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Lindsay Lohan Crash

Truck Driver Says


6/9/2012 4:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The guy driving the truck Lindsay Lohan smashed into yesterday tells TMZ ... any idea that he is to blame for the accident is pure BS ... and he has the witnesses to prove it was all LiLo's fault. 

As TMZ first reported, Lindsay was taken to the hospital following a nasty wreck on the Pacific Coast Highway in Santa Monica and sources close to Lindsay have told TMZ ... Lindsay feels the 18-wheeler cut her off.

But when we asked James, the driver of the semi-truck, about that idea ... he emphatically denied it and claims he has multiple witnesses that saw Lindsay "flying" down the highway. James says he couldn't have cut Lindsay off because he was already in the right lane when the accident occurred. 

James previously told us Lindsay's people tried to bribe him at the scene of the accident in an effort to keep him quiet about the whole thing.



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I believe the truck driver. If he had made a sudden move, there would have been damage to the side of her car. It's Lohan's fault for not maintaining proper distance in front of her.

831 days ago


Never mind the hit-and-run. Linds will be charged with an infraction for following too closely. That's like a ticket for most of us - we're not on probation. Probation always carries with it the order to "obey all laws". An infraction is breaking the law. Probation violation. Off to drive-thru jail again.

831 days ago


I noticed Lindsay went from a bad car accident into the hospital then from the hospital....straight back to work.
Strong girl, that Lindsay.
She shouldn't only play Liz...she should play the new Wonder Woman ;D

831 days ago


This guy sounds completely credible and I can absolutely see Lohan's handlers trying to bribe him.
That's the way celebrties and their leeches operate. They think money fixes everything. I can also totally see her "flying" down the road in her Porsche. Do you think she's going to be going 55 in a ride like that? This guy is not giving his last name so it doesnt seem like he's out for his 15 minutes.

831 days ago


Surprise Surprise, Lindsay LIED. And broke the law AGAIN. She will not be held accountable until she kills someone - if then. This poor excuse of a woman knows she is untouchable in the eyes of the law - they have proven it to her time and time again. Its a damn shame.

831 days ago


As this happened at busy & often congested spot maybe there is video of the crash on traffice cams or caltrans cameras

831 days ago


I saw the photo of Lindsay dressed up like Elizabeth Taylor. Wow. She's already too old looking to play even an aged Taylor. What are the producers thinking? And she shouldn't be driving at all, especially during the filming, because of her bad history. Maybe the car rental company will make her pay for the Porsche she just destroyed. It was rented.

831 days ago


People who drive 18 wheelers are professional drivers. The chances that he caused the accident are probably pretty slim as this is what he does for a living and has to have the training for it. Those drivers do make mistakes, but there is a reason that it's rare that you see them involved in accidents.

831 days ago



831 days ago


Don't kid yourself, folks. Lifetime execs are eating this stuff up. A third-rate cable channel that only frustrated middle-aged housewifes and elderly shut-ins watch is getting the publicity of a Lifetime!
"Great job, Larry! This is bigger than even I thought! What's our lineup for next month?"
"I Was a Teenage Bambi"
"Torn Between Three Men and a Chimp"
"I Thought I Loved Him Until I Didn't"
"Men Are Yucky"
Record ratings on the horizon...

831 days ago


Santa Monica falls under the jurisdiction of the West Los Angeles Superior Court - starring Judge Marsha Revel. 'Memba her? I do.

831 days ago


LOL......Adda boys TMZ dish it out a spoon full at a time...all weekend long and keep those hits acoming.....

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All he would have to do is change a few names and hes go his speech...LOL

831 days ago

Chuck D of Valpo    

Call it a hunch but I'll bet she is up to 5 packs a day now.

831 days ago


Witnesses said Lindsay was marked up and bleeding?
And...she went back to work?
Wow tough girl, bet she could take down all her haters with one blow from those feminine lips....wooooosh!
Plus she'd look hot in a Wonder Woman costume with a golden lasso ;)

831 days ago


So have they released her BAC yet? Also isn't enough enough already, Seriously she is going to kill someone and yet she just keeps getting a slap on the wrist, let a non-celebrity pull her BS and see how far they get. Just proves the police/justice system is crooked and crooked people like Lindsay Lohan will getting going free and ultimately she will take a life, That life could have been saved if anyone actually held her accountable!

831 days ago
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