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Lindsay Lohan

My Brakes Failed!!!

6/10/2012 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0609_lindsay_lohan_tmz_carLindsay Lohan is now telling friends the brakes on her rented Porsche DIDN'T WORK and that's why she slammed into the back of an 18-wheeler ... TMZ has learned.

As TMZ first reported, in the moments following the accident, Lindsay claimed the semi-truck cut her off ... and that is what caused the accident. The driver of the truck told TMZ that was not the case and has witnesses to back up his tale. 

According to our sources, Lindsay is sticking with the "truck cut me off!!!" story, but with a twist ... she claims she slammed on the brakes ... but nothing.  And get this ... somehow Lindsay says she was told the brakes on the rental were replaced two days before the crash.

Lindsay is telling people she feels lucky to be alive, having only suffered cuts and bruises ... no serious injuries.

Considering her driving history, one of these days ... well, let's just say she needs a driver.



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Her lawyer should tell her it's pretty easy for investigators to know whether that is indeed the cause.

I hope she's not lying.

835 days ago


So TMZ which was it?/ did her brakes fail or her breaks? Geesh

Lindsay Lohan is now telling friends the breaks on her rented Porsche DIDN'T WORK

835 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Being around Lindsay must be exhausting. People must need time to recover after they've spent a certain amount of time with her. She is also a terrible, terrible compulsive liar, she doesn't think about her lies before she tells them to make sure they are logical.

For instance, if you're going to lie and say your brakes failed, that would have been the first thing you said to anybody--because brake failure will cause most people to instantly fly into a full panic and freak out that would linger (no laughing at the hospital, would definately tell the nurse and anybody who will listen that the brakes failed because that's the scariest crap ever) They would not first twitter they weren't driving, then claim the truck cut them off, then say, oh, btw, my brakes failed. Illogical.

835 days ago


That girl has more excuses then a 5 year old, Does she not know they can test the brakes and see if they really failed or not. I don't know why she has not been arrested for reckless driving and why didn't the ploice search her car for drugs, Unfortunely she is going to kill someone. She says she is so happy she is alive What about the other driver Lindsay Are you happy you didn't kill him

835 days ago

Squatting Thunder    

this broad should seriously consider ordering a custom made car with a steering wheel and controls on both sides like in driving school at least her passenger would at least have a sporting chance of surviving the next crash. I'm just sayin'

835 days ago


She was probably blinded by those huge lips flapping in the wind and didn't see the truck in time. I hate to say it, but the wrong side of the car got wrecked.

835 days ago


Lindsay's never-ending list of excuses reminds me of this.

835 days ago


Lindsay probably put it on cuise control and figured she would just sit back and she check out the stash in the little pink bag while the porche drove her around. It was the porches fault for not looking where it was going.

835 days ago

Squatting Thunder    

the only "break" failure here are all the breaks this broad gets from the court system.

835 days ago

Larry Fyne    

LL telling friends, "...the breaks...DIDN'T WORK..." - who's the uneducated TMZ writer that wrote this article? "breaks"? Without doubt a public school grad.

835 days ago


By the damage I can see with the naked eye see tried to go around the truck and missed. That would be the only reason the passanger side is smashed right in like that. So the truth is she excelerated /or floored it, to go around and missed... big time. Investigators will figure that out. No skid marks on the road or the length of the skid. They will also go right through the whole brake system. Lying is never worth it.
It would have been better to say she sneezed and missed a second of life!!

Directors of new jobs are watching!!
Liz Taylor was not a habitual liar!!

835 days ago


The next lie will be "Sorry I didn't realize you had to actually hit the brake pedal. I thought it would just stop in 2.5s on it's own. it's the manual's fault for not telling me that"

835 days ago


This stupid skank ho (is that redundant) just doesn't get it. Does she think an accident reconstructionist won't find that the BRAKES were fine, it was driver stupidity??? DUH and an EPIC FAIL with a HUGE QUACK thrown in. This is called throwing SH!T at the fan to see what sticks!!!

835 days ago


Its always someone elses fault with her. Remember when she nicked the necklace, she tried to say the jeweller loaned it to her. Truth is, drunk or sober LiLo is a danger on the road. and therefore to others.

835 days ago


Lifetime needs to kick her ass to the curb !!!!

835 days ago
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