enough to hire.


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Good riddance!    

So this is a zombie remake of Liz? That would explain her somewhat recently embalmed look.

868 days ago

Joan K    

I remember when Liz was overweight and this girl sure has that part down. They probably don't have to use any makeup when it comes to Liz when she was older either, she looks at least 50 years old.

868 days ago


How can one person be in so many accidents and not be their fault. I don't understand why they did not question her and why they are not investigating this crash, She still thinks its a joke and just went on her merry way like nothing happen Unfortunely she is going to kill someone some day and claim Its not My Fault

868 days ago


Extensive injuries??? Massive car wreck?? TMZ is really going round the bowl and down the hole lately. The stories are getting so ridiculous and obviously fabricated, geesh, Harvey, hire somebody who can actually write decent copy!

868 days ago

Good riddance!    

Her on going battle against her disease of acute Gingervitis Infectafukus caused her to become confused once again and she switched on her bumper magnets.

868 days ago


I believe it's actually NOT the plastic surgery/botox that's making Lilo look so bad (unlike women like Megan Fox, Rose McGowern and Lara Flynn Boyle who ruined their previously stunning faces with all that crap) - she only really started doing it to hide her Faces of Meth face. If anything it's making her look (slightly) better than she would otherwise (remember her teeth were actually rotting out?). Messing with perfection is one thing, trying to fix a cracked out mess is another.

868 days ago

Good riddance!    

I'm sure that ER doc must have had a hell of a time removing that cancer stick that was shoved way up in her beak. It's not like there were any nerves left in there to feel the burning.

868 days ago


I've solved the mystery. Elizabeth Taylor's ghost caused the crash. If she were alive, she would never
agreed to let Lindsay Lohan to portray her. So Dame Taylor is doing what she can from the other side to stop this bomb from being completed. Cancel the film so Dame Taylor can Rest In Peace!

868 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

I just can't wait for Red Cloud to awake from his drunken nap! He's always so concerned that Lindsay does NOT have a double chin.........whoops.......and for anyone that missed this little gem last night, start your day off with a giggle.....


It's unbelievable to me, that she can ass ram a dump truck, then flee the scene to the ER via private vehicle, and just walk away back to work on her merry fvcking way.
about an hour ago
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Yeah I'm drunk and I'm sitting on a toilet and have better things to do on a Friday night(Sat morning) and I'm taking issue with stupid frkcke haters even though I haven't read everything on this thread or on other goofy gossip sites and I'm feeling so good that I want to throw a bottle. Fk you you idiot zhit for brains. How the fk do u know she tail ended a truck and fled the scene just because that is something you and every other douchebag hater frkcake mthrfkr wants to believe??????????? What the fk is the problem with haters??? A re your live s so stupidly miserable that you need somebody to p[.......
How many oif you are extremely unhappy about the fact that Lindsay Lohan is still alive and well???? That's a heck of a lot of hands. I'm not surprised. Fking weirrridos
definitrrely gone........................

868 days ago


Well that took no time at all. See she is already costing the production money. Holding up production for hours while she was at the hospital, make-up to cover up, lighting changes needed for the make-up and so on.

Typical Lohan, yeah, I'll screw up you just make sure you work around my screwing up.

This accident was her fault. Slammed into the back of the trucker. Automatically her fault no way around that.

This moron is going to end up killing someone and it won't be herself. She can't drive worth squat espically in cars she cant handle. She is reckless which makes her dangerous.

868 days ago


Believe me the insurance company and company that owns this car will definitely be checking into who is at fault. With eye witnesses that I am sure will call in, this could be a grand slam. Lindsay gave herself away already anyway ........
we're told she's saying that the accident wasn't her fault, claiming the 18-wheeler cut her off. There you have it in her own words. She was driving!

868 days ago


I will never in my life watch a movie with Lilo in it.

868 days ago

Good riddance!    

You just know she was fuming PISSED when the PA actually went to Bed Bath and Beyond to purchase the bath salts listed on her rider!

868 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Every time somebody says that Lindsay Lohan can act, I think they must be the same people who think Velveeta is good cheese.

868 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

Let's go thru this press release, shall we?
> She refused to let producers cancel the shoot? She's giving THEM orders? How 'bout "They told her to get her ass there or she would be replaced"
> She has several visible injuries, including Bruises and scratches? If this is so exclusive, why don't you have any idea what they are. I have a feeling that bruises and scratches are it.
> She's so serious about "nailing" the Taylor role. She refuses to make the accident a distraction. WTF? The only thing she nailed was the accelerator while texting high on drugs, and even a coked out drug whoar should realize that all the people taking her pic as she left the hospital means it is a REALLY REALLY BIG DISTRACTION.
> She wants to show she is reliable. Really? This is the most moronic statement of all the moronic statements in this press release you call an exclusive.
> Look TMZ, we all know how this works. You get paid money for putting positive spins on stupid things that people like this bimbo do. Don't treat us like we're fools though. This "exclusive" had absolutely nothing exclusive - you should have just shown us the picture you bought and wrote nothing. That we would have respected, but this exclusive is an affront to our intelegence.

868 days ago
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