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Paris Jackson

I Am a Victim of Bullying!

6/10/2012 6:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0610_paris_jackson_videoParis Jackson says she is going through the things every teenager goes through ... which unfortunately these days includes being the victim of bullying.

Michael Jackson's only daughter sat down with Oprah Winfrey for an interview on tonight's episode of "Oprah's Next Chapter." Paris is no longer being home-schooled and she says the girls at her new private school have tried to bully her ... but she says, "It doesn't work."

Paris also says she (much like her father) is very wary of people trying to use her. She told O, "If I feel someone is being fake to me, I will just push away."
She's definitely learned a thing or two from dear old dad.


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she looks a little like Michael Or maybe i just want this to be his biological kid so i'm forcing myself to think it is his. Idk

867 days ago

Dose Of Reality    

I'm glad you know exactly what happened in someone else's home! You are such a narcissist!
60 minutes ago
JM50, it's the rich person's disease, have paid employees do most of the raising of "their kids".
Granted, MJ hardly ever worked since they were born but in the last month's at least, he was most certainly "absent". Also, for those last few month's at least, he brought a dangerous environment into the home where "his kids" lived.

I'll ask how YOU knew what was going on in the house?

867 days ago

BB not bb    

There are always going to be haters and spiters and jealous people who try to bully and bring others down. Adults do the same thing, they just lie and tell kids that is what kids do so they can feed off the suffering of the kids. Adults are even much worse and much more subtle about it. I think Paris has the right idea how to handle it, just stay away from the fake people who talk behind your back. You can't trust everyone. You do need to know who your friends are and focus on the positive people.

867 days ago


Jimmy Jamz and Black or White along with Dose of Reality - I am not the one who claimed to know exactly what happened in Michael Jackson's home, how he raised his children or anything else like you people seem to claim that you know from first hand knowledge. Not sure if you are all one in the same person or not and don't really care. You people that continuously come on every single Jackson story and bash him and/or his children are truly sick individuals. If you hate him - why on earth do you bother on stories about someone you hate? It will never make any sense -- but to pick on Paris Jackson because you hate her father is sick and twisted.

867 days ago

Dose Of Reality    

Talk about someone who is jealous and has a problem! You need severe help for your issues or should I say a dose of reality for yourself!
How so? Keep in mind I never laid any blame or fault on her or any of "MJ's kids" for anything.
Don't get me wrong, I'd love to have their money, but I would never want their lives.

867 days ago


I find it ironic that Oprah is talking to this kid about bullying and people hating on others , when she did that to this girls father for years and continues to do so..
If Paris wants to distance herself from people using her , she should stop talking to Oprah because she has an obvious agenda when it comes to her famous father......She is NOT a friend to this family..She is more like a sniper..
And I think it is a sign of desperation that Oprah is interviewing children of dead celebrities..She always pretends to be an advocate for children , but has no qualms about exploiting children whose parents are dead and would not want her anywhere near their kids.

867 days ago

Dose Of Reality    

I have never posted under another name except BnB, which was the same account as this one. I also never seen anyone post using my name yet.

I see her and the other kids as victims in many ways. I based my comments on what came up in the Murray trial and what I know about rich people,especially in the public eye. I never said MJ didn't love "his kids". I'm sure they loved him too. I did however state that, being sheltered kids, they may not have seen anything abnormal in their upbringing.

MJ also had a terrible pattern of choosing who he surrounded himself with in all aspects of his personal life. Not only doctors and business people but those who worked in his home.

867 days ago


Of course people are going to be jealous of her, because she beautiful. She seems like a well-rounded young lady, a very strong one at that.

867 days ago


Millions of children are living in poverty and I'm supposed to feel bad for this rich kid?

867 days ago


Being a child of a celebrity has drawbacks.

What struck me was when Paris commented that "drama" came from other girls. I remember back to my high schools days, a private all-girls' school, and recall that girls supported each other. Women used to empower other women. Boyfriends came and went and there was always a support system. Now, these days it's "Jersey Shore" fighting... how sad.

Paris sounds like she understands things. Michael dis a good job as a father.

867 days ago

Sin D    

In a few years.....this young lady will RULE the internet

867 days ago


She is such a pretty girl, I bet a lot are jealous of her. She has had an odd upbringing wearing masks and having a famous father. She gets teased for something she had no control over!
I wish her and her brothers only the best.

867 days ago

I Was About To Say    

1. These kids are no different then ANYone else that is adopted, many people PAY for kids...thats adoption. So, if you all think that these kids are not MJ's (we know they are not biologically) because he did adopted them, then neither are all the kids that are adopted around the world. You have to pay money to adopt and that is essentially what MJ phk u. They ARE 100% MJs as with other adoptions.

STOP hating this girl because she doesn't ever have work and YOU do. You could tell Paris wanted to say to NOprah "yes people are jealous and hate me bcuz of who my dad is and that I am richer then rich" But she did a good job of answering NOprah the MJ hater.

867 days ago

I Was About To Say    

NOprah: "I would think everyone would want to be your friend".....she should have added "like I do"

867 days ago


Im so proud of you Paris you are a beautiful young lady. Keep your head up :)

867 days ago
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