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Lindsay Lohan

Truck Driver Is


6/9/2012 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0609_lindsay_lohan_gettyLindsay Lohan is calling BS on the truck driver’s allegation of bribery ... and everything else he said about the aftermath of their accident is a flat out lie ... sources close to Lohan tell TMZ. 

As TMZ previously reported, James -- the guy driving the 18-wheeler Lindsay crashed into on Friday -- told TMZ her people tried to offer him money to keep quiet. He also claimed Lindsay and her people took a mysterious bag out of her Porsche and told James not to mention it to police. 

According to our sources, Lindsay says the whole tale is made up -- there was no bribe attempt and no bag removed the car.

We're told Lindsay says the whole story is fabricated and she is (once again) just chalking it up to someone out to make a buck off her.


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the sea    

Toonces the cat is a better driver than Lindsay.

835 days ago


Breaking News:

Donald Duck has been called in for questioning by the LAPD in connection to actresses Lindsay Lohan's most recent car crash. Mr. Duck was in the car at the time of the crash and is rumored to have struck up a romance with the troubled actress. The two have known eachother since Lohan filmed the critically acclaimed film (by 6 people all with the last name Lohan) Herbie Fully Loaded. It may seem off that Lohan is in a relationship with a duck but it has been rumored that Lohan herself is part duck since she has sprouted a suspiciously large duck bill over the course of the past few years. Sources close to the Lohan family claim Dina Lohan f*ked the day lights out of Dafey Duck back in the 80's. This explains why Lindsay has duck like features and why Micheal Lohan seems to want to get into Lindsay pants, he isnt really her dad, Dafey is. Now isnt that quacked up?????

Donald Duck was unable to be reached but Goofey was reachable as he appeared to have a pretty open schedule. Goofey explained he warned Donald to stay away from Lohan but Donald would not listen stating that he thought he would be just fine because ducks cant catch herpes. Goofey says sadly for Donald he was proved wrong.

835 days ago


No no no..... it's prosecution first, THEN the civil cases.

835 days ago


Of course she's going to come out and say that, why should we expect anything else out of Lindsay. She's not exactly known for taking responsibility for her actions.

835 days ago


Why is it that only Blohan and her enablers seem to think only Blohan can call up tmz to make a buck?

835 days ago


Lowhan is the liar. Gloria Allred needs to rep the truck driver.

835 days ago


Did death race 2012 Lohan, did she ever get a recklass driving ticket? Oh, nevermind they will just wait untill she kills somebody.

835 days ago


Right on schedule. Lindsay, you're too predictable.

835 days ago


But what was in the pink bag??

835 days ago


I bet Lindsay's pretty sitting by a campfire on the beach playing a guitar with her hair flowing in the wind...
Lindsay haters = "Crazy Screaming Lady" asadkhan89
Lindsay supporters = "Thats right we bad" nipperc1

835 days ago


Entitled, spoiled brat child star who still hasn't grown up!! Lindsay knows nothing about taking responsibility for her actions. The state of CA needs to revoke her driving privilege before she kills someone. Allowing her to drive is criminal. So what, she's a celebrity...that just means she's a person with a job that's in the public eye. Lindsay shouldn't be treated any better than the rest of us. As far as the guy being the liar, ummm, I'd believe him over her any day. I'm sure the 911 tape will be made public shortly...stay tuned.

835 days ago


crotch on fire

835 days ago


OK. WTF does a mysterious bag look like!

835 days ago

delusional much LL?    

as a result of her monster "mommy's" homeschooling lowhan can barely complete a sentence,but she was fully rapt when the lesson was 'lie and deny and never ever take responsibilty for your actions'.
too bad "mommy" taught her to be a bad liar.
lowhan's lack of empathy for others can mostly be explained by being "raised" by two sociopaths.
take a look at those two a--holes,they're in their fifties and still don't get it.
lowhan is just like them...a lowlife.
i love that the truck driver didn't know who she was,probably put the narcissist in a tailsin moreso than the accident.
"famous person"...please,try infamous!

835 days ago


What gets me the most about the LL cheerleaders screaming that everyone is out for a buck from her. They don't seem to get that she has so many lawsuits against her already, they will have to get in line, and EVERYBODY comes behind the state of California Franchise Tax Board and the IRS.

835 days ago
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