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Lindsay Lohan Crash

Truck Driver Says


6/9/2012 4:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The guy driving the truck Lindsay Lohan smashed into yesterday tells TMZ ... any idea that he is to blame for the accident is pure BS ... and he has the witnesses to prove it was all LiLo's fault. 

As TMZ first reported, Lindsay was taken to the hospital following a nasty wreck on the Pacific Coast Highway in Santa Monica and sources close to Lindsay have told TMZ ... Lindsay feels the 18-wheeler cut her off.

But when we asked James, the driver of the semi-truck, about that idea ... he emphatically denied it and claims he has multiple witnesses that saw Lindsay "flying" down the highway. James says he couldn't have cut Lindsay off because he was already in the right lane when the accident occurred. 

James previously told us Lindsay's people tried to bribe him at the scene of the accident in an effort to keep him quiet about the whole thing.



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Of course the accident was Lindsay's fault. She is a careless wreck of the person who is self-destructing as we speak. Oh, and that Liz Taylor flick she's working on will be the worst TV movie of the year.

765 days ago


Lol yeah I'm not buying it. #sorry

765 days ago


Cmon TMZ! WE all know, when you aren't rearended but, YOU rearend somebody - 9 x's outta 10 - IT'S YOUR FAULT. . . Revoke this girl's driving privledges already, will ya! Holy Schizzle. Does she really have to kill someone before that happens??????

765 days ago


“Sources close to someone” have reported that more than a dozen trucks have begun to frequent the County Jail in Lynwood, Ca. Many of the big rigs feature decals and logos painted on the sides from companies such as Karges Furniture, Zales, Fantastic Clam's Catering, Me Me Me Minks, Brink's, Suzy’s Halloween Costume Shoppe, Jose De La Garcia's Discount Imports, and several others.

Immediate speculation that the Los Angeles County jail compound might be preparing itself for the predicted arrival of Linds was met with a blanket denial from jail officials. However, an associate of the Sheriff’s Dept. spoke with us under the shield of anonymity. "I'm not supposed to say anything. I could lose my job, but I will tell you that they’re building some special room on the top floor" the employee said. "I seen (sic) a lot of expensive (items) coming in here in the last few days" she continued. "I thought it was for the Warden, but he never even comes here since he got on the internet. Something's fishy... and not in a good way, if you know what I mean".

Sources attempted to contact DUIna to confirm or deny the possibility that Lindsay was prepared to accept a plea bargain, but were met only with a furious glare, and found that they had to retreat from the ensuing onslaught of eggs being hurled in their direction.

*The preceding comment subject to pointless TMZ-brand censorship*

765 days ago

Squatting Thunder    

what I want to know is who is the idiot that rented this broad a Porsche in the first place. Her picture should be posted any place they rent or sell cars like they do at the post office.

765 days ago


If he had cut her off, he would have been to her left, but her right side has more damage. I am calling BS. The damage does not add up to her claim.

765 days ago


i beleive the truck driver here the sad thing is i hear and see this all the time

765 days ago

just my opinion    

This is how people with "luxury" cars drive on the PCH so i believe everything he says. not to mention, if witnesses gave him their information then they have even more of the story than the truck driver. ever see someone swerving in and out of traffic and driving like a total douche and think to yourself, "this is an accident waiting to happen"...well, those witnesses saw all of that. Lindsay Lohan is the biggest c*nt.

765 days ago


Three lying dogs - LiLo, TMZ and the latest squirrel caught in the Hollywood limelight! If you're looking for the truth, you ain't gonna find it with any of them.

765 days ago


Damage is most severe to the right front of Lowhan's car proving SHE hit him. Stupid psycho b^tch really needs to be locked up, she's going to kill someone & unfortunately it won't be herself. And Lifetime babysitters need to be arrested for obstruction among other things. Wow.

765 days ago


Lindsay's people tried to bribe him? the only people she had their was her assistant and neither was in any condition to do any bribing.
but if there was witnesses the truth will come out. but i do agree with cartman in that she is going to kill someone someday with all the accidents she has (but most of that is because of the paparazzo, still cant believe their isnt a law against them asses)

765 days ago

Hugh George Gazim    

if you hit someone from behind, you are at fault. she's an idiot and shouldn't drive. she probably tailgates and texts and talks on the phone while driving too.

765 days ago

steve houts    

I believe this guy!!! When you look at the car the right front passenger side is where the damage was sustained as if she went right into the ass end of the trailer. This is so unfortunate...if only she could wake the hell up. This is definitely somebody who needs someone to love her!!!!

765 days ago

Lindsay Lohan Fan Forever    

I've had enough of hearing from him.

765 days ago


I have a question of Liftetime. If this is a low budget flick, for a second rate production company to be played on a very seldom heard of Television network, how in the flying fig does your LOW budget allow for not only a PORCHE RENTAL, but a Cadillac Escalade?
I still don't understand, if there is a car and driver following her, why the hell didn't they keep a tight reign on her by putting her in the backseat? I guess common sense isn't at the top of the list for Lifetime huh?

765 days ago
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