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Lindsay Lohan Crash

Truck Driver Says


6/9/2012 4:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The guy driving the truck Lindsay Lohan smashed into yesterday tells TMZ ... any idea that he is to blame for the accident is pure BS ... and he has the witnesses to prove it was all LiLo's fault. 

As TMZ first reported, Lindsay was taken to the hospital following a nasty wreck on the Pacific Coast Highway in Santa Monica and sources close to Lindsay have told TMZ ... Lindsay feels the 18-wheeler cut her off.

But when we asked James, the driver of the semi-truck, about that idea ... he emphatically denied it and claims he has multiple witnesses that saw Lindsay "flying" down the highway. James says he couldn't have cut Lindsay off because he was already in the right lane when the accident occurred. 

James previously told us Lindsay's people tried to bribe him at the scene of the accident in an effort to keep him quiet about the whole thing.



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James is probably trying to have his 15 minues of afme and using Lindsay's celebritism to do so.

873 days ago


Who can blame the guy for going out there and trying to set the record straight, after Lindsay's mouthpieces (sources) are out there saying the accident was his fault.

873 days ago



Poor Linds never saw the truck, she was heads down at work while driving; VooDoo was steering while she was operating the gas and brakes and giving him some serious stress relief. Who says Lilo is too stupid to multitask, eh?

VooDoo said “STOP, STOP, STOP!” And Linds went for the money shot instead of the brakes.

Milo said “Those crazy kids! He is the father of her baby in the oven and we love him now!”

DUIna said “That mofo truck driver backed over them!”

The truck driver said “I OWN you’re a$$ now you little crack ho. I like girls who swallow. Here, talk to the cops on my phone!” Lindsay did her Hit and Run thing like always and ditched her dope.

Now she says she wasn’t even there!

873 days ago


I hope someone comes forward with all the truth. Someone is enabling this young girl and letting her put herself in danger. She should have a driver while under contract for any project. I'm sure that man wants to clear his name. His job and livelihood may depend on it. Shame on Lohan's people if they offered silence money.

873 days ago


Let us not forget that there are event/crash data recorders in almost all modern cars. Not to mention the air bad modules that also store information about the cir***stances before deployment. Those will come in VERY handy in determining the logistics of this accident.

873 days ago


For the record, all Porsches - and most other 100k cars - carry a DDD (digital data device). This will show that the car was traveling "close to" 88 MPH at the time of the Felony hit-and-run. The narcotic-sniffing canine will take care of the rest of the lies.

873 days ago

Stevie Mack    

The disease she has will kill her and others if not treated seriously. Yes, I’m talking about alcohol/drug addiction. It’s a sad state of affairs, she everything to live for but keeps one foot in the graveyard. Bring her to my one man show Stevie Mack’s Diary of a Crackhead before it’s too late!

873 days ago


Girl get a damn chauffeur

873 days ago


Let me see, who do I believe. Truck driver or Lindsay Lohan who lies every time she opens her mouth. Don't go for the sympathy bit with me on how hard she's working after a car crash she seems to have caused cos I'm all out of any for this self entitled spoiled brat. Get a driver and stay off the roads. The truck driver has a right to defend himself because the first words reported out of her mouth were, it was his fault, get a grip Lohan fans.

873 days ago


Because of this crash Lohan and Amanda Bynes are starring in a movie together? I can't believe this ...

873 days ago


Any TMZ updates on Lindsay's current condition?
Hope she's still doing better, but hey....she went from the hospital straight back to work.
She's tough ;)

873 days ago

Chuck D of Valpo    

Poor LieLo. If yesterday's event wasn't bad enough, people have just named Malin Akerman to play Debby Harry in a new movie coming out. LieLo was saying that part was made for her. Bummer.

873 days ago


Lindsay would have us believe that she was on her way to an AA meeting with a bible on her lap, and driving below the speed limit. When the big bad black man who probably stole that semi....he looked in the rearview mirror and saw that it was the innocent Miss Moneybags herself driving and decided to pull his truck into the lane so that she would hit him and he could then go on TMZ and have his 15 mins and spillout a bunch of lies on her. Have I got all this right?

873 days ago


Wouldn't be surprised if Lifetime is trying to get Nicolette Sheridan in to finish the picture!

873 days ago


I'd like to ask Loho's peoples. If the Truck driver is at fault, as you claim, why isn't sue happy Liho, and diho on the horn to the lawyers screaming about injuries sustained, loss of employment, blada be blada bo?

873 days ago
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