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Paris Jackson

I Am a Victim of Bullying!

6/10/2012 6:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0610_paris_jackson_videoParis Jackson says she is going through the things every teenager goes through ... which unfortunately these days includes being the victim of bullying.

Michael Jackson's only daughter sat down with Oprah Winfrey for an interview on tonight's episode of "Oprah's Next Chapter." Paris is no longer being home-schooled and she says the girls at her new private school have tried to bully her ... but she says, "It doesn't work."

Paris also says she (much like her father) is very wary of people trying to use her. She told O, "If I feel someone is being fake to me, I will just push away."
She's definitely learned a thing or two from dear old dad.


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Dose Of Reality    


You are right. I didn't know the Lupus went back that far. I've always admitted when I'm wrong, I have no problem with that. Still, when convenient, some of MJ's more vocal fans like to point out how the coroner stated he was healthy for a 50 year old man. So I'll use that to downplay his health issues. The extent of his medical treatments far exceeded those conditions and burns he suffered. Then again, when it's convenient, the same fans will comment on how sick MJ was. As far as insomnia, many people suffer with it. Coincidentally, many addicts and people trying to get off drugs. He tried to demonstrate this to his "holistic healer" in how he wakes up after five hours of sleep. That's actually very common for a man his age. He also seemed to require between 12-18 hours of sleep to function, that's not insomnia. It also wouldn't leave him a whole heap of time to be a good single parent.

I know MJ didn't have an ideal childhood but the "dues" he paid were relatively small for making it in the music business. Many kids had and have to work, don't make it sound like he was working in a coal mine, factory or even a family farm. Many aspiring performers would have given anything to have the advantages he did in the music business.

I know his father hit him. At the time it really wasn't unheard of for a kid (say one of his true peers) to get the belt once in a while, not that it makes it right. The fact that MJ never came to grips with it fed at least part of his life long mental illness. That was his failure, no one eles's.

I never said anything negative about Paris's appearance. I said she looked like an average girl made up to be on TV. I just found it a bit creepy that so many fans found it necessary to comment on how beautiful they thought she was. Yes, it's creepy the way some of them gush over her looks. It is comparative to the way many of them impose their religious beliefs onto MJ. If her face was mangled in a terrible accident, they would impose the same thing on her just as they did "her father" saying she was the most beautiful thing in the world.

773 days ago

Snowman with a Turnip Nose    

She' clueless. If she were "wary of people trying to use her", she wouldn't talk to Oprah Winfrey. She's the biggest user and exploiter in the business. Even worse than Springer, because at least he doesn't lie about his true intentions like she does.

773 days ago


To me, it doesn't matter wether PPB are Michael's biological children or not. I don't even question that, because those children have Michael Jackson written all over them! Michael adored those kids, and say what you want, but the one thing Michael Jackson really wanted was to be a father and have a family! It takes love to stop a wonderful life as a single person and put yourself last to be a father! He cared for them with love, and gave them a role model, that's why after everything they have endured they are grounded, emotionally balanced kids with awareness beyond their years. To me, no matter what, they will always be Michael Jackson's children!

773 days ago


I think it's creepy that three years after his death dose or bnb, duilama and it's many nics continue to slander Michael Jackson for no other reason than just because you get some perverted thrill out of it. Michael Jackson certainly could care less what you guys say about him and its even more creepy you would lower yourselves enough to trash his children. Says way more about each of you than anything else.

773 days ago

Paul B    

To those bagging this girl because of what her father did or didn't do, is pretty poor form. Give the kid a fair go.

773 days ago


@Dose of reality:
"MJ didn't have to pay the dues Sir Paul or Madonna did to make it. MJ and his fans like to point to his childhood as a tragic event"
Are you kidding? Have you ever researched the story of the Jacksons, the J5 and Michael Jackson and everything they had to go through to "make it" in '50s and 60's as a black group? True they found supporters and stardom while they were very young, but that only means they had to work very hard to be noticed while they were still children. It was all work and no play. And even after they were noticed, the real hard work had just begun!

773 days ago


The reason she is bullied is because she is a fake and a liar and everyone knows it. She is not MJ's kid, none of them are, if people are bullying her because of it, it is her fault. You cannot lie to everyone's face and expect them to like you. Phoney liar deserves what she gets.

773 days ago


"MJ and his fans like to point to his childhood as a tragic event"
Nowhere have I read Michael Jackson had a tragic childhood! He did have a very strict upbringing, and because of the demanding nature of the music business, they couldn't go out to play when they wanted, nor I consider they were abused by their parents. But as far as I can see, Michael Jackson was paying dues all his life!

773 days ago

black or white

the king of poops agenda.

it was his life long mission to accomplish everything he had and did with his life.


773 days ago


Dose: I love Paul McCartney and his simple songs full of content, but in my opinion Michael Jackson was more famous than Paul McCartney, because Michael was famous by the time he was 10 years old, and Paul McCartney did not become famous until he was in his 20s.
Michael Jackson had a very sucessful 40+ years career that, had he not died, would have been many more!
And even as a 50 year old man, he sold out the 02 Arena in a matter of minutes. 50 times! That tells you the kind of fan base he has!
it is not in good taste of you to put Sir Paul McCartney in such a spot. But don't try to take away from Michael's shine because he earned that with very hard work!

773 days ago


So Elizabeth Taylor was very close to Michael Jackson right? That girl looks just like her, eyes and all. Did they use her eggs for in vitro or something?!?

773 days ago

Dose Of Reality    


I'll take every chance to slander MJ because he was a monster and his fans are blind to it. He did not act like a good person. He is not worthy of the idolization of the myth and not the man. More than anything, he was famous for being famous and he gave low grade entertainment to the people that don't know any better. He could have been a Kardashian. Stuperfans live in a fantasy land built with the pro-MJ propaganda and never step back and look at things logically. Drink the Kool-Aid people, drink it up.

Was Michael Jackson sick or healthy?
Was Michael Jackson competent to make decisions on taking care of his health or life? If so why did he let Murray do what he did night after night? Those were drugs weren't they? Or do you believe that Murray snuck in MJ's window every night to drug and watch him sleep?
Was Michael Jackson's "lost childhood" responsible for how he was as an adult? If so, wouldn't that indicate that he had mental issues that were not resolved related to it.?
MJ sold out a bunch of performances on his last tour, but how many shows did he do? When was the last time he performed in public?
If MJ's fans loved him, how come they victimized him?
If Michael Jackson want a freak, why did he walk, talk, dress, act and live as one?
Come on now, even his most active supporters, with a functioning brain cell in their head, cringed a bit and thought "Michael, Michael Michael......What the hell are you thinking" when he made his statement "Why can't you share your bed?" didn't they?
(I don't think you would like me to get further into his "hebephilia" would you?)

Michael Jackson, hero of the dumb and king of all mucus. The stuperfans spew more hate than anyone.

I genuinely wish the best for "his kids" but honestly, I fear the worst. The best outcome for them would never to be in the public eye again.

Come on, hit that HATE button stuperfans because you, your arguments and hero are weak.

There is your dose of reality.

773 days ago


Same ole crap still being spewed 3 years later.

Didn't know haterz had to work so hard to try to prove their distorted views. I will ask a question that one of you asked earlier. Did you KNOW MJ? That's right, you did not so your statements are mute.

So you all can just keep talkin amongst yourselves coz no one else is interested in the slightest. And some wonder why the hits on the MJ boards have dropped.

It's rather obvious to anyone that has a brain as to why.

Later Haterz

773 days ago


So many people making such negative comments about Michael Jackson's kids! May I remind you that they don't owe us an explanation? I am sure they are aware of the comments, but they don't have to share their privacy with anyone! And the origin of his kids is no one's business. They don't have to prove anything to anyone, they are Michael's children and that's the end of it, let's be sensitive and respectful to other people's lives the same way we demand respect for our privacy!

773 days ago


The same ole ****, just a different day. Posting the same recycled crap that has never been proved.

And what is really disgusting on here is people talking trash about a 14 yr old girl. Doesn't matter who's child it is, she is 14. But TMZ will continue to let it happen, because MJ generate*****s.

It is just real sad that the media/tabloids can not leave the children of the entertainers alone.

I guess tmz is going to start cyber-bullying his kids since they don't have him to bully anymore.

Just sayin

773 days ago
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