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Lindsay Lohan Car Crash

Truck Driver Lawyers Up

6/11/2012 8:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0610_lilo_truck_driver_getty_tmzThe truck driver on the receiving end of Lindsay Lohan's Porsche has already lawyered up, TMZ has learned.

TMZ spoke with truck driver James, who tells us he was injured in the crash, and apparently wants money for his pain and troubles ... thus the reason for a lawyer.

James says he saw a doctor Sunday, despite previously telling us he felt fine.  He would not describe the nature of his injuries, on the advice of his hired gun.

TMZ broke the car crash story, and then the plot thickened when James told TMZ ... after the accident Lindsay's assistant removed a mysterious pink bag from the Porsche and asked him not to mention it to the media. He says Lindsay's people asked him to settle up on the spot, but he declined.



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He's so full of sh*t! He's no better than LL, he's a piece of sh*t s*** bag, that's extortion and he's a criminal for doing this, just like any other a-hole that pull this crap! He was in an 18 wheeler, was rear ended by a little porsche and he's injured?? Give me a break!! He looks like a whimpy little p*ssy but suing her makes him a loser p*ssy! Give me a break!!!!!

832 days ago


LOhan Trolls are like ants....just when you think you killed the last little bugger to crawl across the sink you look up to see 10 more coming out of the woodwork...and they all come from the same hole...if you know what I mean.

832 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

First, it's TMZ REPORTING, so who know's? Didn't they also report Lohan wasn't driving? Didn't they also report she was "seriously injured"? Didn't they also report ...... well, you get the idea.
Second, if he was injured, who knows where on his body the damage was inflicted? I can easily see deep gouge marks around his peen where Lindsay dug her teeth in while the people in the mysterious "BLACK SUV" tried to pull her away before the cops came.

832 days ago


Nicole is your Razor and adderall calling you for breakfast?

832 days ago


Heres the big question.....Will Lifetime have enough money in their budget to pay all these people off?

832 days ago


Oh Goodie, a Troll just jumped me for my spelling ...looks like they are paying attention after all... Sorry Sweetie , trying to shame me on my spelling is whipping a dead dog ..I know I can't spell and I admit it freely...Whats your excuse for being a ******* to point it out ?
Oh you don't have one...Thought so...........

832 days ago


Lohan is always making out that her victims are big hateful meanies just trying to grab moneyz and ruin her reputation but does she ever stop to think about how *she* is potentially damaging the reputation of others?

She's basically saying this car rental company loans out cars that are dangerous pieces of crap. And while most people are smart enough to realize it's a pathetic lie that's still an awful thing to go groundlessly spreading about someone's car company.

Or the jewller she nicked the necklace off, how she was shouting about everywhere how this shop would lend out jewels and then later accuse you of stealing, or how their merchandise was vastly overpriced (which supposedly made her entitled to it without paying)? That could actually have really hurt a small business in such a competitive area.

Or the coroner at the morgue - she was pretty hateful towards him, all for just doing his job and not changing his schedule just for Lindsay.

832 days ago


Speaking of Pitbulls and money grab lawsuits........

832 days ago


Hahaha! Wendy Williams is ripping Lohan apart. No one believes her.

832 days ago


The forensic report will tell all. They can even trace her phone and see if she was on it or texting.
How will Lohan, Inc. spin that???

832 days ago


C'mon, we all know this had to be Lindsay's fault....she had an opportunity to be honest and blew it....and then there is the man who sees dollar signs..bunch of idiots....

832 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Ha, smart man to get an attorney. Lindsay has hers and he has his. Good for him, since Lindsay seems to lie so much. Hope James' injuries are not too extensive.......

832 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

? TMZ, how about some REAL reporting on your part for a change.
> For starters, What kind of vehicle was this man really driving? That would seem to be a really easy question to answer, but you haven't even tried to do any actual INVESTIGATIVE WORK.
> Why don't you see how many questions you can actually answer by investigative journalism. Harv, stop being a whoar to your show biz masters and be a man for a little while.

832 days ago


Now see, that's unfortunate.
While I think this accident was all her fault.... this guy now claiming to be injured etc just shows how greedy EVERYONE is. Tsk tsk...

832 days ago


Ok..look..a Porsche crashing into the back of a semi truck isn't going to hurt the ****ing drive of the truck in any way. This guy is turning out to be a d-bag. FFS...I'm not defending that skank Lohan at all..they're both idiots.

832 days ago
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