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53-Year Old Nip Slip ... Does Anyone Care?

6/10/2012 6:46 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Madonna nipple slip in Istanbul
A mid-stage nip slip is the stuff dreams are made of -- except when it's 53-year-old Madonna doing the flashing ... then it's just kinda sad.

The Queen of Pop was performing her song "Human Nature" in Istanbul Thursday for her MDNA tour ... when apparently she got bored by her own performance and decided to spice things up.

The middle-aged pop star suddenly ripped her bra down mid-song ... flashing her right nipple to more than 55,000 fans ... and it seemed no one cared.

Could it be it's no big deal in other countries, or it's no big deal when you're North of 50?


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She's making half a billion on her SELLOUT tour..she needs NO attention..lmao at you jealous fat ugly haters

798 days ago


She seriously did this on purpose?!? Oh my lord. Well, just like I say about Lady Gaga...if you have talent you don't have to do anything extreme. She needs to just do her songs...and that's it. It's sad that she feels she has to do something this tacky at her age. Come on, have children!!! You're not 20 anymore. (and I say this as a 49 year old).

798 days ago


Give it up. No one cares.

797 days ago

Tania Ezell    

Modanna is and has always been so desparate to get attention. The old hag, I got to give it to her, she tries but she really needs to retire and just let the younger ones do their thing and stop the bull crap with Lady Gaga, it just shows no class to be that darn jeolous over Lady Gaga. Modonna,retire with class honey and stop making yourself look like a cheap ass. Your old baby so get use to it and get over it.

797 days ago


i cannot believe that Madonna thinks people actually want to see her body parts. She needs to act age
appropriate. What does her teenage daughter think?

797 days ago


Well, maybe old horney men likes to see her nipples but hey, they don´t care if there madonnas or a strippers. Madonna has a lot off problem in her head and about her body! And all comes with that she can´t accept that shes old. Thats why she has boytoys because she can´t be with a real man! You can bye things to keep a toyboy but a real man . "wow" thats another story! Her connfident about herself is sooo low. Sad! about her poor children! They must be real ashimed of their mum acting so cheap all over the world.She needs help!

794 days ago


and her ass? looks like a mans ass the same as her manly sick looking body. She used to look real good, beautiful body etc.
at the 80´s and 90´s when she really was a super star! But she ain´t that anymore. And thats why she thinks that if she acts like a cheap stripper at this age that it would help her back on the top! But those days and times are over! There´s nothing she can do to get in the Top again. Theres so many new stars and it+s just to say : Hey, Madonna; wake up into the Real world!

794 days ago


SEE! Harvey and Charles gave me the "Wagging finger" and a "Lemme tell you something about old people..." speech on TMZ Live because I said Madonna was acting petty and she was too old to be acting like that (Gaga Beef/song stealing)....I wish i could get an apology or a phone call or something for being correct! There are "Desperate" attempts for attention from a 50 year old diva! Its not sexy...I'm sorry. Old people get away with alot of stuff...I'm not letting this nip slide

792 days ago

Pete in Texas    

She used to just go from torrid to tedious; with this, she just went from horrid to hideous. And it's not really even about her age—directly, anyway.

If nothing else, she proves my pet theory: you can't buy or cultivate class and taste, no matter how many old stars' clothes and poses you put on. You either have these qualities or you don't.

Madonna has publicly described herself as "a strong woman" and praises herself in other ways. She misses a key point: people who have valor and virtues let others point them out. The closest graceful way to garner praise is to say something on the order of, "Personal strength is a trait I admire and value," hoping someone within earshot will pipe up with "Why, you are a person of great strength yourself."

767 days ago
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