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Lindsay Lohan Crash

Truck Driver Says


6/9/2012 4:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The guy driving the truck Lindsay Lohan smashed into yesterday tells TMZ ... any idea that he is to blame for the accident is pure BS ... and he has the witnesses to prove it was all LiLo's fault. 

As TMZ first reported, Lindsay was taken to the hospital following a nasty wreck on the Pacific Coast Highway in Santa Monica and sources close to Lindsay have told TMZ ... Lindsay feels the 18-wheeler cut her off.

But when we asked James, the driver of the semi-truck, about that idea ... he emphatically denied it and claims he has multiple witnesses that saw Lindsay "flying" down the highway. James says he couldn't have cut Lindsay off because he was already in the right lane when the accident occurred. 

James previously told us Lindsay's people tried to bribe him at the scene of the accident in an effort to keep him quiet about the whole thing.



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get a clue    

Always when you gto court they say that you cant get into any kind of trouble for up to 5 years. Is everyone forgetting this fact?????

I bet she lied and tried to bribe the truck driver so she could stay out of trouble.

But my guess is that she will likley get away with this just as she has gotten away with everything else.

Gotta love the american justice system

875 days ago


...she's got eyes of the bluest sk-ies...and if they...thought of ra-ain....hate to look into those eyes...and see an ounce of pain...

875 days ago


I don't know why TMZ keeps dredging this accident up. Whenever you rear end another car, YOU are at fault. Case closed. Everyone seems to know this but TMZ or else why do they keep acting like Lohan is denying it. The damage to the front of her car speaks for itself.

875 days ago


There is no..."automatic fault" in California when you rear end another vehicle.
Law doesn't work that way.

875 days ago

Pony Princess    

I think it's funny that her PR person is putting out how she's cooperating with the police, when the insurance agency is the one who ultimately will determine who they believe to be at fault. It's LL's problem that there was an "injury" because it makes the accident worse. Her passenger can now make the rounds of Drs and Chiropracters and make claims against LL on the insurance, etc. It may take a long time to clear but I bet that she's not getting out of this little episode so neatly. Maybe not legally with loss of driving priveledges, or whatnot, but when insurance companies don't want to carry you, and rental companies don't want to rent to you unless you pony up the insurance or the bucks, it's going to get hard on her. Hopefully she will be found liable for the accident, the injuries, and any other issues related to this. And in the future, any people in incidents with LL should sue her ass off.

875 days ago

the original bellaluna    

So, ladies (and gents), guess who MIGHT be getting a new car today? No, Smarties, not Blohan...ME! (Maybe. It's no Porsche, but it'll be perfect for me!)

875 days ago


IF Lindsay's people tried to bribe him at the scene of the accident in an effort to keep him quiet about the whole thing.

a semi-truck driver James [Doe] would get a fire from Job position, and he won't afford to pay his lawyer and court fees, NO QUESTIONS!

875 days ago


....her hair reminds me of a warm safe place...where as a child I'd hi-ee-ide...and pray for the thunder...and the quietly pass me by-ee-y...

875 days ago


I am wondering if they took a blood sample from her to test for drugs. That is really the only thing going on here. Who cares what this guy says. He wasn't injured or damaged so that is really a non story. Or about the pink bag. It is too late for that to be relevant. Hey TMZ, are they testing for drugs? Can you find out? That is the real story.

875 days ago


I am thinking no fly is in order here...

875 days ago


For all the people out there saying this guy is just looking for his 15 minutes of fame and using lindsay my question is when is lindsay 15 min of fame over with all she does is lie, steal, DUI, breaks laws, and her biggest roll to date is in court rooms.

875 days ago


She's lucky it was a big truck. It could have been a small car and at high speed she would have killed them. When do they take her license away? After she's killed someone?

875 days ago


Most people know this accident was inevitable. Why? Because Lohan simply cannot go too long without getting into some kind of incident. Lots of comments on this story state that she should not be allowed to drive - PERIOD. She is a huge risk for herself and everyone around her. She has no regard for anyone but herself. She barely takes responsibility for anything she does -- in her mind, she is a goddess that can do absolutely no wrong. It's disgusting and destructive. Amber Portwood (of "Teen Mom") opted to go to prison in lieu of rehab because she knew it would be the best thing for her... perhaps Lindsay should consider a similar option?

875 days ago


There is no..."automatic fault" in California when you rear end another vehicle.
Law doesn't work that way ;)

875 days ago


Is anybody surprised by this?

875 days ago
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