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Lindsay Lohan

My Brakes Failed!!!

6/10/2012 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0609_lindsay_lohan_tmz_carLindsay Lohan is now telling friends the brakes on her rented Porsche DIDN'T WORK and that's why she slammed into the back of an 18-wheeler ... TMZ has learned.

As TMZ first reported, in the moments following the accident, Lindsay claimed the semi-truck cut her off ... and that is what caused the accident. The driver of the truck told TMZ that was not the case and has witnesses to back up his tale. 

According to our sources, Lindsay is sticking with the "truck cut me off!!!" story, but with a twist ... she claims she slammed on the brakes ... but nothing.  And get this ... somehow Lindsay says she was told the brakes on the rental were replaced two days before the crash.

Lindsay is telling people she feels lucky to be alive, having only suffered cuts and bruises ... no serious injuries.

Considering her driving history, one of these days ... well, let's just say she needs a driver.



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Poor girl - it must be hard trying to remember a lifetime of lies.

832 days ago


I know I said that Lindsay "Pinocchio" Lohan's nose would grow longer than a backwoods country telephone pole. Scratch that. With the sh*t she has yet to spew from her duck lipped pie hole, that beak of hers will get longer than the PCH! Watch it grow! Just watch it!

832 days ago


LOL What excuse will she come up with next?Such a dimwit!

832 days ago


Yep... again. ... "when nothing changes... nothing changes.".

832 days ago


"Lindsay Lohan is now telling friends the breaks on her rented Porsche..." "Breaks"...really guys! Really! IT'S "BRAKES." Harvey, quit letting your site be the laughing stock of the internet. Cough up the dough and hire someone with some grammar chops! You should know by now that Spell Check is not enough!!

832 days ago

Cheney Mason: Locked 'n Loaded    

Methinks she could easily have her own reality show. A camera crew could follow her around filming all of the dumb sh*t does/says, court appearances, movie set meltdowns, car wrecks, night club antics etc etc.
No doubt it would be a huge hit...I'd watch for sure!!

832 days ago


I didn't steal the fur coat. Photographed days later wearing it. I don't smoke. Riight!!! I quit. Photographed everyday chainsmoking. I didn't steal anything from the jewelry store. Pleads guilty in court. I wasn't late for mandatory curfew at court ordered rehab and never cursed out or touched anyone. Tape recording released of Linds Linds cursing, sreaming, only to later find out both the girls with her didn't deny it. The pants with cocaine weren't mine, they were a friends. Not a very good track record for telling the truth.

Already within 2 days, I wasn't driving, I was cut off, my brakes failed.

This 22 day dlist, bottom of the barrel made for tv movie shoot is already behind because of their IDIOT so-called star. She was already over as an actress, this is just the nail in the coffin.

And why oh why do her fans always think everybody else is lying? She doesn't have any money to begin with. It's Hollywood. If someone's going to go after a star with money, why is it none of the real actors in Hollywood that have money never have these problems???

Lindsay fans are complete utter Boneheads.

832 days ago

Zephyr, Enemy of #LittleWhores    

Now I find Lindsay Lohan’s emerging controversy equally as egregious. Lohan’s accident was suspicious from the very beginning. Here she is driving her 911 Porsche at 11am on Pacific Coast Highway in Santa Monica Calif and suddenly she runs into a semi-truck and totals out her car. The story line on Lohan is that she is a train wreck waiting to happen, who would have guessed a car wreck too. But let’s revisit this major news story. Lohan goes directly to the hospital, and is released within two hours and ends up going directly from the hospital to the set of “Liz and Dick.”

Now if you’d seen the condition of her car, there is no way anyone in their write [sic] mind should be working after that accident; however, Lohan did. But something smells wrong, because even the authorities were not buying Lohan’s story. How do I know that? That’s simple; Santa Monica sheriff’s offered $1,000 to anyone with information about the accident that would leads to an arrest. That tells me that they did not believe Lohan either.

Fast-forward to yesterday, the driver involved in the accident is now claiming that Lohan’s people offered him a bribe to keep his mouth shut. We’re not at the bottom of this one yet and I’m afraid it might get real ugly.

832 days ago


The chances of the brakes on that car failing are ZERO. Not unless the STEEL brake lines (at least 2) were cut, there is NO WAY the brakes failed. She is once again lying her ass off and THIS one makes her look dumber than ever.

832 days ago


Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. She's losing her Liarhan touch isn't she. Come on, Lielo, you can do better than that. How about saying that the car got hijacked by a black rose quartz dealer who immediately fled the scene, or maybe Mikey broke into the car rental place and put a remote control device on the brakes.

832 days ago


Das mach snell Porsche ist kaput.

832 days ago

Latch Johnson    

Question is, isn't someone with some sort of common sense reviewing her statements before she publicizes them? Her excuses are always so impossibly rediculous that no one but an idiot would believe them. How old is she now? It's an obvious lie and her past is already marred by so many lies, no one likes her anymore. She's a joke that's no longer funny.

832 days ago


Sniff, sniff...I smell a reality/talk show on the horizon for Lindsay, given her track record. It's called, QUICK TIPS ON GETTING YOUR A@@ OUTTA SLINGS.!

832 days ago


Stupid BREAKS!!!!

832 days ago


She just cannot tell the truth. Good sign she's still got the mentality of a little kid. I expect her to lie, always. She has no concept of the word truth. None.

832 days ago
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