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Tommy Chong

I Have Cancer

And Pot Will Cure It

6/10/2012 6:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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0610_chong_gettyTommy Chong revealed he's been diagnosed with prostate cancer ... and we'll give you one guess how he says he plans on treating it. 

The comedian, during an interview with CNN, said he was diagnosed about a month ago. He said he began having prostate-related problems during a three-year period when he was drug free.

As for his plans for treatment, Chong said he plans on using cannabis, explaining, "I know it had nothing to do with cannabis. Cannabis is a cure."


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pink floyd    

and BC bud the best bud in the world will cure it.

834 days ago


He's still smoking POT. What ashame.

834 days ago


Cheech and Chong were funny back in the day. Not so funny anymore. Pretty pathetic. They look like sliding lumps of melted plastic from all that pot smoking.

834 days ago


Wait......if Tommy has always smoked weed and now has cancer why does he think weed will cure him?

834 days ago


get well soon !

834 days ago


Pot will do nothing but ease the pain of symptoms. It will not cure anything. To allude he got cancer during his "drug free" period is ludicrous. a friend of mine lives next to a medical pot smoker who was diagnosed with prostate cancer after over 10 years of smoking pot for "back issues". Pot isn't a cure or a preventative. It's just a drug that makes you feel good for a few brief moments till you need another drag. It's basically like a pain killer... does jack sh*t except make you think you're doing okay.

834 days ago


What a stoned-out looser.

834 days ago


he did not get it because of weed !!

834 days ago


yeh that seems to have worked out real good
so far, now go get some REAL help.

834 days ago


.....heeeeey I'm just a love mach-een...and I don' work por nobody but choo....

834 days ago


Oh PUH LEEZE! Are there really still people around that are THAT narrow minded? View Run From The Cure at

Thanks to Mr. Rick Simpson, I was able to cure a friend and a family member of cancer. Made the medicine myself with his help and direction via phone.

Mr. Chong knows EXACTLY what to do. Smoking it.... is not the answer. Nor the cure.

Go.... read... watch.... and educate yourselves.


834 days ago

Green Acres Wellness    

Just to clarify...marijuana is only psycho-active if heated i.e. smoked, vaporized, and cooked with. Juicing raw marijuana leaves is proven to cure cancer, destroy tumors and is an amazing anti-depressant!. Our gov't does not want us to know about this...especially the pharmaceutical co's. Watch videos on the power of juicing marijuana leaves on you tube. Educate yourselves!!!

834 days ago

Rex Shaw    

Smoking anything isn't going to help. I recently had a Colonoscopy, they removed two polyps and told me to refrain from alcohol and smoke, red meats.

This form of cancer is preventable with Colonoscopy.

834 days ago

Bill C.    

Good luck with that Tommy. Smoke weed as your only treatment and you will be dead. Rest in peace.

834 days ago


maybe he NOTICED the problems because he wasn't high. When he was high he was relaxed and could pee easier or not really notice or care if he wasn't

834 days ago
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