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Floyd Mayweather Jr.


My Boxing Career

6/12/2012 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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0601_floyd_mayweather_mugFloyd Mayweather, Jr. says he's begun to shrivel up into a puny regular person during his first 12 days in the big house ... and he's worried he won't be able to bounce back in time to save his boxing career.

Mayweather made the statements in new legal papers ... in which he begs the judge to release him from the Clark County Detention Center in Nevada and let him serve the remaining time in his 3-month sentence on house arrest.  FYI -- Floyd is currently locked up for beating his baby mama in front of their kids last year.

In the docs, Mayweather says he spends 23 hours-per-day locked in isolation for his own safety. But he claims the imprisonment is taking a "cruel and inhuman" toll on his rippling physique because he can't train at a world class level while serving his time.

Mayweather claims his doctor is concerned about his "dehydrated appearance, his lack of muscle tone and his dry mucus membranes."

Floyd says his doctor also "expressed deep concern for [Floyd's] health and explained that any lengthy period of time with an inappropriate diet, coupled with lack of regular exercise, will most likely lead to irreversible damage to Mr. Mayweather's physique."

Floyd's doctor also told the court he's concerned about Floyd's diet ... because he used to eat 3,000 to 4,000 calories per day ... and now, the doc believes FM is eating less than 800.

In the papers, 35-year-old Floyd estimates he only has 2 years of boxing left in his career ... so every day counts.

A hearing will be held on Floyd's request on Thursday.

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No Avatar

Who Knew    

Hey big mouth floyd fyi, prison sucks. I guess you did not know that idiot. This way you will think twice before beating the crap out of a women. Stay where you belong, behind bars.

770 days ago


Boo F'ing Hoo!! How about you not be a punk ass b@#$h that hits women?

Commit a crime go to jail.

770 days ago

Pudding Tang    

a real tough guy crying 'let me out' after 12 days

770 days ago


I knew a guy who went to prison for 6 years. He was a scrawny little guy when he went in, but when he got out, he had an extra 90 lbs of solid muscle on him. Quit crying Floyd.

770 days ago


Y'know what he could do with those 23 hours a day in lockdown? WORK OUT!
Sit ups, push ups, chin ups, etc. etc. This is the lamest excuse EVER to try & get out of jail early. Suck it up, Maywether - and next time don't beat yoru wife!

770 days ago


Amazing how clueless this spoiled rich brat is!

770 days ago


cry me a ****ing river.you arent the only one who has to serve time.reading this **** you would think he is the first one to ever go through this.boo ****ing hoo woman beater

770 days ago


What a dumbass.

770 days ago

Asian 101    

HaHa....Fake tough guy!

770 days ago

Who Knew    

Maybe this little bitch should finish what they serve him, 800 colories my ass.

770 days ago


Oh poor Floyd 'Beating the mother of his child in front of their kids' Mayweather, he's the true victim here. Sympathy=0

770 days ago


Stop hitting innocent people if you don't want to be in jail.

770 days ago


lolol... unbelievable... I guess his hundreds of millions aren't enough for him? This is called punishment Floyd! it's not suppose to be good for your health, just good for your behavior!!

770 days ago

Who Knew    

Damm Lohan and Hilton are tougher than Mayweather, who knew.

770 days ago


I'm crying over here. Crying over how funny this story and his argument are. Let's call a waaaambulance for the poor rich man in jail for a crime he committed.

770 days ago
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