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Lindsay Lohan

Truck Driver Is


6/9/2012 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0609_lindsay_lohan_gettyLindsay Lohan is calling BS on the truck driver’s allegation of bribery ... and everything else he said about the aftermath of their accident is a flat out lie ... sources close to Lohan tell TMZ. 

As TMZ previously reported, James -- the guy driving the 18-wheeler Lindsay crashed into on Friday -- told TMZ her people tried to offer him money to keep quiet. He also claimed Lindsay and her people took a mysterious bag out of her Porsche and told James not to mention it to police. 

According to our sources, Lindsay says the whole tale is made up -- there was no bribe attempt and no bag removed the car.

We're told Lindsay says the whole story is fabricated and she is (once again) just chalking it up to someone out to make a buck off her.


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help this young woman    

We think she looks amazing [as Elizabeth Taylor],” “Lifetime” producer Larry Thompson revealed to “Us” Magazine in an interview on Friday. “Of course she’s nervous... but she is working hard and not a diva at all.”

865 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Did they send the truck driver a script? They're going to milk the hell out of this story.

865 days ago


Tmz stated it best:
"....and she is (once again) chalking it up to ...."
Of COURSEEEE it's a lie LiHo! No one EVER tells the truth but YOU!!! Right LoHo!!??
Beotch puh...leeze!!!!!! >:o/

865 days ago


This is James 11th accident on PCH and he's made out pretty good on all of dem. He jam on the brakes cuz he know it Lindsay. You always win those cases.

865 days ago


Witness For The Defense:

After Lindsay summoned the police the-truck- driver-guy said my name is Ronald Marvin then he changes it to John Trillian then just James. Then the polices say he have a long record. That's why he don't wanna say his last name.

865 days ago


After James create the havoc he goes make-it-rain and James or whatever-my-name-is'll make the police menses go away.

First license James gived them say "Mildred Fanoli" and she die like in 2006.

865 days ago

Fuck Off TMZ    

Here we go again. The ugly scank should just be locked up!!!!

865 days ago


Been to busy to read much today- did that moron FACT ever explain how he knows what was and wasn't in the Police Report?
Didn't think so.

865 days ago


James wuzn't calling the po-lice and I was the only witness, he lyin' about that, too.

He lyin' about there bein' video-tape footage as well.

Then he go is Lindsay wearin' a bra.

You almost kill nine people then you wanna know if one of them is strapped down?

865 days ago

help this young woman    

Lindsay Lohan Has Privacy Rights Too

Lindsay Lohan brings enough problems on herself. She doesn’t need unethical professionals to make her life even more chaotic by violating her privacy rights.

Lohan is now embroiled in a controversy over an alleged assault on an employee of the Betty Ford Center when the actress was a patient there. The employee, Dawn Holland, couldn’t resist the allure of bright lights and cable TV sleaze fame, so she gave an interview to TMZ in which she revealed various unsavory conduct by Lindsay before and during the encounter, all of which was supposed to be strictly protected by the Center as patient confidences.

In denying Lohan’s claim that Holland’s physical assault on her initiated their tussle, Holland told TMZ, “I did not touch the woman. I am not willing to risk my job over any patient”…unless, of course, that patient is Lindsay Lohan, and Ms. Holland can get fifteen minutes of fame by breaking privacy laws and blabbing embarrassing confidential information about her to the press. Holland was fired as soon as the interview aired, with the Center saying in a statement, “Regrettably, one of our employees violated strict confidentiality guidelines and laws by publicly identifying patients in a media interview and by disclosing a privileged do***ent.”

This is too late to help Lohan, however, who is betrayed by those she trusts as often as she betrays herself. The celebrities who pay big bucks to the Betty Ford Center to fight their drug and alcohol addictions frequently engage in inappropriate and potentially embarrassing conduct there—that’s why they are in an addiction treatment center. For a staff member of a clinic in this field to dish to TMZ about a patient’s behavior reflects horribly on the integrity of the Center, as well as its training and oversight of employees. Lohan was the unequivocal victim here: she is addicted and ill, and behaved the way addicted and ill people often behave. She trusted a world-renowned rehabilitation center to treat her problems, and instead it has made them worse.

Lindsay Lohan cannot catch a break.

Now she went to UCLA Santa Monica and a nurse there violated her privacy again.

865 days ago


Thanks Grandma! For those that haven't seen is the picture of her leaving Chateau Marmont the night before the accident (or maybe it was early morning).

865 days ago


Lohan is so screwed and she knows it. Can't blame, spin or get around this.

1. She in her own words was driving. She hit him in the the back. Automtically her fault. No way around that. The man was already in the right lane no way she was cut off as she claims that's why she hit him. No skid marks so she can't claim he stopped short and that's why she hit him. She was probally speeding trying to get around him and hit him. That's why there is more damage to the passanger side. Pure Lohans fault all the way around.

2. Lohan was never suppose to be driving in the first place. She knew that. She knew she was going to be driven to the set. Lohan couldn't care less and does as always what she wants and looked what happened. Lohan doesn't give a crap about anyone but herself. Oh well, work around my screw up.

3. One of the most important, is Lohan wanted to proove with this tv movie that she is reliable and wants to proove that to Hollywood directors and producers to hire her. That wasn't going to happen in the first place and after her typical Lohan crap, kiss her re-start career goodby. 26 years looking like a bad 50 year old and hasn't changed one bit.

4. What does this do with her probation. Good move Sauntner. She gave Lohan the easiest probation, she did in fact legally comply because she needed to get use of her passport back. Of course Lohan milked that to the very end because she was getting the best attention she's had in years. Her last concreat court date, Loahn left court and was back out partying that night. In essence do what you want just don't get caught.

865 days ago


And once again she got herself into one of these situations with her bad driving.

865 days ago


Oh yes- she's so innocent the illiterate Twunt Helpless has resorted to cutting and pasting year old articles. (Guess it beats trying to wring original thoughts out of the turnip in her cranium.)

865 days ago


The lawyers and doctors setting up scam accidents on PCH has to be schtupped. In the end James will only get 10 percent. Plus a Burger King coupon is it wurf all of these nice peoples here gettin' upset? James if it Burger King you after I'll takez you there.

865 days ago
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