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53-Year Old Nip Slip ... Does Anyone Care?

6/10/2012 6:46 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Madonna nipple slip in Istanbul
A mid-stage nip slip is the stuff dreams are made of -- except when it's 53-year-old Madonna doing the flashing ... then it's just kinda sad.

The Queen of Pop was performing her song "Human Nature" in Istanbul Thursday for her MDNA tour ... when apparently she got bored by her own performance and decided to spice things up.

The middle-aged pop star suddenly ripped her bra down mid-song ... flashing her right nipple to more than 55,000 fans ... and it seemed no one cared.

Could it be it's no big deal in other countries, or it's no big deal when you're North of 50?


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Oh my!!! How many times and how many people have to tell her to hang it up and enjoy the memories of her career? Turn it, down!!! You're losing respect and honestly, everyone knows you "stuff" was used up by many a looong, long time ago. (I know, it's something that she's proud of; but it grosses people out now and she is a SKANK!) Girl, do music and performance that are appropriate to your place in life now. Everyone has a great memory or two of a great time in their life, but we all relish it and "grow up." Raise your kiddos and stop thinking that your beginning guitar "performance" is something that can be accomplished by kids or all ages. No one is interested and you DO NOT come half way equal to the talen and dedication that GAGA has. Your bitchy attitude is what's gotten you where you've been in your career. You have great writers. : )

866 days ago


Nipples are nothing to freak out about unless you live in the US. Only in the US does even a hint of nipple cause a panic as if no one has ever seen one before and it's some horrible thing to see.

866 days ago


And sorry for the typos in my comment. : )

866 days ago


Ageism is wrong, so some of the comments posted here show a great deal of immaturity, stupidity, bad manners-- some people who believe they are being witty are just being lower class and tasteless, a crime unfortunately they share with Madonna. A star of her stature, experience has no need to pull a stunt like this. She did it in the past to be shocking. People are used to Madonna's stunts. Great music is what makes her noteworthy, not a call for attention as stupid as this.

866 days ago


All u guys who talk **** about her cant ignore her....really if u dont like her than why write **** about her....i bet the majority of u haters are over weight or just plain ugly.....thats a fact really u guys hate your lives and u just want someone like Madonna just to put her down to make yourselves feel better...just plain bullies u people are...get a life!!!.....if u guys had a chance to meet her u guys will be kissing her ASS!...u negiteve people are an embaressment....really...thanks bye ; )

866 days ago


That was not a slip. She pulled down her bra herself.. Then she unzips one side of her pants and puts her hand down in front. Ho .

866 days ago


What kind of reaction weras she looking for, considering she has no boobs and has the body of the man?

866 days ago


Seventy year old nipple...pointing at her shoe...marvy

866 days ago


Its not like her modern day wanna be, Lady Gaga's are any better.

866 days ago


What a embarrassment for her kids.

866 days ago


My eyes just threw up!

866 days ago


I grew up in the 80's, listening to Madonna......she is TOO old to be flashing herself. Once a skank, always a skank.

866 days ago


Pathetic fool!!

865 days ago


Yet the crowd went wild... obviously some of them cared. Creepy to me personally..but you worded this wrong since the crowd seemed to love it.

865 days ago

Madonna always was and always will be a pig!! She has more money than God and isn't satisfied with simply having fame and fortune....ungrateful cow!!!

865 days ago
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