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53-Year Old Nip Slip ... Does Anyone Care?

6/10/2012 6:46 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Madonna nipple slip in Istanbul
A mid-stage nip slip is the stuff dreams are made of -- except when it's 53-year-old Madonna doing the flashing ... then it's just kinda sad.

The Queen of Pop was performing her song "Human Nature" in Istanbul Thursday for her MDNA tour ... when apparently she got bored by her own performance and decided to spice things up.

The middle-aged pop star suddenly ripped her bra down mid-song ... flashing her right nipple to more than 55,000 fans ... and it seemed no one cared.

Could it be it's no big deal in other countries, or it's no big deal when you're North of 50?


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53 is only middle aged if you expect a person to live to 106!

863 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

She pulled her bra down, and sand came out of the cup.
Perhaps she could rear end a tractor trailer.....naw, that was yesterdays news.

863 days ago


Grandma had a nip slip. That's gross. Time For the old folks home grandma.

863 days ago


She will do anything to stay relevant

863 days ago


Gross That would be like seeing your grandma naked. EWWWWW I think I am going to puke

863 days ago


Sad that Madonna would stoop so low for any kind of attention she can get. Time to pack it in and move on to other pastures.

863 days ago

Who Knew    

gross, nice role modle for her daughter. That daughter is doomed.

863 days ago


It's no big deal because she didn't do it on prime time network TV. Would be a different story on the super bowl half-time show.

863 days ago

Jay W.     

Madonna's in better shape then most of the people half her age. I would wager most of the critics posting here are overweight ugly slobs.

863 days ago


sad, boring, classless, no-talent waste of skin. Who cares if this skank stripped down to her gray pubic hair? not MY idea of a good time.

863 days ago


Wait a minute, TMZ.. You're incorrect in saying NO ONE CARED... Did you guys actually watch the video? The crowd seemed bored until Madonna started stripping... and they started to cheer and scream... when she flashed her nipple ~ the could went CRAZY and you couldn't hear anything else besides VERY loud screams... So you're totally inaccurate in your story.. Did the person who wrote it - watch the video? Because the crowd went NUTS when she did that..


With that said, I found it pretty pathetic and it looks to me that Madonna has lost a lot of her chest.. She used to have decent sized boobs, but she looks like she lost at least a cup size.. maybe two.. Maybe from working out too much? I dunno..

863 days ago


How many people got sick and had to go to the hospital?

863 days ago


Come on, at your age? You're a mother to a teenage daughter, and others. Her old songs rock, but I haven't liked any of her new stuff yet. It's one thing to still tour, but the racy antics went out with the pointed bra.

863 days ago


You can still see it on youtube... And see that TMZ's writers are clearly WRONG..


The crowd is very docile until she starts taking off her clothes... then they progessively get more aggressive and loud.. and go bonkers when she pulls down her bra...


863 days ago


I'm thinking it's more like...people found it sad that she felt she had to do that to get their attention. I like Madonna but come on...was it really necessary to do that?

863 days ago
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