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Kris Humphries' Ex-GF

Apologize for Trashing Me


6/12/2012 1:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Humphries better apologize to his former girlfriend stat, or he's getting sued ... TMZ has learned.

Joe Tacopina, Myla Sinanaj's attorney, tells TMZ ... Kris has gone on a campaign of destruction against her to save his own ass in his divorce from Kim Kardashian. TMZ broke the story, Kris' lawyers contacted the FBI, claiming Myla tried to extort him by demanding a huge sum of money or else she'd spill secrets about their relationship to the media.

Tacopina tells us, "I defy them to show that she has asked for one red cent," adding, "I challenge them to submit Kris Humphries to a polygraph and if he does I will have my client do the same. She never asked him for a penny."

But there's more ... Tacopina says Kris is a boldfaced liar by claiming Myla was a booty call.  Tacopina says, "I have hundreds of text messages and phone records which show he constantly contacted her on a steady basis. He'd call her 50 times in a day."

Tacopina says Kris told Myla when pictures of them first surfaced that they had to hide the fact that they were in a relationship. Tacopina says Kris didn't want to screw up his legal war with Kim Kardashian, adding, "It's hard to argue you're heartbroken when you had a steady girlfriend since January."

Tacopina says Humphries' lawyers not only trashed Myla in the media but tried getting her fired from her hotel job. Tacopina says his client has been slandered and, "There will be a retraction and an apology by Humphries and his lawyer, or else."

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If that girl really cares for Kris she would understand where he's coming from. If he doesn't want people to know they are together to not hurt the legal war with Kim, then she should listen. (I don't blame him though, I would not want ppl to know im w her either..the girl is hideous) but anyways.. Kris should have the right to do anything to bring down Kim after what she did to him. It's obvious this girl just wants attention and that's why she can't keep it on the down low. Kris needs to stop missing with the wrong girls. I feel bad for him..but really what could come from dating a girl who works in a hotel LOL.. point is she wants attention.

861 days ago


Is this lawyer for real? Hey dumbazz, Kris can't pony up the "PROOF" you need to disprove your lies at the moment, you see, THE FB FREAKIN I has all that in a pile on an Agent's desk, thanks for playing though.

861 days ago


this lawyer would not take this case if he felt she was lying he's Very High profile http://www.tacopinalaw.com/

861 days ago


So, according to earlier reports, he tried to buy her silence. When that didn't work, he turned her into the FBI as an extortionist. Now, everyone is surprised she lawyered up? If she hadn't, Klutz Hump would have destroyed her and possibly had her thrown in jail, because he is afraid of losing HIS big pay day. Why? He hooked up with her. She did not say anything until he forced the issue. It's just his way of keeping up with the Kardats in non-reality drama/comedy routines. Please... tv producers just stop making this crap time tv and make them all go away!

861 days ago


I just read some of the comments and am shocked. This bully was just put in his place. This bully nearly destroyed an innocent girl's life. He gives men a bad name. I wish Kim had this guy for her attorney because this douche and his lawyer would have gone down a long time ago. If I were Kris I would sign the divorce papers and move along little dogy. Kris should quit while he's ahead. Hey Kris was it worth it, you probably just destroyed your career . Those bullying tactics must have worked in Minn. but you are now little fish in big pond.

861 days ago


He's such a greedy, woman hating bastard. He can't squeeze any money out of Kim so he goes after another naive young girl. He had no right to force her to be quiet or lie about their relationship. Then when he doesn't get his way he threatens her with the FBI? What a joke! His NBA career is finished now and he'll lose everything he's got trying to go after Kim.

861 days ago


For the media to take the time to make KH worse than Kardashian means he must really be a tool.

861 days ago

Queen Karma    

Kris is not a bad guy, but a lil wet behind the ears.
he should quit with ska nks while he is still ahead.
Ms. Myla, she gets and apology which means, a payday or else , which means a payday. He slept with her, had some fun so pay her a few dollars. Oay her a flat fee of say, $100,000 . What does that make her? Uh-huh. Yep. that is not good. Pay for her work since January.Kris and Kim K need to divided the money up that he helped her earn for the sham of that marriage. Kim need a groom and he was an easy choice.
Case closed.

861 days ago


kris leave females alone for a while do your annullment thing and call it a day, big deal if you were seeing someone you are human, quit digging yourself deeper in the mess let it die on its own and it will, so shhhhh let sleeping dogs die

861 days ago

buzz kill    

She is probably on the Kartrashian payroll. They picked her to fit what he likes. A fat azz, skin tone and hair. Hell if I were a Kartrashian, I would do what ever I could to make sure Humpty Dumbty didn't get any precious Kartrashian money.

861 days ago

buzz kill    

Is this stooge for real? If he didn't want to give the appearance of any impropriety he should have sense enough not to put himself in that position.

861 days ago


Publicity-seeking nobody. Yet another down-side of Kris' fame.

861 days ago

H Calahan    

Why doesn't TMZ mention the fact that the Kardashians TV show rating have slipped big time.
5/22 2.85M viewers (premier)
5/27 1.76M viewers
6/3 not in the top 100 sunday cable shows at all
6/11 2.03M viewers (rebroadcast of 6/3 show)

861 days ago


Based on the comments, I would say the ex-gf has asked all of her friends to respond to this story and make Kris the bad guy. The answers are equivalent to spam.

861 days ago

Sara Sells Sea Shells    

Who? And who?

861 days ago
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