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Kris Humphries

Sicks FBI on Ex-Flame

6/11/2012 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Humphries
is no dummy when it comes to alleged extortion, because we've learned his lawyers contacted FBI agents Friday, claiming his ex-flame Myla Sinanaj tried to extort him by demanding a large sum of money, or else she'd release damaging information about their relationship to the media.

As we first reported, lawyers for Kris and Myla were jawboning Friday ... Kris' lawyers were trying to get her to sign a non-disclosure agreement

As for why they want to muzzle her, sources connected with Myla say she has emails, texts and other documents chronicling their relationship that could hurt Kris if they became public. 

Sources connected with Kris say ... Myla threatened that if she didn't get money she would "ruin" Kris. We're told the two sides could not reach an agreement, and that's when Kris' people decided to take it to the FBI.

Our Kris sources would not say whether the alleged extortion was in person, over the phone, via email or text, but we're told it is in some electronic form that would give the FBI jurisdiction to investigate the extortion allegation.

We reached out to Myla ... so far, no word back.

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The sad part is that K.Hump is proving himself to be a rotten boyfriend. I'd love to hear what she has to say about K.Hump. We've already heard from him, where he first claimed he didn't know her, then she was just his ho, then he tried to sue her to prevent her from saying she was his girlfriend. This guy certainly ain't no "ladies man". Nobody hurts K.Hump as much as he hurts himself!

864 days ago


What is wrong with these gold digging trollops? Why are chicks like this??? Unreal'

864 days ago


see? i told you he was a creep!

864 days ago


and..what does he have to hide? hes a creep and a crumb and he wanted his fame from kim. he got it..stop lurch from leaching on kims coat tails still! seriously, who was he before he married kim? sorry peeps, hes a controlling ass!!!

864 days ago


Man does she seem dirty or what??!?

864 days ago


TMZ again trying to defame Kris for their blessed money maker Kim...

864 days ago

Wash. Hts. Girl    

She was dating him, and having fun so why didn't she just keep her trap shut, and her a$$ to herself and enjoy her time with him...? Why? I'll tell you why, she was out to fleece him, eventually. She's sleazy and Humphries has got really bad taste when it comes to women. Seems he's attracted to trashy, flashy, and underhanded. When is that backwater boy gonna learn to stay away from these professional b^itches?

864 days ago


How many times will it take for K.Hump to mess over these women, call them hos, try to sue them, and then HE plays innocent? The guy has no respect for women, he insults and degrades them, then when they try to get away from him and out of the relationshp, K.Hump tries to scar them for life. K.Hump is the winner of the biggest jackass, worst husband, and most evil boyfriend in the world awards. K.Hump is a nightmare that no woman wants.

864 days ago


I haven't heard "her" say a word, but I can't wait until she does! K.Hump is acting like he was born and raised in the ghetto and has no clue how to treat women OR how to pick them. If all K.Hump wants is country girl, he needs to stop shopping in the city!

864 days ago


When fat women get dumped by closeted Gay men the results are often not too pretty..

864 days ago


What is Kris so afraid of? If he claimed he was this poor innocent soul, he shouldn't have to worry about anything. I think the evidence that Myla has is extremely incriminating. This is why he wanted to bribe her to shut up. He just didn't expect her to not accept his bribe. He is a full fledged bully and has been playing this game for a while. Myla didn't ask him for more money, her lawyer told her that this is destroying evidence and she could be in big trouble. So the bully is now lying and telling FBI that she blackmailed him. You see all along he's ben saying he has evidence on Kim and now he realized she will have evidence on him. Even if FBI take evidence from Myla they still have to turn it over to Kim's lawyer. He is such an idiot, he did this for 7mil. He might have just destroyed his career over this. What's next will he sue a player cause they didn't pass the ball to him?

864 days ago


As was obvious on the Kardashian show, Kris Humphries is very vindictive.

This woman should have gotten Gloria Allred. She knows how to get settlements in exchange for silence. This is not extortion. HE REQUESTED SHE BE QUIET. WHAT SHOULD SHE GET OUT OF IT??? It's her life too. She can talk if she wants. I want to her the truth from her Kris. Why should you get all you want and she get nothing? Her whole life has been changed. And her reputation has been destroyed. So, this is twice in a row that we've seen Kris treat women like trash. Remember that people. Kris has a problem with women. He thinks he can talk down to them and command them. I'm glad Kim got out and I hope Myla is going to survive all this.

864 days ago


Women need to stand together and stop taking Kris's side. You sided with him against Kim because you hate kim -- even though you saw him insult his wife, ignore her, be condescending to her, put down her family, claim to hate her sister, etc. Now you see he thinks it's ok to take a regular girl, fly her around, have sex with her and PUBLICLY DISMISS HER AS BOOTY CALL. This is not a good man. I'm sick of people defending him. He has character problems when it comes to how he devalues and treats women. He's disgusting. Going to the FBI when HE STARTED THE TALKS ON SILENCE ...she didn't try to sell her silence. Legal negotiations include talk of money and settlements. This is nothing new. This is Kris trying to bulldozer over a person he thinks is weaker because she's a woman. Azzhole!

864 days ago

Don Martin    

Pffffft! Everyone already knows she is a Trannie so other than Kris being a magnet for really piss poor women what is news?

864 days ago

Randall Burns    

this poor dumb schmuck wil have this kind of s"""t hanging over his head the rest of his life. it is just not safe to date anyone anymore. they're always going to keep something over your head unless you're broke to begin with. the best thing you can do if you have money is to go out of the country where you aren't know andget a prostitute! if i had money i wouldn't date any of these tramps over here who just seem to be in it for what they can take from you. once again khris the curse of that slut kardashian and her family rears it's ugly cottage cheesed ass to cause you grief. i can only hope ms. k does something like she did with khris to kanye. he has the funds to make sure she doesn't get away with it. as for you khris, quit going into the kitchen when it's too hot for you!

864 days ago
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