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Paris Jackson

I Am a Victim of Bullying!

6/10/2012 6:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0610_paris_jackson_videoParis Jackson says she is going through the things every teenager goes through ... which unfortunately these days includes being the victim of bullying.

Michael Jackson's only daughter sat down with Oprah Winfrey for an interview on tonight's episode of "Oprah's Next Chapter." Paris is no longer being home-schooled and she says the girls at her new private school have tried to bully her ... but she says, "It doesn't work."

Paris also says she (much like her father) is very wary of people trying to use her. She told O, "If I feel someone is being fake to me, I will just push away."
She's definitely learned a thing or two from dear old dad.


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"do you sense people are trying to UUUUSE youuu???" What like you're doing Oprah? What a laugh...

863 days ago


Wow, for all the crappy commenters out there, get a life. This is a beautiful young girl - I only wish her the best in life. For all their quirks, the Jacksons raise well-mannered, nicely spoken kids - well done Michael, well done Jacksons.

863 days ago

mj fan forever    

She should know at this point and should be more concerned about the fact that Oprah called Michael Jackson a paedophile FOR YEARS and every time she can!!!! She clearly went on her show to promote herself and Oprah uses her to get ratings!!! She surely learned how to use and being used to take advantage of it, a thing that Michael Jackson never did!!! And of course greedy unnatural mother Katherine takes advantage of it as all of a sudden she is SO freind of Oprah-bitch!!! It's disgusting!!! And after his daughter had said on Ellen DeGeneres show she felt 'stupid' wearing masks with the consequent media bashing against him, now only after 6 month, she is concerned to change in "confused"!!!! And yes he wanted his children to have a normal childhood, he loved and adored his children, couldn't expect all this filth!!! It's very unfair and by far shameful!!!

863 days ago


Well, given that she has a vagina, she was probably exempt from MJ molesting her. I feel sorry for her brother though.

863 days ago


She doesn't just get bullied at school, but by the media and public. I am was not a MJ fan in the least, but this girl didn't ask to be born into her life. She looks like she's trying to live it as best as she can.

863 days ago

Metta Worldhate    

I can't image what a weird life she's had and she's not Jackson blood, but she's gonna be hot.

863 days ago


Thier just haters. You are unique and people hate you for that. I was bullied and id never change who I was to follow the crowd or please others. Be yourself regardless of how people want you to be.

863 days ago

Jimmy jamz    

First off stop saying MJ was her father, for one he was high 24/7 and when not out of his face he was trying to sleep 18 hours a day. That's hardly dad of the year material. The maids raised this child. Secondly this kid has zero dna of his, but most non moronic people see this already.

863 days ago


WTF? Go away! Both her and softball Oprah.

863 days ago


Okay, you are a victim of bullying.

Next time, your brothers will come out and declare that they are victim of child sex abuse, pedophilia, incest, by none other than your "father". Okay, no incest, because they are not biologically related.

863 days ago


You can say what you like about some of that crazy family, but she has really grown up to be a beautiful, smart young lady. I wish her nothing but the best.

863 days ago


Whether her dad did or did not molest anyone, none of that should be held against this young girl. But she will get "haters" just because of who her dad was, because she has money, and because she's very pretty. She has obviously had so much to deal with in her young life already. Yes, what she is talking about is normal teenage stuff, but hopefully she will live a happy and fulfilled life-and I'm talking about being truly happy on the inside which is something that no amount of money can buy. I read some of the posts which I don't agree with: Michael Jackson was her dad even though she probably isn't his by blood-but that doesn't make him any less her dad. And this young lady doesn't deserve to be called some of the demeaning and repulsive names that she's being called on here for any reason. Those that are calling her the vile names? It tells a lot about the person writing them, which is not at all flattering, but instead immature, pathetic and sad!!

863 days ago


maybe if she took the fake colored contacts off people wouldn't make fun of her anymore.

863 days ago


paris, you are a beautiful young woman. glad you dont let people who dont have a thing to do so give others negative attention to fill their own insecurities. you keep going and keep doing what you're doing..good for you!

863 days ago


Teacher: "Paris, can you use the word bullying in a sentence?"
Paris: "I'm a victim of bullying".
Opra: "Paaarrrisss!!!!"

863 days ago
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