'Jersey Shore' Star Blasts Hecklers 'You Guys Are A-Holes'

6/12/2012 3:00 AM PDT

'Jersey Shore' Star BLASTS Hecklers -- 'You Guys Are A-holes'


from "Jersey Shore" doesn't like being heckled ... in fact, she WENT OFF on a couple of troublemakers in Jersey this weekend ... and then attacked 'em with a basketball.

Deena was TRYING to shoot a scene for the MTV show while playing a basketball carnival game on the boardwalk on Sunday ... when a couple of hooligans started harassing her from a distance.

Deena flipped out -- stopping production to tear the people a couple of new a-holes ... and then firing a basketball at them. It's unclear if she connected ... but probably not ... she's got a weak arm.

Eventually, the hecklers shut their mouths and let Deena do her thing ... and we all know how that turned out ... 'cause she was arrested for disorderly conduct a short time later.