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Lindsay Lohan

Hiding Crash Wounds

For Liz Taylor Gig

6/9/2012 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
is so determined to prove she's no longer a slacker -- she's hiding extensive injuries she sustained during her massive car wreck yesterday ... just to keep shooting her new Liz Taylor movie.

Sources close to Lindsay tell us, the actress refused to let producers cancel yesterday's shoot because of the car accident -- bee-lining straight to the movie set once she was released from the hospital.

We're told Lindsay has several visible injuries on her body -- including bruises and scratches -- but she asked to cover them with makeup so she could keep shooting.

Sources tell us, Linds is so serious about nailing the Liz role -- she refuses to let the crash become a distraction.

Remember, LiLo has a lot at stake -- besides this movie -- she also needs to show other producers and directors in Hollywood she's really back and reliable enough to hire.


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She has really aged in appearance. From the drugs and heavy smoking? The tanning?

Doesn't her Mom smoke too and her Dad?

Come on people, get rid of those cigarettes, they will rob you of your looks and age you!

864 days ago


The judges, D.A.'s, prosecutors, police, all the many people she stole from, lied to, ripped off, conned, did bad things to etc., etc., did not really lay a finger on her..........
But hey! you really do not want to mess with any insurance company!!!!!!! They will cook you alive.

864 days ago


I had the best laugh this morning.......My left brain (who doesn't follow anything me) after reading the MSN homepage asked me ...."So who she blaming for this wreak"

864 days ago


Of course Lifetime has to put their PR spin on this. So of course they say Lohans been doing a fantastic job but won't say anything about production delays. They always say that when they don't mean it. Everyone says the same thing when there is trouble.

Lifetime knows they made a mistake and trying to make the best of that. Jeeze, the shoot not even a week old. She's pulling her crap already. Too late now.

864 days ago


And of course the hospital gave her drugs to dull the pain.

864 days ago


Agree with Zeph...she so gonna spin it, after the film is done: Oh lindsay was a true professional and a trooper who stepped up to the plate, while experiencing a horrific car wreck. Lindsay is a true role model of what a professional should be.....gackkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

864 days ago


"She refuses to let the crash become a distraction"? If she hadn't been distracted there would have been no accident.

864 days ago

Zephyr, Enemy of #LittleWhores    

Yeah, I told you they were twins:

864 days ago


I wonder if it is possible that Caltrans has video of the incident or maybe a local business had cameras catch it. The 10 fwy ends as it passes thru the McClure tunnel (which often floods when it rains) feeding out to PCH.
Maybe there is a Video God who will expose her and her lies.

864 days ago


If Linds is awake, Linds is drunk. And gacked on coke, Adderall, Oxysomething. And vodka. Lots of vodka. No "judging" necessary..... history makes that redundant.

864 days ago


She may not have been hurting too bad yesterday, but she is for sure hurting today. A wreck like that hurts. Just the blast from the airbags cause facial and chest bruising. Not to mention the acceleration deceleration injuries. Both occupants of the car probably have mild concussions.

Yes a person is allowed to leave the scene of the accident to seek medical help. Looking at the crash pics, it was prudent for the police to get them to the hospital.

I am glad everyone was apparently without serious life threatening injury.

All the best to Ms. lohan and her movie.

864 days ago

Enough Already    

EXTENSIVE injuries?????????? MASSIVE car wreck?????? bahahahahahhahahahahahahhahaahahahahahahahahaha. That's the funnest thing I've read since Lifetime hired LoLife as Liz

864 days ago


Never fear, Black Cloud.... DarkMange.... NICOLE - Here's how the world feels about ElizaLinds. I'm glad that finally there's an unbiased accounting of how the public feels - not at all like some trashy gossip site full of H8turds.

864 days ago



864 days ago


Was she really out the night before partying and running late? Speeding to work.

There is no way to spin this. She was driving, she hit the truck. No way around it. It's automatically her fault. Despite what she says and tries to blame.

Lohan is such a complete moron she will try and spin and blame the truck driver making this a 1,000 times worse and look like a total fool as usual. Instead of just comming right out and saying yeah, it was my fault. That won't happen.

Hey if she get's in trouble for this would this go against her probation? Is that why she won't admit it was in fact her fault?

This idiot is going to kill somebody yet.
She can't drive worth a damn espically a porche.

864 days ago
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