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Lindsay Lohan

Hiding Crash Wounds

For Liz Taylor Gig

6/9/2012 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
is so determined to prove she's no longer a slacker -- she's hiding extensive injuries she sustained during her massive car wreck yesterday ... just to keep shooting her new Liz Taylor movie.

Sources close to Lindsay tell us, the actress refused to let producers cancel yesterday's shoot because of the car accident -- bee-lining straight to the movie set once she was released from the hospital.

We're told Lindsay has several visible injuries on her body -- including bruises and scratches -- but she asked to cover them with makeup so she could keep shooting.

Sources tell us, Linds is so serious about nailing the Liz role -- she refuses to let the crash become a distraction.

Remember, LiLo has a lot at stake -- besides this movie -- she also needs to show other producers and directors in Hollywood she's really back and reliable enough to hire.


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OMG she looks so old! She looks much older than her mother! Alcohol, cigarettes, drugs and hard living sure has aged her. That is unreal!

844 days ago


I would say LA Native that that would be as close to the truth as to what happened....I was just looking at the pictures on the net and coming to the same conclusion... Good Call.....
Now sit back and watch Lohan Inc destort, deflect, deny and the always do....
Because Sweetie she was at fault automaticly for hiding the truck in the back...its the law you can't get out of that ....I tried even if my defense was hitting a patch of black ice which caused me to slide into the car in front of me and the car behind me to slide into me and the car I hit hid the car in front of him...We each got tickets for hiding the car in front of us...
But I want to know what she was hiding that she didn't go in the ambluance...??? and why they let her leave the scene of the accident unless she left before the cops got there...interesting isn't it...???

844 days ago


Elijah Daniel ‏@aguywithnolife
Lindsay Lohan was hospitalized after a car accident. That's what happens when you share your cocaine with Herbie.

844 days ago


There is probably some clause in her contract that gives them an out if she is a no show.

844 days ago


Well now, this was predictable.

To whomever has sold their soul in order to agree to type up this utter bullsh*t: I hope you're getting paid well, at least.

844 days ago


Christ, the shoot is not even a week old and she's already costing them money. This shoot is going to be a disaster and Lohan will cost them more in production losses than her paycheck.

Not to worry wan't to bet she will use this as an excuse when she starts not showing up. Lifetime made a big mistake. It's just starting.

They stopped using 'comeback' Lohan turned that into a joke, and have been using trying to 're-start' her career.

Yeah, Lohan great start to your 're-start.' Not showing up for rehersals and not prepaired for her SNL bomb, being late and a jerk on her Glee guest spot, reported she has already been a total nightmare even befor shooting even started, now this. Making demands to producers for her screw up. Yeah, that goes over well.

No Lohan, Hollywood directors and producers are looking at this is why they still won't even consider you let alone hire you. A Hollywood production is a very far cry from a low budget basic cable tv movie.

844 days ago


Is noon a common call time to come to set?

844 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

If no acting skill does not kill her career, the above picture sure will!

Red Coud and his black jinx is in overtime! Probably should not have made such a big deal that Lindsay doesn't have a double chin.

844 days ago


I said it before and I will say it again: Everything Lindsay touches turns to sh!t

844 days ago


Brunette is just not a good color for her.

844 days ago


This might be a good thing for Larry..

I do not understand this producers insistence to use Lindsay Lohan for the Elizabeth Taylor film... until I heard his interview: She is the MOST INSURED ACTOR TO WALK ON A SOUND STAGE...I believe that this producer is COUNTING on Lindsay Lohan to undermine the production and fail, cancelling the production, and he gets TAX FREE MONEY from the insurance company so he can use HIS own money, from the insurance company, to finance his own production ...and make more money. So, in my opinion, hiring Lindsay Lohan is a brilliant insurance scam.

844 days ago

Zephyr, Enemy of #LittleWhores    

From CBS this morning:

(CBS/AP) Lindsay Lohan

emerged uninjured

from a collision with a dump truck on a coastal highway near Los Angeles on Friday, returning to the set of her new movie hours after the accident left the sports car she was driving crumpled.

844 days ago


Doesn't Lindsay Lohan own the rights to this screenplay?

844 days ago


Thats what smoking does to a persons looks. She looks like she's in her 50s already!!!

844 days ago


Who else hopes this bites her really hard in the ass

844 days ago
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