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Lindsay Lohan

Her Dumbest Lie Yet

6/11/2012 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Lindsay Lohan blatantly lies to cops about her latest car crash -- and now she could face jail time for an otherwise harmless accident (minus the totaled Porsche). We've got eyewitnesses revealing what really went down on PCH.

Plus, the role of Snooki will now be played by Deena Cortese ... whose drunken arrest capped a crazy weekend on the "Jersey Shore."  You gotta see our video of the cast becoming a live circus act.

Also, does Kim Kardashian's $750,000 gift to Kanye West -- a stupidly rare Lamborghini -- seem like overkill for a bf of just a few months? It does if your name is Kris Humphries!! Oooh ... burn.

(0:00) Lindsay Lohan caught lying to cops about her car accident -- which could land her in a huge heap of trouble ... instead of being a minor pain in the butt. What was the point of lying?
(5:52) An eyewitness to Lindsay's crash calls in.
(10:12) Deena is the new Snooki on "Jersey Shore" -- getting arrested for acting like an idiot. Plus, two other cast members get into a nasty fistfight.
(13:30) Kris Humphries is desperately trying to make sure his rebound chick keeps her mouth shut -- which bring up a glaring question ... what does he have to hide? Mike has an idea.
(19:55) David Arquette gets Bar Mitzvah'd on a whim ... some people think he cheated the system.
(23:20) Kim and Khloe K. say they're not responsible for the fact that QuickTrim was a scam ... and, for some reason, this sparks a very heated debate.
(29:40) Madonna -- too old to be flashing her boob in public? We have video ... decide for yourself.
(33:01) Sarah Jessica Parker and "Sex and the City" creator Darren Star are having dueling fundraisers for President Obama in NYC.
(40:25) We take your calls!

No Avatar


When are the courts going to do somthing about LI LO ???Sooner our later she is going to kill someone driving like a moron on crack!Pull her licence and lock her up!

843 days ago

Flying Blind    

OK, next you're going to tell us Lilo lied to the police.

843 days ago


Maybe it was her handbag?! Are people not allowed to remove their bags from the car?? For god sake, what a stupid statement to make. Truck driver is an idiot, and TMZ even more so for writing it.

843 days ago


taking pink bag with her = sanitizing "crime" scene...

843 days ago


Seriously, Harvey, do you really think anything will happen to Lindsay regarding her lie? I'm sure she'll just say she was "disoriented" or in "mild shock" following the accident and wasn't aware of what she was telling the police. She'll walk away from this unscathed, like she walks away from everything.

843 days ago


timmy z z z tiz a bluch dov blut suckin goofisis,make a real livin stop the timyz mz zz fright trainin of linsey.OK OK we get it sonytmzerss want to MJ lohands for better mooka than her career is muking right now for themselfss.TMZ lies bout everyone and everythang for thier harveys daycare puppetts to make all hews look bad as long as he get mooka he slings dirtballs.I don`t think real jewish hairwood is behind him at all.

843 days ago

Home Skillet    

The only interesting person in the whole Lindsay Lohan melodrama that is her life is Shawn Holley Chapman. Imagine being her lawyer, (phone rings,) "Hello ... what?? ... again??? ... muthereffer!"

843 days ago


Lindsey will get off scot free like she always does.

843 days ago


Lindsay needs to hire a driver. If I had her money, I would definitely hire a driver especially living in LA. The traffic is horrific.

843 days ago


Oh yelllow smitballs a actor lied? dats WTF they do 4 a livin dum dum got gum gum?.She kant drive so WTF timmy z zz should gat payed for that than?.Real hairwoodish jews an`t backin harvos self making mooka sling dirt for the netwookiess at all.Plus why T FF would anyone want to be a gaydar sling smit makin all gays look like spitmuckerss,grow up harvey your still living on a half crate with even no real set after 80years in the mJ murder INc trainie wheels broke toft

843 days ago

Flying Blind    

Anybody that would follow this Deena girl would have to be to drunk to walk, uggggggly.

843 days ago


So SICK of the Kris Humphries bashing, Kardashian pimping....they're both ******* closed.

843 days ago


It's evidence that the whole thing was FAKE! And KIM WAS IN ON IT! Jesus...stop trying to make Kim out to be a saint.

843 days ago

Flying Blind    

does the guy reading these tweets think he's on a bad off off off broadway play?

843 days ago


lohand blutslucked a truckermuckers WOW why wood any lie bluot that?80 years on wooden half crate harvo you your still slingin smit for the netwookies at MJ killroy inc.OH your gay who would care if you slinged tup your mother for sume netwookies clashesmooka mooka mooka daycare daycare daycare harveys zombiess sluck bigger thans than truckers bluts

843 days ago
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