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Kris Humphries' Ex-GF

Apologize for Trashing Me


6/12/2012 1:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Humphries better apologize to his former girlfriend stat, or he's getting sued ... TMZ has learned.

Joe Tacopina, Myla Sinanaj's attorney, tells TMZ ... Kris has gone on a campaign of destruction against her to save his own ass in his divorce from Kim Kardashian. TMZ broke the story, Kris' lawyers contacted the FBI, claiming Myla tried to extort him by demanding a huge sum of money or else she'd spill secrets about their relationship to the media.

Tacopina tells us, "I defy them to show that she has asked for one red cent," adding, "I challenge them to submit Kris Humphries to a polygraph and if he does I will have my client do the same. She never asked him for a penny."

But there's more ... Tacopina says Kris is a boldfaced liar by claiming Myla was a booty call.  Tacopina says, "I have hundreds of text messages and phone records which show he constantly contacted her on a steady basis. He'd call her 50 times in a day."

Tacopina says Kris told Myla when pictures of them first surfaced that they had to hide the fact that they were in a relationship. Tacopina says Kris didn't want to screw up his legal war with Kim Kardashian, adding, "It's hard to argue you're heartbroken when you had a steady girlfriend since January."

Tacopina says Humphries' lawyers not only trashed Myla in the media but tried getting her fired from her hotel job. Tacopina says his client has been slandered and, "There will be a retraction and an apology by Humphries and his lawyer, or else."

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Who calls anyone 50 times a day?

831 days ago


Lurch, the big dumb liar is now officially dead meat. Tacopina does not screw around. He is going to school this lunkhead bigtime. Why are people down on Myla? He's been flying her and her family to his games, down to Miami since January. She never spoke to the media. It wasn't until the media saw her with him one too many times that questions arose. The Hump immediately threw her under the bus, calling her "just a booty call...a liar...an extortionist, etc. The reason: St. Chris, the martyr, has been dragging out his divorce for no other reason (no fault divorce in CA, a tight pre-nup and he doesn't have a hope in hell of proving fraud to get an annulment) than he wants to extort money from Kim and wants to extend his 15 minutes. After this divorce is finalized, we'll never see him again. The problem is he was saying he was chaste after the separation and KK was sleeping around with Kanye, etc. He's over. This woman has a good job at the Gaanesvort which requires a high degree of discretion as she deals with celebs. He has slandered her all over the media just to get what he wants. And for the idiots who think Kris Jenner is engineering this...you are insane. He is stupid enough to screw himself. He doesn't need assistance.

831 days ago


Karma Kris! I knew that Neanderthal was lying,.

831 days ago

just my opinion    

no one is calling anyone 50 times a day. wtf are they talking about....and let's be serious, to send hundreds of texts is nothing. we live in a text driven society and it means nothing. you thought you bagged an NBA player and now you have egg on your face. fcking =/= love

831 days ago


Kris has really bad luck with girls. He should just give up already

831 days ago


The only thing funnier that could rain down on Lurch's Neanderthal head is if the FBI comes after him for filing a false report.

Lurch is punching outta his weight class and is about to be pulverized.

831 days ago


Why did she try to make herself a part of the media crap anyway? It was as if she wanted to brag or something, also Kris Humphries, why Kim and why this girl? She puts Bruce Jenner's looks down, yet does not take a long hard look at her own looks, she is not all that.

Kim and her seem one in the same as far as being a nasty whiny spoiled diva like type, why not go after a nice girl.

831 days ago


For him to turn things over to the FBI, he had to of had something on her that proves she was extorting him, just like now she is DEMANDING publicly an apology. Demanding. Just as demanding as Kim Kardashian and just a typical smear Kris campaign like Kim did to him, now this chick is trying to do, all because of sour grapes for being dumped after she embarrassed him in the media drawing attention to herself looking so desperate to feel relevant.

831 days ago


Hmmmm he called her 50 times for some p***y!

831 days ago


Ratbag, does it make you feel good calling him names? Does that make you feel so much above him? Is that why you are stooping to such a low, name calling?

831 days ago


I hope that if she really wasn't trying to extort kris and he lied to the FBI he goes to jail for as long as he can. This guy is a douche no reason the kansas players said they didn't want him on the team and he's a huge dbag.

831 days ago


The skank probably works for Kim Trashian, it smells like a set up,.

831 days ago


I never really cared at all for Kris, but he has the worst luck with women of any man I've heard of. The huge-buttocks queen was his own fault, but he obviously has a type, and this last one is a hard-boiled bitch trolling for prey, And her lawyer is even worse!

831 days ago


After responding, I noted the run of pro-Sinanaj comments and calling Kris a Neanderthal. Sounds like the calculating female has her friends clogging the comment boards. Why would anyone be on her side?

831 days ago


I expect no less from Joe Tacopina. He is the male version of Gloria Allred. He LOVES the media and the attention of the "high-profile" client. He represented Joran Van Der Sloot at one point for God's sake. He was a "consultant"in the Amanda Knox case. He is a fame chasing d-bag. I remember watching an episode of Dateline about this woman who was on trial for killing her husband, cutting him up and putting his body parts in suitcases that she threw over a bridge to dispose of them. Guess what? Joe Tacopina was her lawyer. Guess what else? She is now rotting away in jail. And while I don't think Mr. Humphries is the brightest light on the Christmas tree, I still don't think he's dumb enough to get the FBI involved unless he thought he had a decent case. And even if he WAS dumb enough, I doubt his LAWYERS would allow him to bring it to the FBI if THEY didn't believe it. I'm a female and I know for a fact sometimes girls believe what they want to about a relationship, even if the guy has specifically said that he doesn't want anything serious. Just because he wants to spend time with you, just because he gets you tickets to his games, just because he flies you to Miami, doesn't mean he wants you to be his GF. I've learned the hard way, when a guy says he doesn't want to get serious HE MEANS IT. She should've spent more time listening to what he was actually saying instead of hearing what she wanted to hear.

831 days ago
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