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Kris Humphries' Ex-GF

Apologize for Trashing Me


6/12/2012 1:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Humphries better apologize to his former girlfriend stat, or he's getting sued ... TMZ has learned.

Joe Tacopina, Myla Sinanaj's attorney, tells TMZ ... Kris has gone on a campaign of destruction against her to save his own ass in his divorce from Kim Kardashian. TMZ broke the story, Kris' lawyers contacted the FBI, claiming Myla tried to extort him by demanding a huge sum of money or else she'd spill secrets about their relationship to the media.

Tacopina tells us, "I defy them to show that she has asked for one red cent," adding, "I challenge them to submit Kris Humphries to a polygraph and if he does I will have my client do the same. She never asked him for a penny."

But there's more ... Tacopina says Kris is a boldfaced liar by claiming Myla was a booty call.  Tacopina says, "I have hundreds of text messages and phone records which show he constantly contacted her on a steady basis. He'd call her 50 times in a day."

Tacopina says Kris told Myla when pictures of them first surfaced that they had to hide the fact that they were in a relationship. Tacopina says Kris didn't want to screw up his legal war with Kim Kardashian, adding, "It's hard to argue you're heartbroken when you had a steady girlfriend since January."

Tacopina says Humphries' lawyers not only trashed Myla in the media but tried getting her fired from her hotel job. Tacopina says his client has been slandered and, "There will be a retraction and an apology by Humphries and his lawyer, or else."

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What a ****ing bitch.

861 days ago


Kris Humphries = Douche

861 days ago

Pudding Tang    

is this the plot line for a soap opera for kids? 'you better apologize or else imma tellllll'

861 days ago


Still Team Humph.

861 days ago


I told you so! K.Hump is the liar, and he said he wanted the truth to come out, where here you are K.Hump, the truth, on a silver platter!

861 days ago


Can he really be that much of a chump? Someone better take him aside and teach him about blackhearted famewhore women. He seems to have a liking for them.

861 days ago


If he was hoping to keep this quiet, he has done the complete opposite. What exactly did he think was going to happen turning her over to the authorities for extortion? Of course I'm sure Kim could care less, she's got a much blacker dick to ride now.

861 days ago


Good move, Myla Take this punk to town — YOU GET YOURS, GIRL. He deserves everything that's coming to him.

861 days ago

Cheryl A.    

Now he is copying Donald Trump, demanding an apology. What a douche.

861 days ago


there is something weird going on here - where did this girl come from - cuz first starts tweeting attacing kardashinans for no reason, now she has an attorney out of the blue and is suing kris and spilling all there personal details???? it seems like she set him up big time

861 days ago


Joe Tacopina, the only lawyer on the planet who makes Gloria look good by comparison. He must be taking a break from getting a rapist off this thing.

861 days ago


Dont even worry about it Kris, Kim's banging Kanye . . . . you deserve to be seeing someone too. A tough lesson to learn getting involved with the idiot Kim K. Lamar has the right idea - stay as far away from that family as possible and you will be ok.

861 days ago


Can someone please teach this guy how to play Russian Roulette?

861 days ago


oh wow this lawyer is slimy - i don't believe a word he is saying - and how in heck is she able to pay for this lawyer - unless she was planning on suing kris for damages the whole time she was with him

861 days ago


Wow these lawyers smell blood in the water and they come running. Kris is too stupid to attempt to pull this off; I believe she thinks she can shame him into paying her off, and if the shame won't work well Meet my lawyer, he thinks you have slandered my name.

Good Luck with that sweet heart. You are playing the dumb and dumber game with the king of the dummies. You will lose every time.

861 days ago
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